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Movie Review – Aashiqui 2


Directed by Mohit Suri and produced by the Bhatt family, Aashiqui 2 has been in the news since the time it went on floors. Starring Aditya Roy Kapur (Action Replay and Guzzarish) and Shraddha Kapoor (Teen Patti and Luv ka the End) this musical is not really the sequel or remake of the superhit movie of the 1990s – Aashiqui. But instead it aims to relive those Aashiqui moments 23 years down the line. Does it succeed? Does it make you fall in love all over again? Does the music live up to its promise? Let’s see?

Rahul (Aditya) is a famous singer who conducts music shows across the globe and has millions of fans. But his habit of drinking too much is leading to his downfall. Slowly but surely, his career starts sliding until he finds Aarohi (Shraddha) at a bar one fine day singing one of his songs even better than him . And then and there he decides that his mission in life would be to see her happy and give her all the success which she deserved. But slowly as her career starts rising, he becomes a fading star and jealously begins to creep in. Sounds similar to ‘Abhimaan’ or ‘A Star is Born’ or even ‘Sur’, isn’t it?

The problem is not that the story is ‘inspired’ per say. But the issue is with the overall treatment. The pace of the flick is slow throughout and is always interrupted by the songs. The dialogues are poorly written and moreover the wafer thin script has nothing much to offer. In a movie like this, one needs to feel for the couple and needs to lose himself / herself in their romantic world. But sadly that never really happens. The proceedings remain dull and dreary leading the audience to point of irritation.

The actors seem to be sleepwalking through their roles. Aditya tries his best but does shouting throughout come in the zone of acting? One can feel the trouble and problems his character goes through but the poor script doesn’t allow him to do much better. Shraddha looks good but honestly needs to work quite a bit on her acting skills. Their chemistry is one of the rare high points of the flick. But again, their love has such an old world charm to it that in this fast paced world, people wouldn’t really have the patience to sit through it. I surely didn’t. Mahesh Thakur and Shaad Randhawa are quite good but they can’t really do much.

The songs whether it is Tum Hi Toh or Sun Raha Hai or even Bhula Dena are quite good. Music is the sole saving grace of this flick. But seriously, what were they thinking? They could have as well released a music album rather than make a movie.

Expected much better from Mohit Suri and the Bhatts. Disappointing!

Rating – 1/5


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  1. I like u aditya roy kapoor ur so hnasom your movie aashqui 2 is so amazing or so beautiful

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