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Why have we become greedy?

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Every human has ‘n’ number of wants. If for one happiness is living in a decent 2BHK house with his family, for another, happiness is living a life of luxury in a 3-storey apartment. Happiness is something which every living thing strives for whether human or animal. One can’t expect to live a normal life without being happy. And so somewhere happiness is related to humans becoming greedy. I hear you ask why. Let me explain.

The biggest problem which we humans face is that we are never happy. If we are gifted a Nokia phone, we dream of an iPhone and are not happy with the Nokia. If we get a promotion at office, we think of that guy who got to go onsite next to the client and thereby sit gloomy all day. If we find a beautiful girl / guy to spend our life with, we still search for someone better all the time. There’s nothing wrong in dreaming and searching for something better in life. Everyone has the right to be happy and therefore do things which can keep him / her as well as others around happy. But in this happiness, aren’t we turning greedy? Why are we never happy with what we have? Why do we compare ourselves to others all the time? As someone has said, one only gets what is written in his / her destiny at a time; nothing more and nothing less.

Now think of the situation. You have reached a particular standing in your organization. But you want more and want it fast. And so you start pursuing unfair means and practices to achieve your goals. You feel that you are right because you are doing this for your and your family’s happiness. But isn’t this greed? Isn’t this a degradation of your moral values? Have your parents, peers and elders taught you this? Think of it.

Just think of the recent Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket spotfixing case. A two time World Cup winner. A fast bowler who showed glimpses of his ability to tear through the opposition over the years. Whatever problems he had, he was still a decent bowler when on his day. But in just a couple of weeks; money, escort girls, a dream of a king size life and much more has destroyed his name forever. He was being paid a hell lot for just playing the IPL. But he wanted more. He wanted to milk the cow as much as he could as he knew that his international career was done and dusted with. But where did it take him? Straight to jail.

Greed is like a drug. It consumes people completely so much so that they cannot even come out of it how much ever they try. People surrendering to this drug dream of money and more money. They would do anything whether it is cheating, scheming, backbiting and much more to make that extra buck.

Such people always feel that money defines their status and power among their peers. And this is what makes their standing in life.


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  1. Achintya Jain

    Being greedy is very well exemplified… But in starting it seems you mixed greed with desires. Our longing to get better is not always a bad thing but unnecessary desires are source to unhappiness, no doubt. If we don’t have justifiable desires, we won’t remain competitive further.
    It is not always true that being greedy also leads to unhappiness… Srishant was happy being greedy but NOW, his boat has sunk. As you said, it was his degrading moral principles that have gifted him jail…Think once! 🙂 Nice article though.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah having desires and being happy does not necessarily lead to being greedy. But then somewhere down the line when the desires and wants go on increasing forever, greed sets in. So what I meant was greed and wants / desires are related in a way. Yeah as far as being happy or sad is concerned, those who indulge in such a thing are happy and satisfied for sure. Sometimes when their conscience strikes, they may realize but mostly in such cases, I doubt they even have a conscience.

      Nice to know you liked the article :).

      • Achintya Jain

        Hmmm.. Sometimes greedy people are lot more happy than a righteous person then what should the latter ones do to be happy when actually they can’t be because of undeniable reasons! What should be done which should motivate them to keep their righteousness going forward and not adopt wrong means which could give them happiness….

        • aseemrastogi2

          Yes a lot of people turn to ‘wrong’ things just so that they remain happy and motivated.

          But then the fact that they have been good up till now would be for a reason. Whether its what their peers and parents taught or whether they are good because they have got results for it, they love to do the right thing. I believe that if you keep doing the right thing, somewhere sometime something good will happen.

          Yes it maybe easy to say. But that’s what even I have experienced as well. Everything has a specific time. And a person gets that according to when he / she is destined to most of the time.

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