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Singapore Diaries: A place where everything seems so perfect!


It’s been a week since I have touched down in Singapore and I am already in love with the place. Yes, I have seen many places around the world. But being a tourist is a world of difference from staying in a foreign country and working there. Everything seems so orderly, neat and clean (Yes, maybe except Little India :P). Whether its people not jumping queues or them not generally rushing into the public transport (buses or trains), everyone really seems to follow all the rules to the T. I assume this is normally the case in many countries of the world. But having been exposed to too much of disorderliness for many years, this is a welcome and refreshing change.

The best part is that all the rules are strictly implemented. If you are not waiting in the queue for an ATM, people start to give you stares. If you are not waiting at the sides and instead are in the center of the gates while getting into the metro, people start looking at you as if you are an outcast. Since Singapore is situated in the tropics, people actually roam around in shorts, t-shirts and a sandal to boot. Now seeing this I myself am looking forward to getting rid of my denims at least for now. Having always been in a habit to wear jeans everywhere I go, this seems quite different. But then, its so comfortable especially in the muggy climes here. No one bothers what your wearing or how you are looking.

Oh did I tell you about the public transport? There’s a metro station or a bus stand outside any building or house. And the public transport runs from 5am to 1am. So basically speaking, there’s almost no area which is left uncovered by the public transport network. I hear you asking what about cars. Yes, cars are quite less. And that’s because the government has a regulation that to protect the environment, they ensure only a certain number of cars are released into the market every month. And this happens after a bidding process. So basically speaking, the prices of cars are exorbitantly high. Yes, for some that would be a disadvantage; particularly those who are old or those who actually need a car for their basic needs.

But then, there are always pros and cons to a particular place. I know I sound like a guy whose never traveled outside India and started to love anything foreign as soon as he landed in a foreign country. But the basic point is that when you start working, you start to notice the life, the people, the surroundings, the style and standard of life more closely than when you come for a few days as a tourist.

And this is what has got me enamored to Singapore. I am sure there’s a lot more to know and a lot more to see and like in the coming days :).


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  1. Forum parikh

    I finally understand why. .. and yeah as a tourist you will notice differently and as a person working there. It’s a lot like all developed countries. ..I am sure you will enjoy to notice more other things

    • aseemrastogi2

      For now that am already too positive about everything here, I am waiting to see if there’s actually some negative. Maybe getting a car could be the only difficult thing I can think of.

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