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What would happen if our smartphones could speak?


She was enamoured with her Galaxy S4. From using it for Whatsapp to listening to music, from browsing the internet to playing every game under the sun, the Galaxy was her constant companion. She may not have people around to talk to. She may not have brushed her teeth after getting up. But the Galaxy had to be next to her at all times. But one fine day, something unusual happened.

Galaxy: Don’t your eyes get tired staring at me all day? Or wait a minute. What about those fingers of yours? Do you have enough strength left in them?

It was about 2am at night. And she had to be off to work the next day. She was literally jolted hearing noises coming out of the phone. She was alone in her room and everyone at home was asleep. Was she dreaming? Was it a ghost? How could her phone speak?

The girl: Who are you? How can you speak?

The girl was literally trembling with fear. In her shock, she had flung away the phone on the side of her cupboard. And now she was so horrified to even go next to it. So she was yelling away.

Galaxy: I am the smartphone you use day in and day out. I also have a life of my own. There was a time I was just used for calling and messaging for few minutes in the day. But today, people use me for taking pictures, watching videos, listening to music and what not. It’s like I don’t have any time to rest.

The phone sounded quite sad and depressed.

The girl: But now you are more stronger than ever. You have a long battery life. There are so many companies which make different mobile phones so that people can do all their work on mobiles. With time, even you have become stronger, right?

This wasn’t the 90s when the phones were like bricks and could not do more than 1-2 functions at a particular time.

Galaxy: Yes, I have become stronger with time. But what’s the point? You human beings are spoiling your life by taking the life out of me. The amount of radiation I emit has increased as years have passed with newer models. You SMS and Whatsapp so regularly that your fingers have started to ache.

The girl: How do you know all this? It’s just that with so many of your type, life has become much more easier. We can easily connect with our near and dear ones. Why do you think only of the negatives?

And the debate between the girl and the phone went on.

Galaxy: I know a lot my girl. Over the years, we have always strategized on how we are going to trouble humans. You trouble us and we trouble you even more. Whether its the radiation or the pain in the fingers or even people not talking but only SMSing these days, we have wanted it all.

The girl: W..W..What? Why are you doing this?

Galaxy: You don’t get it, do you? You trouble and we trouble you even worse than you can imagine. So better get your act together before things go out of control.

And the voice faded away as mysteriously as it had come. She didn’t know how to react. She was literally debating with a non – living thing who was warning her of dangerous consequences on using her phone. That was as creepy as things could get.

Finally after rolling on her bed for some time, she just left the phone where it was and decided that it was time to sleep.


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    I agree, too much of anything is bad………

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