Parimal Kalikar graduated in Hotel Management and earned his first buck as a bell boy at a five star resort in Goa. Even though he pursued his master’s in Human Resource Management, he worked as a credit cards salesman in a multinational company. After leaving his lucrative job in 2009, he decided to pursue his dream of writing and owning a business. His hobbies include photography and listening to music.

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1. What drove you to write?

I always liked writing essays and penned random thoughts. I dreamed of publishing my novel one day, but never did I imagine that it would happen so early in my life.

Penning down my thoughts excites me and I enjoy it immensely. And so the move was made to give this career a try.

2. This maybe one of the most unique topics to debut for a contemporary Indian writer. Weren’t you apprehensive about publishers and readers accepting it?

I was never worried about acceptance while writing. The most important thing in my mind was to put across my point in a unique package. But I must admit that when I approached the publishers, the unique story line repelled many and at one point I even lost hope of getting my work published.

3. Was there any inspiration or incident behind coming up with this concept?

There was no particular incident as such. But the way we Indians live our life running away from our problems rather than facing them was enough to inspire me. I have lived with the same fearful approach all my life and I wanted things to change in my life and may be in the lives of a few readers as well.

4. Do you believe we have an afterlife?

No, I don’t believe there is an afterlife. I believe whatever we have to cherish, mourn, win, lose, is right here and we have to make the most of it. This may come as a surprise to many but I don’t believe in the existence of a deity. I wanted to put across the idea of being courageous to the readers. But if they are going to buy it only if it is wrapped in a god branded wrapping paper, I don’t mind it. I don’t mind sugar coating a bitter pill if its going to work.

5. Why do you think Siddhesh couldn’t solve the problems of his family but a foreigner who knew nothing of India did things with such miraculous ease?

First of all Siddhesh did not intend to solve the problems. Like most of us he avoided confronting them. A German man from a developed country brings in a different approach to leading life. They are born and raised in an atmosphere where they are told that they can win and conquer everything. We lack that attitude. The most important point I wanted to put across was that once you grab your problems by their neck they will give up eventually. Give it a try..

6. A hotel management graduate, a credit card salesman and now a writer. You seem to have varied interests. What’s next?

Life has been very kind to me as I have been able to enjoy different avenues and experience unique opportunities. Writing is what I am enjoying and I want to continue down this lane.

7. Do you have any books in the pipeline?

Yes I am working on a very different story. A bit controversial and funny thriller is what I want it to look like. I hope to finish it in couple of months.

8. What do you do when you don’t write?

I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, from old Hindi classics to western country. I enjoy driving and photography. I own a digital SLR camera and taking it out every once in a while for a wildlife excursion is such a lovely experience.

Thanks so much Parimal for giving us your valuable time. All the best for your future works!