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Who doesn’t want to be happy? Don’t we search for happiness everywhere? Sometimes we search for happiness in our work while at other times we search for happiness in relationships. Sometimes we search for happiness in what others do while at other times we search for happiness in small pleasures of life. We humans have so many wants which keep increasing day by day and that’s why our search for happiness always keeps continuing.

‘Waisi Wali Khushi’ is a short film which talks about that happiness which Punit Malhotra (Director of ‘I Hate Luv Storys & the upcoming ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’) is searching for. He tells ‘Masha Pour’ his story. He is tired of his hectic 9-6 job day in and day out. And one day he decides to leave for Bangkok to have some fun of his own. Till the day he takes off, he always believes that money is all that which can bring happiness to his life. He is part of the rat race which we all are part of. But then he decides to let go and unwind. He decides that enough is enough and starts living life on his own terms. The rest of the movie deals with how he actually finds his happiness.

We are all wanderers. In the search for happiness, sometimes we become so lost that we forget to live life. The movie is full of quotes and one of the best is – “When you stop surviving, you begin living’. Everyone has a ‘Bucket List’. But by the time we want to complete everything in that list, we are so old that its almost impossible. This short film has a simple message that one shouldn’t keep it too late. Enjoy every moment of life because you never know when would be the last. Punit found his happiness in breaking out of the monotony of his corporate job. Someone would find happiness in starting a business altogether while another individual may find happiness in seeing his / her friend happy. Happiness is subjective and what may keep you happy may not be the case with someone else.

The movie has a simple narration throughout and is very successful in bringing out the relevant message. Punit’s character is really believable as it represents the contemporary young man of today. He portrays the angst, happiness, boredom, delight and all that his character goes through, quite beautifully. With good looks and even better acting, Punit surely seems here to say. Masha Pour doesn’t really get much scope as the story is all about Punit. The fantastic background music from Ranjit Barot gives the film an altogether different feel. Samar Khan does a brilliant job as the director of this one. With a good script and a believable story, its surely one to look forward to.

Watch ‘Waisi Wali Khushi’ to find that happiness you have been searching for. Watch it to know that life is not all about minting money rather it is about enjoying the small pleasures of life!

This is the homepage for Large Short Films. And the link to watch this beautiful movie is here – Waisi Waali Khushi.

Rating – 4.5/5