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Top 3 ways to shirk responsibility when things fail!


Success is like a drug. When people succeed, they love to take all the credit. Even if there was a team involved, many people love to be the center of attraction trying to ensure they get all the praise. But when things fail, why does everyone try to escape? Why is it that no one wants to be accountable for failure? Why is that people tend to buckle under failure?

Someone has rightly said that there is always a calm before a storm. A storm can be as dangerous as it gets. When things get very happy and successful for anyone in any part of life, people tend to warn that failure or disaster is always around the corner. You don’t always get all the happiness. It’s a mixture of the good and the bad which you need to be able to tackle.

And so I analyzed three of the most important ways by which people shirk responsibility when things fail –

–> The I-dont-want-to-be-involved mentality – Such people are always involved when things are going all hunky dory. Wherever they are getting credit, they are trying to milk their success. But as soon as things start to crumble whether its a project or a sport, they tend to move away. They mention that they don’t want to be involved in the limelight. They know that they would be under scrutiny. And so why be under pressure when you can delegate the task to others.

–> Blame the others – Others did the job. You took the credit and all the praise when things succeeded. But when things failed, you blamed the others who did the job. Sounds easy, ain’t it? Sadly, that’s what happens when things start to fail and people at the top begin to blame the others below them. The team crumbles and disaster strikes.

–> Try to escape – You know that the cookie is about to crumble and failure is about to strike. You have judged the situation quite beautifully. In order to avoid being the fall guy who is blamed for everything, such people very cleverly and cunningly try to escape from the cauldron. And they love seeing others get the blame. Honestly, being able to escape when one’s ass is on fire is a talent in itself.

All in all, such people who shirk responsibility are a disaster for any team whether in professional or personal life. Are you one of them?


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