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She worked really hard to impress her bosses. Whether it was working hours on end at office or taking work home, she did much more than what was required of her. Most of the time, she went beyond her line of work to learn more about what her teammates in other units were doing. Teamwork, dedication, determination were some of the words which defined her among her peers as well as bosses.

A day of her life read – Get up at 8am. Reach work at 9am. Leave work at 9pm. Have dinner. Sleep at 10pm. This continued for all 7 days of the week. Though she got a few leaves on and off, her bosses always ensured that she was there to complete the work so to say. They always encouraged her saying that she was among the best and the brightest minds in the organization. Initially, she had shown interest to learn. But as things went by, everyone started taking advantage of her accommodating nature and began loading her with all sorts of tasks. Her excitement at being praised started to go down. She was tired. They assumed that she would do anything without raising a voice or complaining. With almost no friends, no time for movies, no time for eating and hanging out, her life had turned into a mess.

And then above all this, came the news of a pinkslip. Was this some sort of joke? So all the praise and encouragement was rubbish? What had she done to deserve such a thing? Was this true? Did she irritate someone? Was one of her colleagues or bosses trying to take revenge for something? Did she not do some work given to her? There were hundreds of questions roaming through the young executive’s mind as she sat there in office biting her nails waiting to know if it was all true and the reason behind it.

After all the hard work she had put in, she never expected to receive a piece of a paper saying that she has been chucked out even in her wildest dreams.

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  1. Vig

    So why was she thrown out?

    • aseemrastogi2

      If you check the last few lines, I have mentioned that she is thinking about this. She has been hearing from some quarters that she is about to be sacked. And she is all shocked about it. She wants to know the truth and that’s why thinking of it she’s biting her nails :D. The reason of sacking / not sacking is out of context of this post.

  2. NRN: “Never love your company. Always love your work”

  3. Abhishek

    Good one

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