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Why do people turn into workaholics?


Some do it to impress their bosses. Some do it to try to reach the highest ladder of their professional careers in the shortest possible time. Some do it because of peer pressure. But then, does becoming a workaholic help? Does it mean ‘Once a workaholic always a workaholic’? Does work – life balance even exist for a workaholic? Let’s check it out.

Let’s consider a scenario –

Richie is a guy who works more than 11 hours a day quite regularly. Sometimes he sits late hours because his managers sit and on other times he does so because of peer pressure seeing his colleagues. Though he ends up tired and fatigued almost everyday, he does get a lot of brownie points from his managers for putting in so much effort.

On the other hand, Susan is someone who ensures that she comes to office at 9am everyday and leaves by 6pm. She does the same amount of work as Anand but doesn’t bother to stay late hours. She ensures that she leaves early so that she can reach home early. And if she reaches home early, she feels that she can have a life outside of work as well.

Both Richie and Susan are right in their own ways. If one believes that work is one of the most important parts of life, the other believes that work is just another part of life. If one believes that doing as much as possible in one day can lead you to glory, the other prefers to keep it short and simple and not go overboard. If you start to think, you surely must have come across many Richie’s and many Susan’s.

There are many factors which can determine the reasons people turn into workaholics.

Stage of professional career – If you are starting out or just have a few years of experience, you will always feel insecure in terms of how your manager would think about you when compared to your peers. You would feel that if you put in extra hours, it may lead to better appraisals.

Money – This is something which has the ability to attract anyone and everyone. If you are getting overtime for any number of hours you sit outside of work, then more often then not you would prefer to stay till late.

Manager – If your manager generally sits late, you would also prefer to sit late if you want to get some good comments about your work. But then this could also backfire on you. Your manager may start to think that you take extra hours to complete any kind of work.

Competition – This is one of the most important factors for people working beyond their limits. Competition for places and roles in any organization can lead to difficult situations among employees and managers. And so each one has to constantly stay on his / her toes to ensure that the best one survives.

The most ideal situation would be that if a workaholic is still able to manage his work and the rest of his social life. But then in most scenarios that becomes a really difficult task. Most of the times if you are a workaholic you get so much involved that you lose track of everything happening around you whether it is with your family or your friends. And slowly but surely, a day comes when you burn out. At that time you aren’t able to work and have no family or social life either.

So however ideal it may be, even workaholics need to maintain some balance with their social and family life. Work will come and go but family and friends is what you will have till the end of your life. Learn to respect it!


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  1. abhishek

    Hmmm……what Stage Would You Be In Now…..?

  2. Forum Parikh

    i think even u have turned into a workaholic, a phase in your life when u dint know what was happening in and around ur life except ur work life, i wonder if this post was out of ur own experience 😛

    • aseemrastogi2

      Haha not really. But then sometimes people do turn into workaholics. But if it gets too much then it can lead to quite some disaster.

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