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Double Century of Blog Posts: 200 Not Out

1.22 lakh + hits

Indiblogger Rank – 81

Google PR – 3

Followers – 900+

Initially when I began blogging, everyone used to tell me that you need to ensure you have more followers, more commenters, more readers, more RTs on Twitter, more likes and what not. Even these days there are many who keep writing blog posts just to make some easy money and improve the above mentioned statistics without worrying about content and quality. But today, as I write my 200th blog post, I believe that all these things are secondary.

What is more important is producing good quality content. Yes, the work doesn’t stop after producing good content. But it’s not all about marketing either. It’s about how well you have managed to engage your readers. It’s about how strongly do the readers feel for the topics you write. It’s about whether your readers regard you as an opinion leader in your category of topics. And if they do, you would automatically become popular.

And that’s where I can say, I have managed to create a small little place in the minds and hearts of my readers. Consider a couple of my most popular posts in terms of number of comments and hits –

Review of Revolution 2020 – Though I am no Chetan Bhagat fan, I knew that posting a review of this book as soon as it comes out could make me an opinion leader. But with 420+ comments and counting, I realized that the blog post seemed to have become some sort of sensation. There were people like Shravan Singh who came up with fan fiction while there were others like Raghunath who began responding to other comments. Seeing such a high stream of visitors, even Google ranks this blog post among the top 10 of its search results even today.

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Clearing misconceptions of my alma mater – VIT University, Vellore – The aim of this post was to make people aware of the misconceptions plaguing VIT. But the way it got shared in Engineering forums, discussions etc. surprised me. It seemed as among the first couple of posts from a VITian praising VIT as an institution. And maybe that’s what gave it some level of popularity. With more than 95+ comments, most of them asking about various courses at VIT made me some what like a counsellor.

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Freshers party turned nightmare for Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies Students – It was one of the usual parties which every college has. But this time the police by calling it a rave party turned it into a national front page news. I was immediate in putting down what I felt about. The day I did that became the 2nd highest logged in day in my blog’s short history with more than 1500 hits so much so that even some of the victims replied on the post with the exact version of events.

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Some of the ones which almost made it to the top include –

Bhopal Gas Tragedy – Do we really care about it?:

Air India / Indian Airlines or “Indian” (Whatever the name) – It is the biggest disgrace to our nation ever!

Over the years, I began writing stories as well. And that’s how my essay ‘Bollywood on Campus’ and short story ‘An Opportunity‘ got published in Down the Road by Grey Oak Publishers. Off late authors have also started sending me their books to review.

With a revamped site where book and movie reviews, stories and other articles are segregated and an increase in guest posts, my blogging future looks brighter than ever before!

Do leave in your comments about what all you feel I could change / add / delete in my blog!


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  1. swathi2212

    Aseem! Good going. But, had point out this typo – topics you right – “write” 🙂
    Look forward to your 500th post sooner.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Swathi for pointing out that error :). Hoping to increase my speed and come up with much more exciting blog posts.

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