It’s been sometime since Nokia joined hands with Windows to come out with phones having the Windows OS. The first series of phones with Windows 7 and 7.5 didn’t do too well. There were issues of every kind and Nokia was slowly but surely moving towards disaster. Then came the Windows 8 series enabled phones beginning with Lumia 920 and 820. Lumia 920 has garnered great attention throughout the world with its specs and particularly the amazing camera it has. But the critics were still out saying that Nokia needed to come out with affordable Lumia’s for markets like India and China which are the fastest growing on the planet.

Lumia 620 is the first in the range of the affordable Lumia handsets. So what all does it have? If you are not looking at the black colour, at first glance you would surely notice the colourful back cover. This is the first Lumia handset which comes with changeable back covers (Cyan, Lime Green, Black, White, Magenta, Yellow). The screen size is quite handy at 3.81 inches. It packs a 5MP primary camera and a 1.2 MP secondary camera. This camera is quite good for this price range (Rs 14,200) that is if you are not looking at Indian models like Micromax, Karbonn etc like me. It provides you all the features like Panorama, Face Detection, Multiple Shots, Auto Focus with touch etc.

Now let’s talk about the Windows OS. Some people say that its new and many applications won’t work. There are some others who say that the number of apps in the Windows store is very low compared to Android. Yes the apps are less. But how many apps do people generally use? I personally believe that the number of apps is a huge myth. It’s more got to do with the fact that if everyone is buying an Android and people want to join the bandwagon. All the basic apps like messengers etc. are present in Windows. Each app on the Windows store is particularly checked and made secure.

As indicated by technologists, Windows OS and iOS are currently the most secure platforms on mobile. There is no lag and almost a buttery like feel while using Windows. The ‘Live Tiles’ feature is quite awesome as one can customize it according to his / her requirements. Office 365 allows people to create their Word Documents or Powerpoint presentations on the go. The fact that Windows is so light compared to Android, the processor makes the usage even more smooth and simple.

The other Nokia features like Nokia Drive, Cinemagraph, Nokia Music, City Lens all take the experience of this phone to the next level. Nokia Drive lets you download the whole map of a particular city ir country in the world letting you use it offline. Nokia City Lens helps you find the nearest restaurant, cinema, mall etc. even while you are offline through its compass feature. Nokia Music has got to be one of the best online stores for any kind of music.

Let’s look at some of the cons which people talk about :-

1. One can’t send predownloaded files through Whatsapp – One needs to go to the files in pictures or other media (video), hold the button and click ‘Share on Whatsapp’
2. Worst games – Yes most of the games are paid. If gaming is what you are looking for, this is not the phone for you.
3. Battery – Yes the battery is not that great. But tell me which phone at least at this range has a very great battery. Honestly if one uses Internet a lot, the battery does go down most often than not across phones.
4. Lack of good apps – Yes, Windows has lesser apps than Android. But one can still find the basic ones. And new ones are continuously coming as the platform evolves.
5. No MKV format supported – Windows Media Player doesn’t support the mkv format currently which could be a problem in watching videos
6. No File Manager – Honestly its not a problem for me in particular.
7. No FM – This would surely be covered in the next update. But honestly with Nokia Music and so many songs already on my phone, why would I need the FM?

Windows OS has an amazing UI and with the Clearback Display of Lumia 620, this is a killer combination. I am of the opinion that the cons as are pointed out will slowly but surely be covered in the future updates of the OS.

Go for this one for that exclusive feel! Give Nokia a chance. You won’t be disappointed..

Rating – 4.5/5