There have been instances where we hear an industrialist gifting an aircraft to his wife on her birthday, some others gifting themselves a yacht when they feel like. These luxuries which the so called creme-da-la-creme call “high society” trademarks or “high society necessities” are good to look at from a global point of view. This can foresee that India is now a developing country with people who can, in theory, reach for the highest star or the deepest ocean. But is that all what you need to call India a developing country?

Doesn’t development mean that the politicians also take into view the development of the massive “middle class” which forms almost 80% of the population? Every year a new budget comes up from the economists and the finance ministry. But who do you think is really affected by that? It is by far only the “middle class” as they are the ones who suffer the burn of the hour. With the amount of money earned becoming equal to the amount of money spent to earn a livelihood by the “middle class” ; I am not sure how the survival of the fittest would take place in here.

Darwin’s survival of the fittest had at least some basic laws governed by basic but yet concrete theories of life and nature. Adaptability is the key to success according to him. However in this modern era of developing countries (which are now a potential threat to the developed nations as far as the education, upbringing and new scientific technologies are concerned) does adapting to situations help?

If you have a look at the terrorism and attacks in these developing nations, India for example, nationalists here have taken the Darwin’s adaptability to an altogether different level. People are so adapted to violence, attacks and a couple of bomb blasts here and there that they hardly get affected by it anymore. Probably the first time when it happened, people looked at the TV screens and did shed tears at the agony of the affected victims, however now they have adapted themselves in such a way that when such news strike they would just say, “yeh to roz ka hai, chal channel change kar!” people are not emotionless, the government has made them like that!

Why after every attack a few politicians resign? Why after every attack a new reformation comes up in the constitution which by far takes another major attack to implement it? Why do the officials require a wake-up call which may involve killing of hundreds? Why isn’t there any value of human life in here? Why is 90% of the “middle class” victimized at these attacks? Are these attacks just because of some foreign ailment in our country? Are the authorities sure that nobody from our home is helping these dragoons to bring these disastrous thoughts into reality?

I am a normal “middle class” citizen of a developing country and have the same fear as the rest 80% of the population has. But is this the end to this topic? No. This is the beginning…wake up people! When Cairo can have an uprising and bring the economy and government to a standstill, force the ruler since 20 years to resign…When Libya can follow its footsteps…Why can’t the second most populous country’s citizens challenge the authorities and demand justice and improvement in the per capita income as well as have a normal living. An uprising is not what it always requires, sometimes all it requires is a pinch of scrutiny accompanied by constant updates to reform the society and make the country a better place to live in. Uprisings are for sure difficult to deal with and anger is never justified. But then why not get things better and under control before the suppression of people can lead to an outrage? WAKE UP authorities, WAKE UP!

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