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Flash Fiction – The day he made me blush..!


He knew his way with girls. Whether it was his good looks or his persona, girls were head over heels in love with him. But he was used to this. Wherever he went, girls followed him all the way. There were stories floating about him all the time. Some said he slept with each of them. Some said he was a spoilt brat. And there were many others who said that he didn’t know the meaning of love.

Like others, even I thought about him often. But then I was different. I couldn’t bring myself up to say something. Would he ever look at me with those love struck eyes? Would he be my knight in shining armour? He was smart. He was dashing. He seemed the perfect mix of tall, dark and handsome.

As for me, I generally didn’t care about anyone else around. I always believed that my parents had spent their hard earned money to get me educated and become a good human being. I wasn’t sent to college to just chill around or hang out. Neither did I have the money he or his friends had nor did I like the company he kept. Those bitchy kind of girls who always stuck to him like butterflies turned me off totally.

But seeing everyone around, there were times when even I wanted him to make me feel special. I wanted him to love me. I wanted him to hold my hand and take me into his world of dreams where there would be bliss all around. There were so many times when I was lost in his thoughts. And during one such instance, he just happened to come in front of me.

During the first couple of seconds, I could figure out that he was asking me to come along with his friends for a movie. He went on to say that I looked pretty and I blushed. As time went by, the words seemed to die down. I could feel myself losing into those beautiful eyes of his. He was standing this close to me that I could smell the perfume he had worn. For those few minutes, it seemed as though everything around had stopped.

He left me in a daze. Did he really say that I looked beautiful? Did he really come and talk to me? Did he really want me to come with his friends? Whatever it was, my day was well and truly made.

It’s not everyday that someone makes you feel so special that you blush!

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  1. Amazing flow and from the point of view of a girl, Loved reading it.

  2. Forum Parikh

    its interesting that you can narrate a story from a girls view. good job

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