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Is life only about doing what benefits us?

One of the most important factors in every task we do, involves understanding the benefit that doing the task gives us. Obviously, why would we want to do something which may not help us in our personal or professional lives? As someone has said, “First think of yourself before thinking of others.” Why waste one’s time in doing something which may not even have a personal benefit? But is life only all about the benefits we earn? Read on!

Benefits are a very important part of any task we undertake whether its as simple as deciding to take a car to work rather than expending all our energy walking all the way or as complicated as learning some special softwares to help us go higher up the ladder in our organization. Whenever we are taking up a task, the first thing we ask is, “How will it help us?” That’s how it should be. Why would we want to do something which may not at all be useful in our present or our future? These benefits will help us realize our future goals, aspirations and dreams.

These benefits are also linked to our status in the society as well as among friends and colleagues. Only if we do a task which has some potential benefits, can we tell others what we have achieved and thus build our reputation. Whether its using chemicals to look good, hitting the gym everyday just to get that six pack and impress a girl, speeding on roads in rough and tough bikes to impress a girl or whatever, all of us want to build our stature in front of others.

So does everything in life have a benefit? Yes mostly it does. But how many of us only think of our own personal benefits? I am sure a lot many do. Why bother about others? Who cares whether anyone else in the society is getting benefited or not? I want to make my life and live happily. Why take the pressure and tension of thinking about others? Sadly, this is the mentality among a huge number of people in the world today. And that’s why things are going to the dogs!

When a person goes for the ‘Teach for India’ program to teach in poorly developed schools across India, people ask him / her what benefits he / she gets. When a person spends time weekly at an orphanage with abandoned children, people ask him / her what benefits he / she gets. When a person gives his / her old books and clothes for free to needy individuals, people ask him / her what benefits he / she gets. When people meet those who have left their hot shot jobs to help society, people ask what benefit they get.

Oh! It’s charity work. It’s social responsibility. Who wants to do all this nonsense, right? There are many activists and socially awakened individuals who would do this dirty job. Why should I do? This mentality has resulted in a state where most of us just think of the benefits we get from doing things. And once we do get them, we are happy, satisfied and not bothered about the world. If we don’t have the guts and the courage to do something, we shouldn’t then have the right to comment on the state of the country, poverty, corruption and what not!

Commenting is an easy job. But doing something for the benefit of others is the difficult part. The day we do that, we wouldn’t have a chance to comment on the problems of the nation!

God forbid, if we have to see a day when we have to be dependent only on others benefiting us!


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  1. forum parikh

    Quite an inspiring and deep thought… many people think about the benefits first and then act… In that process people tend to become less human. Today if you see when satyamev was on air, people spoke about it, some people wanted to do something, some wanted to bring a change, some wanted to plainly comment about amir charging crores for the show. But at the end of the day, its the act that makes a difference… Tomorrow if I donate anything, be it in kind or in cash, or by my act I wouldn’t think twice because I am making a difference…. As the adage goes… Its easy to comment but difficult to be in one’s shoes.

    I totally agree with your last statement…. I would dread such a day 🙁

    • aseemrastogi2

      I am not sure people become less human by first thinking about benefits. I guess its a general tendency for a lot many of us to not think of doing anything which won’t benefit us. But then there are a lot many people in this world who are doing things which benefits other rather than themselves. They have reached that stage of life where benefits to others make them happy rather than benefits to themselves.

      Yeah quite sadly most of us believe in just talking, talking and more talking. When it comes to do something, no one is ready to move a muscle :(.

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