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How far would you go to get closer to someone you love?


Love is an emotion. Love is life. Love makes ones world go round. Love gives one the hope to live a life. If there is no love in life, there is no life itself. Love is that feeling which stops you in your tracks and makes you admire the beauty of everything around. Each of us has a different definition of love. But what is common? It is the fact that love gives your life a meaning to live.

Some find love at first sight. Whether its the smile or the good looks, so many of us just fall for the one person in that very instant. For some it wears over time while for others it goes on. School and college crushes are where a huge number of love stories begin. That feeling of sitting with her in class, bunking classes for movies, having candle light dinners, spending hours on phone calls and more are the stuff lots of us have gone through. During these times, the world seems such a beautiful place. Everything feels perfect. Life seems like a bliss without any problems in sight.

But as one goes on, there is much more to love than just all the mushy stuff. Love is not enough to live a life together. Couples need to understand each other. They need to share their thoughts about life, careers and their views on everything under the sun. There are disagreements and altercations of all kinds. Whether it is the different thinking of both the people or times when none of them want to compromise, difficulties are a part of every relationship.

But its how you solve the problems is what matters in the end. How far can you go to keep your loved one happy? For some its about if they don’t marry the person they love, they’ll commit suicide. That’s the qualities of a coward. When love is not enough, you need to think of something else. Maybe she feels that you don’t give her enough time. Maybe she feels that you don’t make her feel special. You need to set your priorities in life on what you want.

Would you skip one day of office to make her feel special? Would you make a meal for her just so that she doesn’t have to spend those extra hours in the kitchen? Would you take her for a drive at night when back from office even though you are really tired? Would you make her feel special without worrying of what your relatives or people around would say?

Each of us has a different way of expressing love. Some say it by words. Some express it through deeds. But what matters is expression. It’s not enough to think that since you guys love each other, there’s no need to express it. You have to express always. Without expression, there’s no meaning to love. And without love, there’s no life.

Love is a feeling that feels the best when expressed. So don’t keep mum. Go to your better half and do what it takes to keep her happy even though you may to have to go as far as possible for that.

The post is part of the “Go Further to Get Closer” competition by British Airways at Indiblogger.

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