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Why is it so easy to be sad but so hard to be happy?

Happiness and Sadness are two emotions which define one’s life. They are the emotions which walk hand in hand with each other. They are states of the mind which arrive at different intervals in life. If either of them would disappear, life would be poorer without them. At times, there are extended periods of happiness while at others there are extended periods of sadness. But the irony is such that when there are extended periods of sadness, we all complain. But in case of extended periods of happiness, no one thinks one bit that sadness could be lurking anywhere around the corner.

But then, isn’t it too easy to frown for so many of us? Aren’t we unhappy all the time? Whether it’s complaining about our work, about our girlfriends / wives / husbands / boyfriends, about the roads and traffic in the country, about the food we get at our canteens and much more, we are always frustrated, dejected, disappointed. We love to crib and complain all the time.

Why is it so easy to be sad? Doesn’t life keep us happy at all? Despite the fact that it takes a lesser number of muscles to smile, why do we love to spend our energy in frowning all the time? Why do our lives revolve around cribbing?

When I sat to think about it, I could make a list of the three reasons below –

1. It’s in vogue: “My boss doesn’t let me do my work”. “My girlfriend keeps nagging me all the time”. “The canteen food is horrible to the say the least”. I am sure many of you must have heard statements like these. Yeah, a lot many of us do really feel bad about such things. But today, more and more people are starting to complain and crib just for the sake of it. Maybe it keeps us in the ‘group’ with a set of like – minded people or it helps us maintain our friendships with a set of people, whatever the reason, a lot many of us are complaining and cribbing about everything just because it’s in fashion!

2. Masking own failings: So many of us love to blame others for our own failings. Whether it’s not being able to do our work successfully or not managing relationships well, whether it’s not being able to do anything for the society or not making enough friends, we love to blame others for any and everything. Why take the blame on our own heads when we know we cannot do anything for it, right? Wrong. People who are like this always remain unhappy. And they will always continue to be this way unless, they decide to change themselves and look within.

3. Depression due to any reason: This category of people may have many reasons for depression like poverty, medical problems, old age, no help from anyone etc. I agree that a lot of them do have valid reasons to be unhappy. There are times when they would want to kill themselves or stay in isolation. But as someone has said, “You maybe born as a person who hasn’t got much. But if you die like that, then it’s your fault.” And that’s why I say, that one needs to try to do things in life which can keep him / her happy however small they may be. But if one doesn’t try at all, then its nothing but a waste!

Life is what you make of it. If you spend all your time in cribbing and complaining, you will never have time to smile and be happy. Life is very short to frown throughout. There maybe instances when one really can’t be happy. It’s for such instances that one needs to save his / her energy to frown. Why spoil other times when you can be cheerful and make others around you happy as well?

Smile and learn to be happy. That could surely sort a thing or two in your life!


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  1. Lovely 🙂 Someone’s getting all philosophical these days 😀

  2. Achintya Jain

    Good 🙂

  3. vinayak rastogi


  4. Sven

    Right…If life problems were so easy to turn around as as all these so called motivational positive thinking stuff make it out to be, we would have NO suicide, depression or substance abuse etc etc etc.. NO real depression issue (not talking about having a bad day) is solved alone nor by having feel good vibes or some other nonsense. Nothing is so cut and dry simple to just change ones frame of mine, the problem with all this motivational thinking or quoting is that 30 mins later etc the same problems of will set in again. …Sigh.. Ya gotta love to hate the internet…

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