What drives you to work hard? What drives you to succeed in life? What is the one thing without which you wouldn’t be able to complete any task? The simple answer is – MOTIVATION. Motivation is the key to open any lock which acts as an obstacle for you to succeed. Without motivation, a person is like fish without water. Whether its completing a simple task or achieving something in life, motivation has a role to play all the time.

But the big question always remains – “How does one motivate himself / herself?”. There are three kinds of people – Those who are self motivated, those who need constant reminding by their family and peers and those who don’t care at all. The set of people who are self motivated are always in the race to stay at the top. They keep a track of their peers, friends, so called enemies and the likes. If they know that their peers are getting way ahead of them, they are always ready to go one up. The rat race is always on and they are an important part of it. This is more than enough to keep them on their toes.

Then there are those who always need someone to keep reminding them that success doesn’t come around by sitting and doing nothing. These guys would mostly never move an inch without their parents or friends giving them a daily dose. They are mostly lazy and want to have a lot of fun in life. But when they know that their backs are to the wall, they finally get going. It’s something like how most students enjoy throughout the year. But when the exams are on their heads, there is a mad scramble to go through every word in the book. But what matters is that they succeed in the end.

And finally there are those who sit all day long doing nothing. They snooze, eat and then snooze again. They just want to let their hair down and enjoy all the time. Even if their peers succeed and become CEOs, they would still not bother to move an inch. Try as you might, they wouldn’t listen to anyone whether it be their parents or friends. Such people are always in a downward slide which they refuse to accept and are never ready to learn.

So which one are you?

You know what is motivation. You just have to find out what motivates you to work hard and succeed. It could be really stupid but what matters is that it would drive you to the pinnacle of success!