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Flash Fiction: When I didn’t think twice before sending it!


And before I knew, I had hit ‘Send’. Everyone told me to shut myself up. There was almost no support for what I had gone through. Some said that your career would be finished. While others said that your family will be in danger. But I had it enough. There was only so much I could bear. And this time, I had decided to take a stand! I didn’t care what would the result be nor did I care for my life. All I wanted was some relief.

It all started a few months back when I went to apply for my annual leave. With the pressure of teaching more than 10 classes at school, I hadn’t taken leave for a year. And so as was the procedure, I had to specially meet the principal to convince him to approve my leave application. I knew that I had given all my hard work, sweat and dedication to this job and hadn’t left any stone unturned to ensure that the people who matter are happy with my contributions. But even in my wildest dreams, I wasn’t prepared for what I had to go through when I met him.

From asking me personal questions about my husband and daughter to even asking me to satisfy him, the principal seemed totally disgusting to say the least. This was just the start. Over the next few weeks, incidences like these began to increase. On the pretext of some work or the other, he would call me outside and try to molest me. He began talking dirty due to which things were getting really unbearable.

My husband was supporting me as much as he could. But at certain times, even he felt that I was making a mountain of a molehill. Was I? Was I really thinking too much about all this? Was the principal right in doing what he did? The icing on the cake was the fact that almost all my colleagues refused to believe me. They felt that he was a very nice, simple and honoured man. The ones who did believe me weren’t ready to support me in terms of fighting for my dignity. For all of them, their jobs were much more important than this small little thing.

Finally, I decided to approach the big guys. Whether it was the Head of the Educational Institutions of the City or the Educational Minister, I had made up my mind to send them an email about what had happened with me. I typed out each and every word of how the past couple of weeks had gone by. There was not a single thing which I missed out in my email.

And when it was ready, I didn’t even think twice before pressing the ‘Send’ button.

My mission had begun. The end result was important but at least I wanted to fight for my dignity and that’s what I had done!

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  1. Kalpana Solsi

    and you did the right thing.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah Kalpana. Fighting for oneself is the more important than anything else in life.

  2. Nothing is more important than fighting for our own dignity.It is the best step to be taken.
    Well written !!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yes Ravindrara. May more and more women get the courage to fight for themselves. Nice to know you liked the post :).

  3. Wow post I say! Loved reading! 😀

  4. forum

    Its amazing how u can think from a girls perspective… probably the current state of events in thw country and across thw globe inspired u to write this… well written..
    Looking forward to more flash fiction and short stories from u

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