“As per the dictionary a cheat is someone who tries to gain undue advantage over his foe or rival. I only did what I did just so that it makes a level playing field.” This line summed up the what the man thought. Lance Amstrong was hailed as a miracle man. His return from 3rd stage testicular cancer to win the Tour De France 7 times was the stuff of dreams. He was the inspiration for millions of cancer survivors as well as those wanting to succeed in any walk of life. But then he was caught. And from there his downfall was swift and fast. So what was his Oprah interview all about? Let’s check it out.

It just portrayed Amstrong as a cold, calm and calculated liar and cheat who didn’t care for anyone. He could go to any level to win as he said. The most bizarre moment was when he tried to defend that he wasn’t a cheat. Its really sad when he has to look to a dictionary to save himself. The fact that he thinks everyone around him doped so he was right seems quite ridiculous. Two wrongs make a right, is it? He seems to be living in a warped sense of reality.

He sued everyone who told the truth about him. At one moment when Oprah asked him if he remembered suing a particular person, he just laughed it off saying he doesn’t remember how many he and his henchmen sued. He was also a bully who threw away those team members from the US Postal team who didn’t agree to his ways. Just goes to show that he was such an insensitive freak that he didn’t care about destroying people’s lives emotionally, mentally and financially.

Did the drugs aggravate his cancer? He says no. But the heady mix of Erythropoietin, steroids, blood doping and growth hormones could have surely played a part. Does he think everyone is a fool? Its really sad that it has come to this but to be honest I have started to feel that a part of him was to blame for his cancer as well. The funny part of all this is that he even lied to his children who defended their father till the end.What a disgrace of a father they have got!

Many still praise what he did with his Livestrong foundation for the cancer survivors. Maybe. But I guess they will need to find another hero. Because he became like the corrupt corporates who do some CSR activities for the society to balance their negative image among the public.

“If I hadn’t returned back in 2009, I feel that I wouldn’t have been caught.” What a joke! So basically all the apology and the interview was all staged up, is it? He didn’t seem remorseful of his actions one bit. He deserves to suffer for all his lies!

His life was hailed as a fairytale and it ended up just like that – “A fairytale”.