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Guest Post: Hidden, Unspoilt Tourist Attractions of India

Travelers to India have the unique opportunity to discover and visit hidden and unspoilt areas of the country. The obscure nature of these locations offers a true delight to the traveler seeking tranquility in a virtually unknown site to most visitors of India.


A remote mountain region in Northern India that is difficult to reach and populated by a largely Buddhist community. Ladakh offers an unparalleled natural allure with an astounding number of birds and wildlife that are present only in this region of the world. Visiting the many Buddhist monasteries offers a unique view into the lifestyle of monks. Experienced hikers will revel in the remoteness of the area and are best served by hiring a knowledgeable guide.

Fort Cochin:

Kerala is a popular tourist attraction for most travelers visiting India. However, there is more to this place than the backwaters and the many resorts in Kerala that cater to tourists. By visiting Fort Cochin on a weekday, you will be able meet the locals who commune every evening at 3:00 PM to sell the local handicrafts that they manufacture. Although a few resorts and local shops do sell these items, you will not get most of this in most other places.


Lakshwadeep is part of the Southwest region of India. The area has 39 islands and awe-inspiring coral reefs. The area is only open to tourists who have taken a special permit by the Indian government. Many of the area’s islands are forbidden to outsiders. Tourists who journey to the area are able to take part in fishing and an array of water sports. Travelers will only be able to get around the islands on foot or by bicycle. Boats are available for hire to visit the many islands in the region.


Mizoram is a breathtakingly unspoilt area of Northeastern India. Tourists must have a special permit to visit this region of awe-inspiring hills and valleys. The raw beauty of Mizoram is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. Primitive and remote, the area offers little in the way of creature comforts and amenities. Tourists who are willing to sacrifice comfort for beauty are richly rewarded by the natural caves and wildlife abundant in the region. The residents of the area have a moral code called “Tlawmngaihna” that mandates kindness and self-sacrifice to all people.

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Natasha Dogre first visited India in 2003, and has been living in India for the last 6 years. She teaches yoga and works in travel for The Paul, one of the hotels in Bangalore near EGL. You can reach her on to know more.


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  1. These are gonna be my next destinations for vacation

    • aseemrastogi2

      I am sure it will be a great experience to visit these unspoilt destinations :).

  2. A truly beautiful list of places one must visit at least once in lifetime.

  3. Amritha

    Especially Kumarakom visiting places in kerala.

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