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Why is outrage so short lived?


Source: MSN News

Chemical castration. Life imprisonment. Capital Punishment. These and many more solutions are being prescribed by the public for the accused in the recent gangrape case in Delhi. There have been online petitions, continuous TV debates, tweets by all and sundry and much more. Everyone is outraged, angry and annoyed that the women of this country have been failed.

But is this a first time? Sadly the answer is a big NO. There have been rapes, gangrapes, incest cases and stuff one can’t even imagine in this country for years on end. As some statistics go, a rape occurs once every 30-40 minutes. But is it all reported? Does everyone get the coverage? Just to add a viewpoint, since the gangrape in Delhi on Sunday, there have been gangrapes in Varanasi, Mau, Faizabad and many other places. But none saw it to the front pages of the news channels.

So where is the basic problem? We have come to accept it as part of the society. We have accepted that rape has become another statistic which happens every god damn day. We have accepted that its our right as males to dominate the females sometimes even worse than animals. We have seen so many rape cases being covered by the media day in and day out that it has stopped affecting our psyche. We seem to have become completely immune to seeing or hearing women suffer. Once in a while when the media takes the cudgels of a case like this one, everyone stands up expressing solidarity. There are protest marches, candle light vigils and the likes. But again after a few days, everything is all OK and we are back to where we began.

Everyone is ready to put in their opinion and word. Just ask these questions to yourself. How many want to actually make that opinion count? How many really believe that action is necessary to see these protest marches and candlelight vigils have some value? How many really want to be the change they talk about? How many can translate whatever they say on social networks to some value?

It’s all so easy to express outrage and then go out on the road and eve tease some random girl by calling her ‘Tota‘ or saying ‘Chalti hai kya‘. But only the victims are the ones who suffer many deaths day by day struggling to come to terms with life.

So now lets wait until the next rape for the next outpouring of grief and outrage!


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  1. Forum

    Exactly, it’ll be forgotten in a week or two, those people will be out on bail and the female will suffer for no fault of her’s. High time we start punishing them in open or see this country is going to dogs already!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Really agree with you. In such matters I really support the kind of punishments given by Arab states. They try to ensure that such a thing never happens again.

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