Transition of Thoughts

Weaving thoughts into words

What happens when two hearts meet?


Eyes meet.

Hands are held.

Hugs and little sweet kisses are given.

Sparks fly all around!

But does silence play a part? Was there a time when you met your loved one that you just wanted everything to stay calm and quiet? Was there a time when you met your loved one that you just wanted to lose yourself into her without speaking a word? Was there a time when you met your loved one that you just wanted to hold her close to you and simply feel the moment without uttering any needless sentences?

That’s the power of love. That’s the power of two hearts who are so close to each other; so close that even if they don’t say a word, their hearts talk in the absence of sentences. In such a case, words are simply not enough to describe what the heart feels. Maybe, speaking something in such a situation which may not be very apt, could even destroy the romantic mood. When you say nothing at all, but are still able to say a lot, that is when love begins its journey!

But then, there maybe times when silence is the worst thing to do. If you have had a tiff with your better half, will you just prefer to say nothing at all? If there are misunderstandings which crop up, will you just keep quiet? If there are people who don’t approve of your relationship even though you dearly love each other, will you still stay silent? That’s when you have to take charge of your life and know that there are only a few things you can take lying down. Silence is golden until people start to think that its your weakness.

Silence can speak volumes in the right places. They can make one feel things which even words may not be able to. But then, there are times when a person needs to speak up and be bold enough to get going. If you have to fight for your love, you have to speak. If you think that sitting silent and going after her is the best policy, you never know she may end up with someone else!

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