She was sweet and cute. She seemed happy all the time. It’s always said that kids have a smiling face and bring cheer to everyone around them. Since the time she was a little girl, she kept everyone occupied. Whether it was her parents or her cousins, everyone laughed and enjoyed being around with her.

Sometimes she went and cut the curtains with a pair of scissors or at other times she hid the shoes of people just so that they go about frantically searching for them. Naughtiness and her went hand in hand. Though it was a task for everyone to handle her naughty antics, they still loved to see the smile on her cute little face. It was like everyone wanted to do something just to see her happy.

When not going about having fun, she loved to play with her favourite toy which more often than not was the Barbie doll. She loved these dolls so much so that her room was decorated in pink and had posters of Barbie all around. Whether it was giving her a Barbie t-shirt or a Barbie pencil box or even a Barbie lunch box, her parents had pampered her to the hilt. She loved being occupied all the time. Her laughter, her antics, her cries abounded in the house all day. There was never anything for her to worry about.

But one fine day, happiness was replaced by sadness. Assurance was replaced by fear. Relaxation was replaced by tension. She was scared. There was fear in her eyes. The eyes spoke so much but the words were conspicuous by their absence. The men who did that to her didn’t care about what she felt, what she thought and what would happen to her. They just tortured her as much as they could and left her to die. They were worse than animals could be.

From that day, her life became a nightmare. She was scared of each and everything and closed herself completely.

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