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Look at your friends. Some of them are pursuing ‘Engineering’ while others have taken up ‘Medicine’. A couple of years of struggle and they will make good money and be happy in their respective lives. For them life is like a bed of roses. Look at you. What did you tell me you are doing? Arts? What is this? Are you crazy? What will you earn? How will you keep your family happy? How will you support us? God. Did we bring you up to see this day?

How many of you have had a discussion like this with your parents / guardians? Everytime in life when we try to do something different or something interesting or something new, there are numerous obstacles we are forced to face. Whether its our near and dear ones not supporting us or us failing in whatever endeavour we pursue, obstacles run behind us all the time.

But then, life is all about believing in what you think is right. Life is about being bold in your decisions and thoughts. If you feel that ‘so and so’ job is the best for you, go for it. If you feel that marriage at 25 is too early, don’t jump in it just because your relatives force you as everyone around is getting married. If you feel that a particular way of doing a task is not right ethically, don’t do it even if the rest say that you would not face any trouble.

Some would say that being bold would be analogous to being brash and overconfident. Yes, if you enter that kind of territory, you are in for quite some trouble ahead. There are many who think that they are the best in the business in what they do. It’s good to think that way if you back it up with actions. But if you don’t, then all you become is a laughing stock in front of the whole world.

Instead, what you need is to be bold enough to go against the tide and convince yourself that what you are doing is right. You may fall. You may get hurt. People may laugh at your state of mind. People may try to pull you down. But if you are bold in the mind, there’s no power on this Earth which can take you down. Even if you fail, you will be happy that you wholeheartedly tried to get it.

But then, being ONLY bold is not enough. You need to stay real. You need to stay grounded. You need to be practical. If you want to pursue a career in arts, you need to stay real and think ahead of what kind of jobs you will get. Without thinking and making any plans, the ship of your life will sink even before setting sail. If you don’t want to marry at 25, you need to stay real and think the reasons of your refusal. Are you searching for stability in your career? Are you not ready emotionally? Whatever it is, a wrong decision in matters like this can lead to trouble in your family life. If doing a particular task unethically can give you a great platform to kickstart your career, you need to stay real and think the pros and cons of it. You may succeed in the short term. But then you would have gone against the values and beliefs you stand for.

Now is the time to be Bold but stay Real. Get up and get going. Do what you want to and not what others are doing or what others have asked you to. The day you start this practice, you will start living rather than surviving.

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  1. Forum parikh

    I totally believe that doing the same usual things leads into a rat race… Being out there with something different can make a person stand out and particularly that can have more value… This is something that parents should also understand and let the kids do something different and prove themselves

  2. Prabha

    Simply superb..

  3. True. So Damn true. I wish parents realize what they are doing. Thankfully, my parents gave me the freedom to choose what i want to pursue, even though I come from a family of limited means. But, it does take a lot of courage to actually go ahead with your plans, because the fear of failing is actually what stops many. It did with me.
    NIce post Aseem!!

    Also, It would be great if you paid a little visit to my blog and share your views on the same. Thanks 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yes Farooq. It takes a great deal of courage and effort for anyone to pursue his / her own dreams. And when your parents are not with you or supporting you, then it becomes all the more difficult. I guess we are among the lucky few whose parents did give us the freedom to choose what we want to do in our lives. Nice to know you liked the post :).

      Sure will have a look at your blog and let you know :).

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