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Valentines Week – The ‘commercial’ festival of love!

Wished your loved one? Gifted him / her something? Went out together on a date? Sent him / her, a card / rose / chocolate / teddy etc.? Oh my god! If you haven’t done even one out of this, then you are so not in love we are told. Haven’t heard of Valentines Week?

Feb 7: Rose day
Feb 8: Propose day
Feb 9: Chocolate day
Feb 10: Teddy Day
Feb 11: Promise Day
Feb 12: Hug Day
Feb 13: Kiss Day
Feb 14: Valentine Day

If you haven’t heard of even one of these days, then you are so outdated we are told. I am sure you would be having many questions swirling about in your head, “What is the prominence of this day? Why would I express my love only for a week? What’s so great about this day?”

Rather than getting into the history of how it began, today its become more of a status symbol to have a partner (Valentine) for this week. Many of those who don’t have anyone to hang around with are distressed and disappointed so much so that they make it a point to find one just for February 14th and not bother him / her after that. Initially, it began as just a single day for love. But due to many considerations particularly the commercial ones, it has involved into an entire festival week. And moreover in the fast paced world today, where people don’t have much time for themselves let alone their loved ones, this day has become more about making and breaking relationships.

But then, can only young couples have all the fun? Florists, Confectionery Outlets, Restaurants, Hotels, Card & Gift Shops everyone waits for the month of February to arrive. For many, the high sales that happen during this month of ‘romanticism’ go a long way in ensuring their profits for the quarter. It is a very important month for them as well as they provide discounts / offers / contests etc. for those looking to ring in the day with their loved ones.

The young couples are very much hanging around together. They are happy. Those whose sales and profits depend on this week are smiling all the way to the bank. They are happy too.

Who really cares whether there is love or not? In the end it is the commercial festival of love, isn’t it? 😉


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  1. swathi2212

    I am single and happy. That’s all can I say 🙂

  2. Yep commercialism has proved to be the best reason to celebrate valentine’s day. I”d rather have my personal days with the person i want rather than following norms of the society just for a “Status Symbol”.

  3. shweta

    yup, agree! it has nothing to do wid love!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh you really agree?? I thought you were surely going to agree to disagree with me ;).

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