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Guest Post: Reward Yourself for Achieving Goals


Using a reward system of any kind can really help you to stay motivated and stick to whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Of course, it probably depends on what you are doing and what goals you have that will determine what type of reward and what sort of system you use.

Want to know the different kinds of reward systems others have come up with in order to come up with ideas of your own? Here are some ideas to help you begin brainstorming:

If good food is a pleasurable thing or going out to eat is fun for you, then food may be a good reward for achieving goals. Here is a simple food reward example: place a candy at the end of each section in your big text book for school, every time you reach a new section you get to eat a candy. This method distracts some people so you may just decide on a time, after every 30 minutes of reading or studying you get a treat. Here is something to keep in mind; food does not work as well if your goal is to lose weight.

Spending time to achieve your goals takes a lot of work so you can reward yourself by giving yourself time to do whatever you want. Take time to watch a movie, take time to play a sport, make something, relax and have fun. Reward yourself by taking time to do whatever it is that makes you happy.

There is a new movie coming out and your goal is to finish whatever it is you have to do before that movie comes to theaters so that you can reward yourself by going to see that movie. Reward yourself by getting new songs on I-tunes, or by reading a book for fun. Reward yourself with entertainment if that is what makes you happy and or motivates you.

Small But Effective
Reward yourself with small things as you accomplish small goals on your way to big achievements. For example you could buy some pretty nail-polish, take a bath, take a walk, make cookies and give yourself other small rewards.

Depending on the size of your achievement you can reward yourself with things like vacations, trips, spas and other big rewards. If you achieve something that has taken you years and dedication and hard work then you deserve to be rewarded with something bigger than a movie.

The key to using a reward system is to understand what your goal is going to be and knowing what you would like to have or do as a reward and then setting goals and parameters around those things. Schedule things out and know exactly what type of reward you are going to allow or give yourself for the accomplishment of each goal you set. Without a rewards system you may lose motivation in yourself and your goal which will lead to getting less things accomplished.

Achieve your goals by developing your own unique reward system.

Contributed by:
Madison Hewerdine writes for blogs all over the world and loves to write about goals, family time and about clean movies.


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  1. Yes! A good read! It’s always best to reward yourself for a job well done. For me, food is the best reward.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Gary :). Yeah, unless we reward ourselves, getting the motivation to do any job well wouldn’t come at all.

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