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Since the time a girl is small, she dreams about her wedding day. I always expected my man to come on a horse as my knight in shining armour and take me away into his world bringing me all the happiness and peace. Though that was a bit too much to expect, I still wanted to be loved, to be happy and to have someone in my life who could pamper my wants and desires.

We had met in the most bizarre of circumstances on a flight to Lucknow. He was traveling for a business meeting while I was on my regular job as a Lead Flight Attendant. Somehow we began talking, exchanged numbers and the rest is history. Though our jobs didn’t allow us to meet that often, we always made it a point to stay in touch in any way possible; sometimes through ‘Whatsapp’ and other times through ‘Skype. In just over a year, we had grown so fond of each other that all our talks revolved around love, life, ‘how I would settle with his family’ and the likes. Though it seemed a tad too fast, I was loving every bit of it. He truly loved and pampered me unlike the earlier guys in my life who were either too scared to commit or just didn’t want things to go to the next step.

Though we were from different castes and religions, he always assured me that he wouldn’t let such things come in between us getting together. As they say, love is blind and knows no boundaries. It was so hunky dory that I had fallen in love with my life all over again.

He had convinced me for a quiet and simple wedding at a church. When I voiced my concern that at least we should have our families present, he said that we would give them a sweet little surprise. Though I got slightly suspicious, my love clouded my judgement.

So finally the D-Day was here. This was the day I was waiting for. This was the day from when I knew we could express our love freely to each other without anyone voicing their disagreement. This was the day I knew life would change completely for me. This was the day I knew he would be mine. Dressed in the best gown which I had purchased especially for the wedding, I reached the venue much earlier than planned.

I waited and waited. Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes turned into hours. But he didn’t come. At first I was scared that something may have happened to him. I tried reaching him on his mobile or even through his friends. But no one knew where he was. He just seem to have vanished. Though I was famished and tired, I sat at the church in his wait for more than 6 hours. But he never turned up.

Our love, our life, our relationship; it all seemed a joke as he just deserted me at the altar!