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That eerie night..


Since he was in a support project, his work timings differed every two weeks. So for two weeks a month it was a 9am – 6pm shift while for the other two weeks it was a 9pm – 6am shift. He was a very hardworking, honest and dedicated resource. Whether it was being asked to work on weekends or on public holidays or even spend late hours, he never refused. That night there wasn’t much work at office. All his teammates had left by 1am. But he thought to spend some more time in learning a few more concepts which sounded confusing to him. By 3am he packed his stuff and set out to leave.

When he saw around, the entire floor was empty. It was all dark and only his cubicle was lighted. As he looked outside the window, except a few lights in other buildings, everything was dark. Since that day was a public holiday, there were very few who had come for work. The silence around was deafening. He left the building just greeting the security guard and began walking towards the main gate. There was not a single soul in sight. The eerily quiet feeling was broken by the gale force winds which began blowing as soon as he reached the main gate.

Since he sat on a chair all day in front of the computer, he generally preferred walking the 15 minute journey back to his house. The path which he covered everyday was mostly covered in thick tall trees and bushes. He could see his township in the distance but other than that there was not much humanity nearby. At this time of the night there was no transport available whatsoever. He had just begun walking when the street lights went off. He increased his pace as a chill ran down his spine. Almost immediately, he started hearing the loud bells in the temple which was in the vicinity. Loud bells at 3am was as weird as things could get. He turned around to look at the main gate of his office and was stunned to see that it was locked and there was no sign of the security guards he had just passed by minutes ago.

To add to that, he could feel someone following him. He was scared. Before he could even realize, he began running. He was dripping with sweat and his legs were giving way. But he didn’t want to stop. As his speed increased, he started hearing loud painful screams all around. It seemed as though the screams were increasing in their volume as he ran faster.

And then he got up. He was sweating and breathing heavily. He looked around and was relieved to find himself in bed. But when he checked the time, he saw that it was 3:30am. He couldn’t sleep the night as the nightmare continued to haunt him…


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  1. Forum

    Sounds like real…. Like your journey from your office to home 😛 had a shiver down my spine

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hehe in a way that was an inspiration to the story. But thankfully my timings are not as such though I know many others who have similar timings :D.

  2. Abhishek

    Great One…..:)

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