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Why have New Year resolutions become a joke?


A New Year resolution is a decision to do or not do something so that one can accomplish personal goals or create / break old and / or new habits. It gives a chance for people to look back at the past year and think of the good and bad things they have done. And once they have evaluated that, making a resolution helps make the bad quite good and the good even better. But then how many of us really ensure that our resolutions succeed? How many of us make one just to keep others interested? It’s food for thought. ain’t it? Let’s check it out.

So how old is this concept of making New Year resolutions? They have quite a history dating back 4000 years. The ancient Babylonians made resolutions at the start of every year that they would return borrowed objects and clear all debts. The ancient Romans always made promises to their two faced god – Janus at the start of the year. His ability to look both forward and backward allowed people to make new promises and decisions easily.

But today, everyone seems to have a resolution. The elders think about resolutions like losing weight, making more money, being good to others etc. On the other hand, kids make resolutions like to study well, to make friends etc. The intention behind making these resolutions is really good. One needs to have a destination / goal in mind if he / she has to succeed in the different endeavours in life. Without a destination, one is like a sailor stranded in the middle of an ocean. So a lot many of us are able to set a destination. But is that all? Shouldn’t you think about the following questions as well? What is the best way to reach it? Who will decide the strategy to accomplish the goal? How many months do we need to accomplish it? Is it difficult or easy? Is it easily achievable? Will it add value to your life? The sad part is that most don’t think of all this and that’s why the resolutions fail.

These days most of us make resolutions to satisfy ourselves. Say if we make a resolution about losing weight, it’s more to do with our inner guilt rather than really pursuing this resolution to the end. We try to ensure to ourselves and others that we are thinking about these goals or destinations. But if one asks us the process to reach it, we are clueless.

One solution to this is that our peer groups could help us pursue these resolutions effectively. Two people who know each other very well could decide that they have to lose weight. So even if one doesn’t follow it very well, the other could keep reminding him / her to not fall by the wayside but see the goal lying ahead. Peer support makes a really big difference for sure.

At the moment, this concept of resolutions has become some sort of a joke, but you can make a difference. But do you really want to?


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  1. my resolution, like last year, is to blog more frequently.
    Hope it doesn’t turn out to be a joke like 2012

    • aseemrastogi2

      All the best Neetish. I hope your resolution turns out to be successful 🙂

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