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Morning awakening

As I looked out of the casement window of my room, all I could see was the cold vast expanse of the sky covering the earth like a blanket. Almost all the constellations were visible in all their glory. Living away from civilization surely had its advantages. And just as I was trying to connect the stars to their constellations in my head, my alarm clock rang to life. For most of us, 5am is the time when we wrap ourselves in the thickest of blankets for a peaceful sleep. But then there are some like me who begin their day at such a god forsaken time.

When it hits you, it feels like a bullet. But then, cold water has the amazing property of driving away your sleep. After quite a bit of stumbling and staggering, I finally left to catch the bus for the 2 hour journey to work.

As I stepped out, the extreme chill took me by surprise. Though I was prepared with my jacket, I got goose bumps almost immediately. It was dawn and there weren’t too many people around about in the township. The air felt fresh and the birds were happily chirping away.  A distinct sweet smell of the earth due to the rain last night hung in the air.

By the time I sat in the bus, my hands were almost numb due to the cold. But then we were going in a bus and all the windows were shut. So why would I need a jacket? Lost in thoughts we finally began moving.

It was a quiet chilly morning. Even if the sun had come out, the thick fog would have blocked all its light. Seeing the sun rise was an experience in itself. An experience not many of us get to see every day of our lives. An experience not many of us even cherish in the fast paced world today.

Early mornings also tend to give us a sneak peek into the world out there. Whether its bus or auto drivers, truckers, newspaper boys, early morning walkers – you can see them all up and about readily going about their chores. Some are there to earn a living while the health conscious among us are building up their reserves of stamina.

Seeing a number of students waiting with their school bags to board the bus made me think of the times when we were in school. Life was such bliss with no pressures whatsoever. Everything seemed like a breeze.

As the bus began to speed up on the highway, the chill began to pierce deeper through my body. I imagined my blanket and visualized the weekends during winters when I completely wrap myself in bed. Driving myself out of these thoughts, I badly wished I had brought my gloves or the monkey cap. It seemed as though the temperatures were reaching freezing point but I didn’t have any means to keep myself warm.

In between cursing the cold and my bad luck, I didn’t know when I dozed off and the bus came to a standstill. It was when one of my colleagues knocked me off my slumber, did I realize that I was back for another long day’s work.



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  1. swathi2212

    sometimes, its just nice to keep dreaming and live a pressure less life. happens only in a book maybe.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah in today’s world we have probably become so busy that a pressure less life is something fit only for imagination :(.

  2. shweta

    small joys 🙂 , waise u r up this morning :O , so early 😉

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah small joys which we don’t get the time to enjoy these days sadly.

  3. So beautifully written; was a pleasure to read it. Great job Aseem.

  4. nice write up Aseem! could connect to each word as this is pretty much similar to what i go through on mornings on week days! except for the timings 😉

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Kartik :). Thankfully I have to get up at this time pretty rarely 😉

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