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Guest Post : Are government jobs worth it?

With a population of 1.3 billion, India is the second most populated country on the planet after China. The population growth rate stands at about 19.3% every year. The path of transforming into a developed nation requires a pretty huge amount of resources. The huge manpower in India is a boon as well as a curse. Poverty is the result of inefficient use of manpower as well as its resources. The human resources available in India can be put to great use if directed properly.

The recruitment of valuable and young talents for the development of the country should be done with utmost care so as to ensure the smooth functioning of the various government units. The large scale corruption and the entry of lakhs of undeserving candidates into the system has resulted in ranking India, a lowly 134th in the GDP rating according to a recent study.

Three million students graduate from recognized Indian institutions every year. Like preying eagles, the best of the lot are employed by private companies. They are given an immediate job with a good sum of money along with lucrative incentives. This often robs the country of its young talent and more importantly the talent of the youngster is curbed without a freedom of thought or ones initiative.

Very few people among the millions are inclined to pursue a government job. This happens mostly due to various reasons

Some have the general false perception that government jobs are not well paid while for others, corruption, bureaucracy, red tape etc. are too hot to handle. Due to all this, many candidates who do not have the necessary qualifications and knowledge get the jobs.

So then, what really is so great about a government job? Is it worth the pain? Is it worth the money? Is it worth the experience? Read on!

Some of the benefits I could think of include –

The work schedule of jobs in the government sector is fixed, as in there is absolutely no need to work for long hours. Even if there is a necessity to work, the employees are paid generously for the work they do after the general work hours. Weekends and other festive days according to the Indian calendar are holidays. If work has to be done on public holidays, the worker is rewarded handsomely.

Since the Central/State government is the employer, your job is highly secure. Government employees are given special incentives from companies like BSNL and other services. In an unfortunate event of the death of an employee, compensation is given to the spouse or an immediate relation to the employee. Adding to that, an immediate family member is given employment based on his/her qualifications so as to provide support to the family.

One is ensured a secured life in one of the best tropical countries with the best available climatic conditions to live in.

Wouldn’t it be difficult to apply considering the huge number of candidates?

The government is never without employment opportunity! The need for employees in every sector is increasing each year. The recruitments are conducted with the help of written examinations and interviews. Relaxations are also provided for candidates from special categories to encourage them to be a part of the development of the country. Government employees are divided into 4 groups or grades.

Employment news and Rozgar Samachar are the leading platforms where most of the news relating to career opportunities in the government sector is put up. Public Sector Units (PSUs) upload the vacancies in their respective websites.

All this is ok, but how do I really decide which government sector should I join?

The most sought after sector career choices are Oil and Gas, Banking, Railways and Civil Sector.

The IAS entrance exam is considered one of the toughest entrance examinations in the country. Indian Railways is the highest employer all over the world. There are also other umpteen opportunities in various departments.

We talk about corruption, bureaucracy, red tape and various other issues affecting the government departments. With a young, dynamic and hardworking workforce like ours, we can be the change we want to see!

Are you ready?

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Vaibhav is the founder of Government Jobs. He has the expertise to write on topics related to government jobs, education and careers. He helps people to get good jobs by providing information regarding various job vacancies in the country.


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