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The music was at its highest decibel as hundreds of party goers rocked the dance floor to their heart’s content. Being a Saturday Night, the Sanda-Liva nightclub was teeming with people from all walks of life. You could see almost everyone let their hair loose and dance the night away. From Bryan Adams to Ricky Martin, from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry, songs of all kinds were being played by the DJ in the house, much to everyone’s delight.

With its retro interiors and the distinct variety of music played from across the board, Sanda-Liva was famous with people from all around the world. It had literally put the city of Narito on the world dance map.

But tonight was to be different. It was a night which would the change the lives of the people of Narito forever. It was the night which no one would ever forget.

As the dancing and partying went on, somewhere in a corner of the nightclub, a short circuit had given way to a small fire. With open wires that had been carelessly left by the staff due to the renovation over the last couple of weeks, the fire became even more dangerous. The presence of inflammable materials in the near vicinity started to provide more strength to the already burning fire. In less than 10 minutes, the entire store room was burning itself.

In the meantime, the people were still dancing the night away. There was still music and happiness intermixed with booze in the air. Slowly but surely, the fire started to seep out to the main area. Toxic smoke with noxious fumes began to fill the air making everyone cough like never before. By the time the music was finally stopped and people started running out, the entire area was filled with smoke. You couldn’t see anything. You couldn’t breathe. And to top it all you couldn’t run since there was just one door for the exit of the hundreds who were there.

The fire had already destroyed the store room and was now set to destroy the entire nightclub itself. People were yelling and pleading for help. But in the ensuing melee, there was no one who was ready to save others. Everyone was trying to run for his / her life. People were literally climbing and jumping over each other to get out at the first possible instance.

With the fire spreading thick and fast, it was just a matter of time within which the entire nightclub was in ruins. The entire area looked like a war zone. All that was left was burning pieces of metal, wood, plastic and the likes. There were bodies strewn all around. The lucky ones managed to escape but the hundreds who didn’t, died of various causes from asphyxia to getting crushed in the stampede. You could also see fire extinguishers which were unopened lying charred on the floor. It seemed as though people tried to get the extinguishers working. But since they didn’t have the time, they literally threw it into the fire in the hope that this would extinguish it. But sadly that was not the case.

In a matter of minutes, a raging inferno had turned a night of revelry and fun into a night of incomprehensible disaster!