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Guest Post: Hollywood’s 5 Worst Movie Sequels


Bruce Willis makes a comeback with another ‘Die Hard’ sequel. Though the iconic action sequences of the earlier films are present in this latest sequel, you cannot wonder whether it was necessary to make yet another movie with a tired old formula. Mind you, the box office collection record shows that the producers of the movie are laughing all the way to the bank. There are other examples like the ‘Harry potter’ franchise and the ever green ‘James Bond’ movies which in between them have grossed several billion dollars.

But not all the sequels of an original hit have been as successful. Of course, nobody intentionally wants to make a bad movie but some sequels seem utterly unnecessary and very inept. Here is the list of 5 such movies which suffered from a steep lack of quality from the original movie.

1. The Next Karate Kid

The sequel to the much appreciated ‘Karate kid’ movie had a female protagonist this time who learns the art of Karate. Mr. Miyagi teaches yet another student the nuances of self defense (stifling a yawn). We all know that Hillary Swank went on to win two Oscars in her later movies but she would have regretted signing this one. She did reasonable justice to her character but we did miss Ralph Macchio of the original series.

2. Speed 2: Cruise control

Sandra Bullock did all she could to maintain the tempo of the original movie in this sequel but alas, how one craved to see Keanu Reeves again taking control of a bus that could never stop. Can’t blame the producers of the movie though as Reeves chose to back out of the movie. At hindsight it was a very good decision by him. Reeves is a stellar performer and managed to keep the audience at the edge of their seats throughout Speed 1. Speed 2 lacked the steam and energy of its predecessor big time.

3. Evan Almighty

The less we talk about this film the better it is. Even a hardcore Steve Carrell fan would admit that this was a wrong attempt. The film was not comparable to the highly entertaining ‘Bruce Almighty’ starring Jim Carrey.

4. Legally Blonde 2: Red White & Blonde

‘Legally Blonde’ proved that you cannot judge people by their appearance. Just because a girl is blonde and a fashion freak, it does not mean she has no brains. The movie was witty, well told and was a huge hit. But even though Reese Witherspoon delivered an equally good performance in the sequel, she alone can’t save a badly written movie. It lacked a convincing plot and had tiresome blonde jokes which were not even remotely funny.

5. Shrek the third

We all laughed to our heart’s content and even empathized to an extent with the plight of Shrek in Shrek 1 and 2. His efforts to save the princess and be a good husband to her despite his looks and the constant hatred he encounters all through his life was depicted very interestingly and humorously. We can’t pinpoint to the exact reason, but Shrek 3 did not manage to impress us on any front.

Hope you had better fun reading this article than we had watching these movies.

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