Source: http://soilmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Politics.jpg

Politics is a game which few people want to get into. Though everyone cribs that we don’t get good ministers in our Parliament, no one wants to even think of joining politics. Why waste your time in the country when you can live a great life outside the country? Why take the pain of developing the nation when nothing has happen for years on end. The young generation thinks so on and so forth. But then what we get is a group of people who keep abusing each other, abusing our country and the trust we have put in them. Some don’t even seem happy with abuse. They go to the extent of throwing chairs, knives, pepper spray and god knows what at each other. And even then, we call ourselves a democracy.

Manifestos, development of the people, welfare blah blah are all passe. Who cares about it when you can fight with your opponent just by abusing him? If one calls his opponent ‘impotent’, another brings the word ‘nightwatchman’. Then there are others who call each other jokers, ‘man of low stands’ and many other things.

But if you feel this is nothing, so do many of our MPs. They have always felt that something is missing from their lives. And so they throw chairs, computers, microphones everything inside the parliament at each other. A good way to free their stress, right? Seeing our politicians fighting like this, its no surprise that we hear about incidents where people fight for the silliest of reasons and finally end up shooting, hurting or even killing each other. Our ministers have given us a great template to follow.

But then, this wasn’t all. Our ministers seemed to have wanted to give a real statement of intent that they can go to any length to misbehave. They wanted to prove (if there was anything left at all) that they are a disgrace to humanity. In Feb this year, just so that one of the bills could get passed, one of our lovely elected MPs decided to show the girls of the country on how to use the pepper spray. He seemed to have used it so effectively that a lot many MPs had to be taken to the hospital due to breathing issues. What a disaster! What a shameful day. Just because that MP was frustrated at not being heard, he decided to use some pathetic ways to get his point across. But that is not all. There were knives used as well. Our politicos know perfectly well on ways to abuse democracy and stay in the news as well.

So why do our politicians do this? The simple answer is that they don’t really care about democracy. They don’t care what the world thinks of us as our nation. They don’t care what we think. Once they get the power, their only aim is to stay in power as long as possible. And they go to any length to stay in power even if it be foregoing the integrity of the nation.

That’s why they have the mantra – “Abuse and make the news!” And the way it goes on, sadly it never changes because our election commission keeps turning a blind eye to almost everything. So its a nice ‘free for all’ kind of situation.