Many regard love as the ultimate feeling of bliss. The optimist in us thinks that love is something which can make ones world go round, keep one happy all the time and help one feel good about himself or herself. On the other hand there’s also the pessimist who thinks that love is a pain where your partner is always present to use you till the hilt. Happy? According to them, one feels tortured and troubled in love all the time. Whatever be the case, love has the one quality to change your life in the matter of days or weeks. But is it supposed to be celebrated only for a few days of the week? Some people surely think so.

Today is Valentines Day. Yesterday was Kiss Day. Day before yesterday was Chocolate Day. Tomorrow is Slap Day. Day after tomorrow is something else. The one who began the entire Valentines Week must have surely done quite some research. He / She seems to have come up with quite some interesting and wacky stuff. So you start with a rose day, then give chocolates, then hug, then kiss, then celebrate Valentines and then slap as well. What a nice start and end to a story which was a joke in itself in the first place.

And then we also have the colours one needs to wear on Valentines Day. From black signifying that the proposal has been rejected to blue signifying that the person ‘is free’, from green signifying that the person ‘is waiting’ to orange signifying that the proposal is about to come, someone must have really thought a lot before developing such a colour code. Maybe some people have all the time in the world to think about such stuff.

And obviously in the middle of all this, how can all the shopping malls, retail chains, movie theaters, restaurants etc. stay behind? Everyone wants their share of the Valentines Day (read MONEY) because ‘so called couples’ would frequent these places to propose, get rejected, for fun or just enjoy the day. So everyone has their special discounts just so that you can spend all your hard earned money on someone who you never know may even slap you the day after Valentines! Nice way to commoditize the day.

By the way it would surely be fun for all singles to frequent these places on Valentines just to see what couples are trying to do. Some maybe cuddling too much while others may actually end up slapping each other.

But I hear you ask me one question. Where is love? Oh. We even need that, is it? But that has already become a joke with all the commoditization, colours, Valentines week and all the blah blah. So why bother? Live in the present. Take your date out. But don’t mistake it for LOVE!