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The guy who didn’t bother to remember..!


He was the dude of the college. Whether it was his looks or the way he spoke to women; whether it was his personality or the aura he exhibited, there was something about him which attracted women of all kinds. There were hundreds who tried for just one chance to get to talk to him. There were others who wanted to spend some time with him over
coffee. And there were some who even went to the extent of wanting to touch him just to know if he was for real. It wasn’t always like this.

He had come as a shy and introvert guy who never even spoke to women let alone befriend them or have a girlfriend. His life revolved around studies, classes, assignments and the likes. But when he faced rejection for the first time in life, he realized that he had not bothered about creating a personality. He didn’t have a sense of style or a persona that people craved for. He didn’t know how to talk properly to anyone let alone his classmates. And so he revamped himself completely so much so that the girls began to go weak in their knees waiting to see him everyday.

And he loved every bit of the attention he got. If today it was one girl, tomorrow it was another. He had spoken to so many women and dated quite a few among them. Relationships with the most interesting ones lasted for a few months while some lasted for days. There were so many women in his life that he forgot their names or what they spoke about. There were times when he would say the same mushy things to many of them without even taking notice.

He had became a sort of casanova who didn’t care who he dated or who he spoke to. And the same had become of the rest of his life as well. Earlier, he was very careful in not hurting friends. But now he knew that to succeed in life, one had to make compromises even if it was leaving friends or loved ones. Sometimes he forgot promises made to loved ones while at other times he forgot how his friends helped him in their earlier times. He had forgotten that love and friendship was also important in his search for success and money.

But then he didn’t bother to remember because he had faced rejection! And rejection was something he couldn’t take..

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  1. Assembhai.. Moral of the story?

    • aseemrastogi2

      That sometimes rejection in life make you want to forget stuff to achieve success, fame and money. You forget friends, family, love etc. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing depends on individuals.

  2. Forum

    Thats it?

    • aseemrastogi2

      What else did you expect? 😛

      • Forum

        It was sudden. Reminded me of one author who used to write stories which was sudden and left me wondering what was it about. Like a ” eh” feeling

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