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Mind vs Heart – Who will win the battle?


She was dressed in a simple pink salwar with matching accessories to boot. Her face was devoid of any make up which made her look natural. Her eyes seemed to be searching for someone really important. And as she went on, her natural smile transformed into a sexy pout. Her hair was neither curly nor straightened; somewhere in between. She was different. She didn’t believe in using chemicals to make herself look good.

Seeing her, my mind and heart started running in circles. And thus began their conversation –

Heart – “Who is she? How is she here? Whatever it is, she looks stunning. She’s like a dream come true.”

Mind – “Get a grip dude. She must be having a strong reason to be on a train like this. Maybe, she is waiting for her husband.”

Heart – “Husband? Are you crazy? She’s so young and beautiful. She must be anything but married.”

Mind – “Look at her. She’s so simple. Do you think she is your type? You are crazy about all the rich and fancy females at work. She is anything but the ones you keep running after.”

Heart – “Life changes. Times change. People change. If and when she comes in my life, even I will change. Why worry so much?”

Mind – “What’s really so special about her? Don’t you see so many like her everyday?”

– “Look at her. She seems to be the kind of girl who my mom would love. She’s so innocent, so sweet, so homely. I have never seen someone so beautiful ever in my 25 years of existence. She’s just turned my life upside down.”

Mind – “Wait. Wait. Wait. You of all people are thinking about marriage? Are you crazy? Have you lost it?”

Heart – “Yeah. She’s just changed my complete thought process. She just looked at me for a couple of seconds and that was it. The moment of a lifetime. I want to talk to her.”

Mind – “Talk? Don’t you think she will find it weird? Maybe, she will just ignore you thinking that you are trying to flirt. Maybe, she will smile and reply normally. Maybe, she’s thinking about you?”

As the heart and mind were continuing their conversation, her father and brother came and sat next to her.

And then,

Heart – “So this is it.”

Mind – “I understand brother. Shit happens. But life must go on.”

And seeing the heart cry, the mind decides to give him a bear hug! Life moves on, but the heart and mind always quarrel with each other like your everyday couple. Without their quarrels, life becomes nothing but a vast empty space.

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  1. Anita

    kya kahoon…………..

  2. of course the quarrels will continue…liked the battle of your heart and mind..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah without the quarrel between the heart and the mind, life is incomplete :).

  3. Lol! Nice writeup! and congrats! 🙂

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