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Movie Review – Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

Starring the unlikely pair of Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor and directed and produced by Shakun Batra and Dharma Productions respectively, Ek Main Aur Ek Tu (EMAET) is said to be inspired by “What happens in Vegas” (A Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher flick). With its witty trailers, sweet songs and a relatively fresh pair, the earliest indications of the movie seemed pretty good. Did it live up to the expectations?

Rahul Kapoor (Imran) has lived his entire life trying to please his parents (Boman Irani, Ratna Pathak Shah) in every possible way from chewing his food 32 times to adjusting his hair as perfectly as they wanted. But when he suddenly loses his job as an architect in Las Vegas, he doesn’t have the courage to tell them that he has failed. By a quirk of fate, he meets Riana Briganza (Kareena), a witty hairstylist and over the next 14 days his life changes forever.

First things first. EMAET’s basic premise is the same as “What Happens in Vegas. But the rest is as different as chalk and cheese. So to say that EMAET is a copy is grossly unfair. This looks to be a season of rom-coms and this one fits pretty easily into that category. The goings on are pleasing, the dialogues are witty and the narrative is littered with some interesting moments. The pace is generally slow but the dialogues and the performances of the lead cast keep you engrossed.

The flick revolves mostly around the two of them. And the entire drama is delivered in a no-nonsense attitude without any meaningless sub-plots, item songs or romantic angles. The goings on remind of you of the lovely Imtiaz Ali directed ‘Jab We Met’ and you don’t regret coming to watch this one. The climax is pretty revolutionary for Bollywood as Shakun has displayed the guts to go against the regular conventions and norms.

The music is light and hummable in sync with the mood of the flick. Most of the songs fit quite well into the situational mode. The locales of Las Vegas are beautifully captured on camera.

Kareena portrays her urbanized ‘Geet’ (Jab We Met fame) act with elan. Riana is vivacious, effervescent and a complete livewire. And Kareena suits the role to the T. Imran has come a long way from his act in ‘Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na’. Despite the presence of Bebo, he comes into his own in this one. His outburst at the dinner table catches you by surprise. Their chemistry seems as fresh as a daisy. Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak Shah are suitable for their parts. Kareena’s family members in the movie are also really likeable.

A sweet popcorn entertaining fare to be watched with your loved one! 🙂

Rating – 3/5


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