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Movie Review – Shuddh Desi Romance


Directed by Maneesh Sharma of ‘Band Bajaa Baraat’ fame,’Shuddh Desi Romance’ stars Sushant Singh Rajput, Parineeti Chopra, Rishi Kapoor and Vaani Kapoor in lead roles. With its unconventional promotional strategy and nice music, the flick has been in the news for some time. Is Maneesh Sharma able to recreate the magic of Band Bajaa Baraat yet again? Let’s check it out.

Raghu (Sushant) is a tourist guide in Jaipur and also acts as a rental wedding guest for Goel (Rishi Kapoor) who is a wedding planner. Raghu is about to get married and on the way to his wedding. But when he meets Gayatri (Parineeti) on the way, he is not quite sure of getting married anymore. In the midst of all this, he comes across Tara (Vaani) and then starts his confusion. Will it be Tara or Gayatri? Is commitment more important to him than love? The flick talks about all this and more as the story unfolds.

The story of this one takes quite an unconventional route to talk about relationships in today’s modern world. The concept of live-in, jitters at getting married, premarital sex and stuff of that kind is something which the youth of today would associate with. Whether it’s good or bad can be left for another day. The setting and the entire canvas of the flick is quite simple and down to earth. The characters are believable and seem quite life like. There are various sequences which will leave you in splits. Though it’s not a romantic comedy in the real sense of the word, you do end up laughing a lot at the witty dialogues.

The cinematography is quite brilliant. The locales of Ajmer and Jaipur have been captured really beautifully. As is generally the case with them, Sachin – Jigar have a nice soundtrack to their credit with ‘Gulabi’ and the title track standing out.

The flick though has two major issues. The pace slackens quite dramatically in the second half particularly towards the climax. You start to get a bit restless. Moreover, the climax in itself is a bit difficult to believe. Things are created to happen so that all feels good in the end. And that becomes a bit difficult to digest.

Sushant enacts his part beautifully again after Kai Po Che. With his innocent dialogues, lovely screen presence and a strong screen persona, he charms the audience. Parineeti, as is her personality is talkative and hyperactive which suits her role quite perfectly. Though somewhere I feel that she is going the Anushka Sharma way. Rishi Kapoor like always is perfect at what he does. Vaani is really beautiful but doesn’t get much scope to show her acting prowess.

All in all, a sweet little flick!

Rating – 3/5


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