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Guest post: Your life is YOUR life. Live it YOUR way!

Childhood is said to be the most important phase of your life. It is this phase which helps shape up your life; makes your life what it would be 10-20-30 years down the line. As children we always have this one dream which we want to persist with when we grow up. Writer, painter, entertainer, vocalist, musician et all! These dreams are important to us; there is a twinkle in our eyes when we go up to our parents, give them a hug and tell them what we want to become when we grow up.

Reality strikes us when our conscious mind starts developing and adjusting to the circumstances around us. Competition, the instinct for survival is naturally passed onto us. This instinct tells us that if we dare move out of the league which everyone followed, we’ll be thrown out somewhere. Our mind grows up, sees the world around us and concludes very early, that there is no place for losers here. Hence we give up all those dreams and study whatever would lead us to a decently approved pay package.

During our childhood we never have qualms about anything. For our horizons are never limited by our mind. Our mind always dreams of new things, things that intrigue us. No one ever tells us that this is right and that is wrong. We decide our rights and wrong ourselves. We never set “boundaries” on our thinking, as we never know what “boundaries” actually mean. Its only when we grow up that our conscious mind, along with the people around us starts to influence our thinking.

The bad thing is; negativity always influences you before positivity. Failing is easy but succeeding though much easier is always made to look difficult as the feeling of failure seems normal, but the feeling of success feels extraordinary and hence unachievable to many. To take the EXIT option in life is very easy but what’s difficult is to hold on, to face life in its eyes! Feelings are emotions you direct into what you want, not change according to situations. Have the maturity of a 50 year old, but keep your brain always childlike; because as children, “impossible” is something we never know.

Yes, the fear of failure is worse than failure itself. And the fear of suffering because of your own decisions is definitely worse than suffering. Your heart will always beat faster when you think about that thing, person or dream of those places you always wanted to visit. You will have a smile on your face when you visualise yourself in places you always wanted to be. But this fear of setting a trend, of doing something different, the fear of moving out of normalcy and setting up a stand for you, kills most of your dreams.

Today, at this moment when you are reading these lines, there is a thought passing in your head. That moment when your heart used to beat faster with joy when you dreamt of something you wanted to become. Someone whom you wanted to spend your life with, but community pressures made you do otherwise. The paintings you silently made in that room, but always kept it hidden fearing that people won’t like it. This FEAR, is nothing but suicidal and you are the murderer of your own dreams.

Dreams which would have otherwise lead you to a different destiny. While making the decision, had you chosen your dreams over pressure, had you chosen your dreams over the normalcy that life offered you, had you taken a stand for no one else but yourself, your own dreams and your own desires; your life would have been different today. Life is not harsh, it’s just the way you portray it. Had you trusted yourself rather than others, you would have been living a better and happier life today.

Remind yourself, that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity. You still have time. Stand up for yourself. Do what you always wanted to and then see how this universe itself unfolds your destiny, your happiness in front of you.

All the best!

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A philosophy lover, Forum Upadhyay believes that she can change her life and her destiny according to what she wants in her way by following her dreams. She aims to help people know the power of positive thinking. For more details, you can visit her blog , send her an email at or follow her on twitter @prayingdamsel.


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  1. Mini

    Wonderful post :-). Really true. Who has written this ?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Mini, its Forum Upadhyay who wrote a guest post for my blog :). Nice to know you liked this one.

  2. Forum

    Its a really inspiring post and coming from the person who shares my name. Lol jokes apart. Yeah its a really true thing. When we are small and hardly know anything bout life that’s when we dream of becoming something but with time fears, peer pressure etc all come into existance and make it complicated. Well I wish life was as simple as it could be but complications make life worth it.

  3. Hey Mini and Forum; m glad u liked the post. Yes; dreams when followed will give u ur destiny- thats wht i believe 😀 thanks 4 d wonderful words said by you people.. U can follow me on twitter and also my further blogs..:D

  4. Harish Sarkar

    The article written by Forum is excellent. It serve’s as a reminder to us, adults, about our dream’s which we have long forgotten. We tend to forget this dreams, either due to peer pressure or social influence as mentioned above.

    This is so true for the youth, here in India. We just stop living our dreams, and try to live the dreams of others. Other’s who them selves are nothing but failures; or who just want to live a very mediocre life; other’s who are afraid to speak their heart out. But unfortunately, we let “others” call the shots in our life.

    The trick is too keep clinging on to our dreams, for there is always something magical on the other side, waiting to happen.

    Forum has, also touched base on the Fear factor. Success and Fear are twin sisters, to date Success. You have to date Fear.

    I am sure, that Forum, with her writing will touch many young & old souls around the world, and compel them to live their dream.

    Nice Work…… keep it coming.

    • Thanks for the inspiring words Harish.. these words of praise will help me to write much better and will help me to continue spreading this message across the world 🙂 I am glad you liked it 🙂

  5. Thanks for the inspiring post Forum!!

  6. Captain Forum,
    I will not criticize it like I do with everything you post or say, well written and thought provoking. No matter how much I differ with your thoughts, you very well know I do in a way follow them (damn I am being too honest). Anyway I am happy your amazing thoughts are getting the publicity it deserves, thanks to Mr. Aseem.

    P.S. it requires proof-reading. (I couldn’t help myself and had to point out something wrong :P)

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hahaha. I think I have got publicity and more comments because of Forum’s post rather than the other way around :).

    • Mr Leftout,

      I am happy you liked it, Oh no! Wait i am happy that you actually did not differ with me for the first time and have been honest as well 🙂
      and i always knew you liked my thoughts!

      And regarding proof-reading — I’ll take that one up my sleeve 🙂 thanks for pointing out 🙂

      P.S. – Aseem, Whatever it is, you deserve a round of applause.. and a big THANKS from me 🙂

      • aseemrastogi2

        Hope to get some more interesting posts from you in the future :). That way you can thank me maybe ;).

  7. Yea sure 🙂 done!


    wow, can i use the pic to post in my post at

    let me know whether is ok for u


    • aseemrastogi2

      You can very well use the image since it is freely available on google images

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    • aseemrastogi2

      Honestly you just need a host platform like wordpress, blogger, tumblr etc. and writing ability to get your blog started :).

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