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Book Review – Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020 is Chetan Bhagat’s fifth book after four successive best sellers. With over 5 lakh pre – orders you could be forgiven for thinking that his latest offering was keenly awaited by his fans after a 2 year drought with his “2 States: The Story of My Marriage” releasing way back in 2009. With a title like “Revolution 2020” and Love.Corruption.Ambition as its tagline / slogan, you expect something different from Chetan Bhagat this time. So does this book succeed? Let’s see!

Gopal is a relatively poor fellow whose barely making ends meet. He’s no stranger to struggles in life whether it is tackling the entrance exams of IITs and NITs or finding his ambition in life. He feels that only money can get you happiness. Raghav on the other hand is ready to mount a revolution against everything corrupt and wrong happening in the society. He believes that someone has to stand up against the system. Aarti is a happy go lucky girl who every guy would dream of having as his soul mate.

The three were the best of friends since school but “Love, Corruption and Ambition” combine together to bring differences between them. As you must have guessed it, both love the same girl and therein lies the main problem.

At its core, this book is a love story like any other Chetan story. But then the expose of the corrupt education system, the profit making private engineering colleges, issue of bribing etc. give the book a contemporary feel. Probably it wasn’t destined since he started writing the book 2 years back, but the issue of corruption has been reignited by Anna Hazare. And for the same reason a lot of readers would associate with the issues mentioned in the book pretty well.

By basing his story in Varanasi, Chetan has shown the willingness to go beyond the metros he has generally portrayed in his story and probably strike a cord with the semi urban populace. His descriptions of each and every ghat are fantastic which goes to show the amount of research he has put in for the same. Another interesting fact different from his earlier books is that the main protagonist is shown (at least in the first half) as someone who isn’t rich but generally has to save money to make do with things in his life.

But the book is predictable and ridden with cliches as usual. You normally know what to expect next. But nonethless the ending was a bit of surprise though yeah it does complete the melodrama pretty well. The premise of the story is interesting but many a time you feel as though things have been a bit extended. A crispier editing job could have made things a lot better.

The characters are pretty well etched it. Actually so well etched out that you can associate movie which actor would be portraying that particular role. The narrative and flow of the story is pretty good as it moves effortlessly from their childhood in Varanasi to Gopal’s coaching classes in Kota to them becoming adults.

Considering the title and the different set of expectations I had, its a bit of a disappointment. But for crazy Chetan fans, go for it! As a matter of fact if I am not wrong, this is Chetan’s most expensive book till date at an MRP of Rs 140. Wonder the reason behind such a hike? Was the content really worthed this hike?

Spoiler Alert: Book version of Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (Mostly), Rajneeti / Guru(Some parts). It sometimes reminds you of “If God was a Banker” by Ravi Subramanian as well.

Rating –  2.5/5 (Light breezy read as usual)

Update – For people who ask, the poor rating has been given because of the following reasons: –

1. Predictable, cliched and melodramatic script

2. Not too great editing

3. Nothing much with respect to the title other than a few instances (The title is important because a Chetan Bhagat book is keenly awaited. And with a title like Revolution 2020, you associate something more than just rehashed versions of movie scripts)


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  1. I don’t understand ur rating system; u actually said nothing negative about the book except it being predictable and melodramatic! That costed it half the points? It would be better if u could clarify ur parameters for consistency!
    Another thing is that none of the Chetan’s books had a rich protagonist…FPS had usual students who would go tripling on a kinetic to save petrol and eat at a paratha shop outside hostel to save money too …Ryan was richer, but he wasn’t the main protagonist, Hari was! In One Night…and 3 Mistakes, not having money was the primary bone of contention for the protagonists! In 2 States, he was the son of a retired military guy who becomes rich after getting a good job…

    Otherwise, it’s a good post , crisp and clear!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Predictable, cliched, melodramatic and having nothing much to show from the title that was “Revolution 2020”! It may not be harsh criticism but in my opinion the script here is nothing too great. What makes you read on is the good description about Varanasi and the pretty good characterization. The flow and narrative of the story is good but the poor editing at many places causes problems. It’s a simple take on the pathetic education system in the country but enters into too many intricacies in between.

      As for richness, I didn’t exactly mean they were damn rich in earlier books. But what I meant is CB seems to be trying to move to a more inclusive audience which would be from small towns as well by basing his story in Varanasi and showing how his character struggles and suffers to achieve success. Now this would remind you of many roles portrayed in Bollywood. That maybe a good thing because you could associate with the story better. But it could be bad because the story gets cliched to the hilt.

      • rahul

        i agree with d review… not worth as it was much awaited… bad ending…

        • aseemrastogi2

          Yes Rahul I understand that you didn’t like the book. But I am wondering why you had to comment thrice to say the same thing ;)?


      • aseemrastogi2

        Hi Shreyashi,

        Request you to avoid typing in caps. It makes people think that you are shouting / yelling. What people find bad in the book is the fact that its copied generally from earlier Bollywood movies while many don’t like the fact that it has a sad ending. As far showing the real aspect of life is concerned, the point here you need to consider is the fact that Gopal was the main protagonist throughout and all of a sudden Aarti went to Raghav in the end. Whether its life or not, a lot of people couldn’t digest that fact.

    • Sandeep

      It was really a sad ending and I don’t see any point where Gopal must be a loser. It’s not actually complete ending. If CB can edit this and make ending like this. After Raghav and Aarti marriage, One day bela tells her like this which creates a doubt in Aarti’s mind that Gopal knews your surprise visit (which she mistakenly said to him over phone) then why did Gopal bought call girls?

      It makes Aarti thought for a moment with Raghav Job back that he deliberately become Villain. One day Aarti meets Gopal and admire that You have really a big heart and someway it could lesser Gopal heart burden and then it would be positive ending. Instead of this when he cried for being a good man infront of CB make it stupid and melodramic.

      In whole story I think Aarti creates just troubles and lack of immatuarity or it just her characteristic does not appeal me.

      Anyway, this books really a one time go reading and it makes me read non stop. So, Hat off! for the amazing narration.

      • aseemrastogi2

        Sandeep, the book is predictable and cliche. But then there was one thing which wasn’t cliche was the ending. But the fact that it wasn’t cliche pissed off everyone because he had narrated the story in such a way that people expected it to end with Gopal and Aarti together.

        You are right as far as Aarti’s character is concerned. Sadly most of CB’s women characters lack any substance or maturity, wonder why. The narration appeals in parts but the cliche filled plot holds it back pretty much.

  2. Good review. 🙂 Agree with most of it.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Chandrahas 🙂

      • nilesh

        I totally agree with aseema.
        the book has quite a predictable story line-up..more like a bollywod movie of two childhood friends..
        as you already said..the spectcular description of Benaras-ghats is really a culmination of chetan’s research..
        story goes smooth but lacks the depth that makes a reader plunge in the plot..Overall it wasn’t much an experience as it was reading Five point someone of Two states..

      • Nithi

        Good review!!!

  3. Couldn’t agree more !

  4. anita

    Still waiting for my copy to get….

  5. I think u shud mind ur senses bfore tokin bout d book..!! U pretended 2 b 2 critical in ur review..The book ws just grt!!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Anusha,

      I didn’t pretend to be critical about the book. Rather than that I simply pointed out on what I felt wasn’t too great and c’mon I did accept whatever was good. Dont worry. I do mind my senses 🙂


      • Chandra Sekhar

        I do agree with you Mr Rastogi. Moreover i would like to add one more point…Its the book after all i found that chetan Bhaget thought other than..

        “Looser” Boy..” decent” Gal…Premier insti… they fuck around… differences…circumstances…at the end of the day..evry thing turns ou well and evry one is happy…..

        • aseemrastogi2

          Oh yeah Chandrashekhar, at least he moved beyond that. So yeah that’s some relief ;). But yeah his story content falters pretty badly here even though he covers issues like corruption in education, politics etc. etc. It seems as though he has taken the script from various Bollywood flicks like Dhadkan, Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi, Rajneeti etc.

  6. Great Job Man.
    Very short, clear& unbiased review. Often, when someone review chetan bhagat’s book either he/she is too critical or too soft (Depending upon person’s own liking/disliking of chetan bhagat). You have reviewed the book on merit (rather than expressing your opinion about chatan bhagat). Review the book not chetan bhagat. you are not too harsh on poor chap. I will surely grab a copy at the earliest. @atif_icial

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Atif. Yeah when you criticise something of Chetan Bhagat, its a pretty dangerous line one is treading. But personally I am neither a fan nor a huge critic of his. There were certain things which were good about the book but sadly the bad parts outnumbered the good. Nonethless considering the marketing and PR guru he and his team is, the book would succeed for sure.

  7. i always wonder why a review should give out a synopsis of the story.

    Neways i liked the straightforward blunt approach.

    Check out my blogpost on Chetan bhagat with reference to his Revolution2020

  8. nice review 🙂

  9. Matches my review…

  10. Revolution 2020 is disappointment- unjustified title, first 100 pages lead u nowhere & moreover bad climax.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Completely agree maan 🙂

    • Ananda

      accept to it. This book has nothing in it. More like a hindi movie script. unjustified title, first 100 pages lead u nowhere & moreover bad climax. Don’t understand what the author tryong to potray at the end wth Gopals character and wih the title.
      Bad read. We have expected a lot more indepth writing form the autor.

      • aseemrastogi2

        I doubt any books of CB have a lot of depth. But yeah in this one he tried something different with politics, revolution, corruption and all. But in the end the basic essence about love, sex and Bollywoodish melodrama remains and that’s why it falters pretty badly. 🙁

  11. Always felt that he, like most of the other guys who are writers take themselves too seriously and secretly harbour dreams of writing epic scripts (Hello – remember?)

    Anyway, overdose kills enigma and this guy surely fits the bill for that.

    An excellent review this and Thank you for saving my 140 bucks!


    • aseemrastogi2

      “Anyway, overdose kills enigma and this guy surely fits the bill for that.” – Lovely line that 🙂

  12. ashwin guru

    i din understand onething in revolution 2020, why did gopal hire prostitutes and when he knew that aarti was coming upstairs why dint he asked the prostitutes to hide? Aarti was his dream girl! Why did he did like this? Can anyone ..?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Because the good always wins in Bollywood and Chetan Bhagat stories 😉

      • Vaibhav Gupta

        lol….Absolutely true…after all this one again needs to be converted into a blockbuster..

      • sid


        he hired them in order to get Aarti to see it…..he knew that Aarti was coming up….the rest of the book was a light read and quite predictable, but the end was quite a blow in the face! And i think it was quite a good end too…..and i get the feeling that this end was more realistic as compared to one in which Gopal gets the girl….now THAT wouldve been quite predictable!! 😛 Anyway, good review Aseem……quite unbiased unlike some of the people who go overboard with their insults….Cheers! 😀

        • aseemrastogi2

          Yeah Siddhanth, the ending was pretty interesting. But then from one angle if you see it in a Bollywoodish way, its the fact that he sacrificed his love ;). But nonetheless the ending helped CB make the story a bit sensational. In the sense that people would remember it pretty well even after long.

          Nice to know that you liked the review :). Thanks.

    • Amit

      well someone asked why he dint hide the girls?
      okay 1. he did it knowingly cause aarati’s friend already told him the surprise visit of her to his home on his bday and he also fixed the time of call girl in the afternoon.
      2.Why? because that’s what he wanted to . he wanted raghav to marry aarati so that he can stand for mla position go through their conversation again. he says you can stand for mla being their son in law and he also wanted a change always though he became the prey of bad system he always wished it had not what it is. and he is no way bad. even the author alluded the fact that he actually brought revolution rather as much the other protagonist did and he will do much more in the coming time if you get through his last words to chetan

      • aseemrastogi2

        And moreover CB also wanted a sensationalized ending, didn’t he? 😉 What would have been so interesting if Gopal would have got the girl in the end? No masala = No sensation = DISAPPOINTMENT 😀

      • Jayanta

        The most sensational way of making a story is to tell you the obvious first ( Gopal has lost his girlfriend) in the beginning of the story then when things are going well and readers start wondering how come the obvious would happen as things are going according to the plan..and then the twist comes..the remarkable ending shows you the obvious in the most striking way…cudos CB

        • aseemrastogi2

          Jayanta, did you mean to be sarcastic or serious? 🙂 I am confused on that part.

    • Ananda

      absolutely agree. Infact that part of the story totally unjustified and was not required. It was porposely done to create a melodarma.

      • Archer fan

        Well……I think the book differed from his other works in this very aspect….All the other books focussed on a very lovey dovey romance and a happy ending…I guess he wanted to show that love can also create hurt, competition and mistrust btween greatest of friends…. and it can make us do irrational things llike what he did in the end….we can take it as , his love for aarthi was so grt he was willing to sacrifice his own love so that she can be with the better man…..oh and also he wanted to end corruption…… 🙂

    • it was a disappointment anyways. wasted three precious hours when i could’ve studied biology and at least done something productive.

      • aseemrastogi2

        Hahaha there was someone else around who couldn’t study biology properly due to his book ;). So what do you think I can do to counter CB’s craze? Write a book you mean? 😛

    • hey asshole.. he wanted aarti to believe dat he jus needs SEX wid her n nthg more.. he wanted to prove her that he didnt loved her rather he loved her crazily..

      • aseemrastogi2

        I dont think you need to use abusive language to prove your point, do you?


    book is nice u seems to be 2 critical that much crticism is not required and guy who says u save his 140 bucks is idiot

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Saurabh,

      There are some good parts. But the bad parts outnumber the good. I am critical where I feel he could have been better but ended up as a disappointment.


  14. the bond between aarti and gopal was developed so intimate and deep that the relationship didnt deserve such a filthy climax….. Gopal certainly deserved aarti considering he was the one who had loved aarti first…….. felt disgusting after reading the last few chapters….. this guy chetan bhagat wanted to have a sensational finish and he made Gopal a playboy before aarti…….think chetan feels a tragic love plot is the secret to a best selling story for the indian audience…

    • aseemrastogi2

      Maybe you are right Sakumar. I guess he expected that this way people would remember the novel even more. Sensational stuff sells you know 😉

      • rohan grover

        the climax is disgusting especially after we take into consideration the mental trauma gopal goes through !!!!!!!

        • aseemrastogi2

          I guess he wanted to make the climax sensational so that people remember it even more. Probably in a way he has succeeded. 🙂

  15. chaitanya

    i didnt like the climax. Moreover title is not justified. If gopal is ready to suffer his entire life without aarti,why cant he marry her and change the society as an m l a . Is it correct from aarthi to ditch one boy fop other ?

    • aseemrastogi2

      The title isn’t justified at all. Only the last 50-100 pages or so talk about revolution and what not. And that too it is because Raghav’s character is thinking of this. But nothing much really happens on that front. In the end its just a plain regular Bollywoodish triangular love story nothing more nothing less. As for the climax probably as someone pointed out here, CB wanted a sensational finish so that the readers remember the ending for a long time.

  16. Vaibhav Gupta

    Got my copy yesterday and finished it last night itself. I actually though I was watching HIT bollywood movie “Dhadkan” or many others alike with a little bit different script….I could actually imagine…Ajay Devgan as Gopal, Saif Ali khan as Raghav and may be Kareena as Aarti…I actually had great expectations but it was a disappointment indeed. Raghav being the right man for sc%^&ed and faced infidelity…..

    I would have actually liked it more…had it been like…

    Gopal and Aarti were shown in love…..Gopal went bad and Raghav fought with the system….Aarti left Gopal for his bad ways….and joined Raghav for his truthfulness….Raghav brought down MLA and Gopal both….

    instead I finished the book with a confusion as to who was portrayed as real loser….Gopal….who got everything due to corruption but lost the girl not because the girl went against his corruption but found him with two girls who were accidentally set up……or Raghav….who got badly beaten because of corruption….got his career back again through our corrupt guy… the girl who was not faithful…could not hold his had firmly when he actually needed it….

    I am not sure if I am getting the right message through this book….but anyways good “bollywoodish” script for few hours of entertainment.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hahaha Vaibhav. I am sure if you give this idea to CB, he would be capable enough to make an altogether different book as well with a new name, new characters and capable of generating some more cash so that he can laugh all the way to the bank 😉


    i dont agree with your review 🙂

  18. Abhishek Vats

    Just read it and just totally agree with your points….
    no doubt he is great with his presenting his views but allas he lacked this time with the storyline and the predictability made it worse.
    A real dissapointment!!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Completely agree Abhishek. Big “DISAPPOINTMENT”

      • Pavan N

        I truly agree with above points.Description about varanasi , its places were great but the end trauma of gopal made a big disappointment.!!

    • rahul

      true.. really dissapointed.. abrupt and bad ending!!

  19. @ saurabh: did i give u a choice?

    causing death to a cute relationship or a dear character has been the norm of impact-best sellers….and it has been exploited in this novel to the maxim. If the author deserves to fit the status he is given, he should be a trend setter and not a age-old trend follower.

    • aseemrastogi2

      You have hit the nail on the coffin with that one. A sensationalized tragic ending would see a better fan following than a normal expected one 😉

  20. t

    I am surprised by the fact that people think Chetan Bhagat has put in research. The description of Varanasi is that of a keen (or not-so-keen) tourist. And he has completely failed to grasp the way things work in Varanasi, or, for that matter, even Indian metropolises. A novel does not become a novel about Varanasi simply because the author names locations in Varanasi. He doesn’t really make the effort to get into the intricacies of the social dynamics in India. The only aspects in which the book shows promise are a) the moral conflicts, b) narrative from the viewpoint of one who may construed otherwise to be the ‘bad guy’, and c) the way the characters have been portrayed as gray, and not white or black.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah Tarinee, in a way you are right that probably he’s just taken the names of the places and the ghats around Varanasi and it could be a tourist view of the things in that city. But then I think the fact that it works in the way where he associates the characters with the place like them going on a boat always to the edge of some ghat or the arti or the fact that he says if someone dies, Varanasi is the best place etc. etc. So in a way he associates the story well with the place he bases it in. So in that context it does work.

      Completely agree to the points you mentioned about the aspects in which the book shows promise :).

  21. Admin

    Though the MRP of the book is Rs.140, you can shop it to your door step for just Rs.84. Check out this article Buy Revolution 2020 at lowest price

    • aseemrastogi2

      I think everyone knows that. There’s no need to spam here for that 😉

      • Admin

        Nothing spam out here buddy. In the article, it says like MRP is Rs.140. This make me to post this here.

  22. Dear Aseem,

    I seriously appreciate your candidness as a Book Reviewer. Being an author myself I can tell you while it hurts, it does assist in improving ones work. I am particularly fond of your Book Reviews, very clear and candid. Though you haven’t scrutinized my book “Puppet on the Fast track” yet, but post reading so many feedback from your columns, guess my writing skills are definitely getting attuned to what readers want.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Ilika,

      It’s really interesting to know about a book coming out from a senior at Symbiosis 🙂 From the reviews and looks of it, it does seem interesting. Not really read many books about corporate life in India though heard about few before. Shall check it out sometime 🙂

      Criticism does hurt any writer a lot. The problem becomes multifold when say you consider a writer like Chetan Bhagat. He doesn’t write great English but instead the usual types which come out these days everywhere. But he succeeded whereas others didn’t and he built on his success so much so that he is laughing all the way to the bank. But sadly today people while becoming critical of him go towards character assassinating him and all that stuff. I mean its so needless. If someone is good, judge it by the content and hard work he / she has put in writing. I am sure you would agree that writing any kind of novel is one of the most difficult tasks in terms of the perseverance, courage, hardwork, determination and patience needed.

      But having said that I am not a fan of his. He has done well but not the kind of stuff I would like to read though as a reviewer you got to judge each book by its merit :). And as you said he knows what his readers want and expect. So I really don’t see anything wrong with that :).

  23. Rwiju

    I thought that given our inflation, the price is reflected in the book 😀 and its nothing to do with the quality of the writing 😀
    I would prefer to borrow it from someone and read it 😀 not really a great fan 😀

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hahaha inflation and CB books – No relation at my friend ;). Borrowing and reading it when you don’t have anything much to do would be the best option 🙂

  24. N

    Come on, CB has always written crap…


    • aseemrastogi2

      Now you are sure to anger die – hard CB fans with that statement 😉

  25. N

    Thanks 4 the review, I personally never liked CB, but my best friend loves him. Was about to gift her this book, but have changed my mind now. thank you

    • aseemrastogi2

      Maybe she may still like the book since she’s a CB fan :). But personally it was a big disappointment 🙁

      • looks like u r taking a cue from the book about smileys, probably the most interesting part of the book. 🙂
        why dont u try your hand at something that could counter this CB craze? you could do that effectively with ur skills

  26. Anamitra

    Nice review…keep it up…

  27. Shiva

    Just read the book.. and as Aseem said.. its a BIG disappointment..
    I also was confused on who the main protagonist is …
    secondly, CB himself knew that the story was not that good that’s why he gave it a twist in the end. also on many websites and even on facebook the book was being sold for Rs.20… Invite 5 people and get the book for Rs.20… I did that and got it for 20 bucks…
    hoping a better crisp story from CB the next time…

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh yeah Shiva tactics like the Rs 20 offer which CB did make writing seem so commercial and crappy. It just showed that sadly the book doesn’t have anything great to offer and so you can buy it pretty cheap. Just seems he wanted to sell as many copies as possible. 🙁

  28. Priyanka Dash

    This Book Is Gonnaa Be A superhit . . In d Market
    Too Gud
    I Liked d BLUNT approach In d Novel
    The Ending . . Was bit Surprise
    Although . . I Give A 8/10 Rating To D Book !

    • aseemrastogi2

      What is the blunt approach you are referring to Priyanka? The ending was more sensational than surprise. It just seemed that CB wanted his readers to take home and remember that story pretty well. And that’s why he gave such an ending. As for the general story, you can check out Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi. It seems so eerily similar to that.

  29. Aishwarya

    I just read the book..but not exactly the whole book..i was always been a CB fan..loved..correction..i still love his books..but except his be frank..i HATE this book..i was reading the the book with some interest..was pretty okay..i thought Aarti n Gopal will be together..hell..not for even one second i thought she’ll marry Raghav..i like raghav..his passion and everything..his wanting to make a change in the society and other “deep” stuff..he’s a good guy..but this book is written as gopal..and it sucks that Chetan is making me feel bad about gopal..but he is THE good guy..even better than raghav..actually..i am just 15..i really like romance genre..and always hope that every novel i read has a perfect and a happy ending..i read the first till page 130 or so…but i couldn’t heart was beating sooo fast and i couldn’t even concentrate on my snacks!! i wanted to know whether aarti n gopal will marry…so i skipped a few pages…more than 100 to be precise 😛 and i randomly ended on a page where gopal n aarti make love.i was like..”maybe..i can finish this book and feel happy that they became together” my hops soared when marriage talks come..but then..our good guy gopal (stupid from my view) hires some gals..and know what it is…he sacrificed his
    LOVE for God’s sake!!! for is everything..and it can change and shape a bad person into a good one..just like it was with gopal…though he went in bad ways to become a big guy..he was a good person..and he didn’t have to let go aarti to become this good guy..!!!! he could’ve have gotten aarti..she was…EVERYTHING to him..i cannot imagine his life after he gave her to his best buddy raghav..i really felt like crying…the book is DISGUSTING!! only this not talking abt the rest..i was burning inside when i read about raghav’s mariage!! i just wanna tear the book and throw it in ganga 😛

    i still feel soo upset!! i might as well prepared for my biology seminar rather than reading this book!! :

    one feeling which i hate in life is regret..and chetan just made me feel that..i wish i could go back in time……..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Aishwarya,

      I am sure like you many CB fans would be disappointed with the story. Sadly it is far from his 2 States, 5 Point Someone etc. Dont worry, there wouldn’t be a need to tear the book and throw it :P. I am sure he would come up with something interesting soon to make you and many other fans happier :).

      As for the ending, I think he wanted to make it more sensational than anything else so that people keep remembering the end hours and days and weeks after having read the book. Probably he felt that a tragic ending sells in the Indian market.

  30. Aishwarya

    ohh and i forgot to rating for this book is ZERO!!

    i wish for negative nos.. 😛

    i am his fan too..i have always loved his previous books..all four of them..except this..

  31. Madhav M

    I read all books of Chetan before this and trust me completed all of them in one go….but I have been reading this for past 5 days (pre-ordered this one) and I am left with 100 odd pages to wrap up…this one was not so crisp and breezy compared to his earlier works for sure…but CHETAN, we love you…keep writing and keep enthralling us

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yes Madhav, keep up the spirit. I am sure CB would come up with something good sooner rather than later :).

  32. Another excellent review. Thanks.

    After reading this I have done a review also. Do check out if you have time 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Nice to know that you liked my review. Thanks. I shall check out the one you have done as well :).

  33. BantamHarper

    Could there be a sequel…? Where Gopal finally gets someone better – who can mend his broken heart and make him forget Aarti? Where Raghav transforms into a corrupt MLA? Where Aarti finds out about gopal’s sacrifice…? Where Raghav will finally do his bit for Gopal? Which satisfies all the readers who are broken hearted with this ending?

    • aseemrastogi2

      You never know probably he could come up with such a sequel or probably more interestingly a prequel ;).

    • N

      come on, it is JUST a book…. A crappy one….
      Why r readers getting so emotionally involved :-/ ??

    • Pooja

      Hi Bantam,
      Just because Raghav had priority for changing the system over arthi, u want Raghav to be corrupt in the next book.
      I just liked Raghav. Man nobody thinks of Raghav. He is the hero. Was a good guy , if he had thought he could have taken aarthi and gone abroad to earn more money. Poor fellow left everything for his Nation. And this aarthi such a confused lady wants best. Why is arthi given so much importance? What if she finds her husband very busy and she lonely now? I hate chethan for portraying girls character so loose. She is such an idiot don know anything. She dont know Gopal and about his sacrifice and in other way she is least interested in Raghavs struggle in changing the system. Raghav is such a honest man. He dont want to be an MLA only by being unfaithful arthi’s husband

      • aseemrastogi2

        I understand your point Pooja. I personally also wish he could have portrayed the female’s character much more strongly. But sadly he seems to be the quintessential Indian male.

  34. Totally agree with the review. Just a li’l dissapointed with the story. Wished the end would have been BETTER.

    • aseemrastogi2

      I am sure he wanted a lot of readers to remember the ending for a long time to come. And that’s why things became a bit sensational ;).

    • rahul

      ya really bad and abrupt ending!!

  35. Mohit

    It was pathetic…..a poor boy(with his father), appears out of a thin air….and changed him so much…tht he eventually forgot his childhood desire to be with his love……and all of a sudden came out with a good for nthing idea of showing infidelity to aarti….Gopal himself could had joined the politics instead of Raghav….1 thing is for sure…its contents will bring CB the best seller once again….readers will remember it, as it had the tragic end atleast for gopal…..and from Gopal’s point of view, it seemed not a happy ending though.. it had no elaborative mention of the REVOLUTION also…….

    • aseemrastogi2

      But as you said Mohit it has already bought CB the best seller status all over again. With 5 lakh books pre – ordered, it was a best seller even before it released ;). For CB has moved beyond hits and flops. For him its all about how big a hit his book is :D.

  36. prasad

    Has anyone seen the old hindi movie “Jurmanaa” ?? Well , for all those born after 1980’s , please watch it ! All your reviews will go to the bin.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Why so? Was that movie a big hit or something? So you mean to say that the book is really good?

  37. aditya mehta

    Well..well.well.. much has said about the novel and review also seems to be crystla clear…
    According to me it was a roller coster ride, with the novel having its own high and low notes.
    The way CB portrayed a dropper’s life in the lane’s of Kota can’t be much realistic and the burden and pressure he carry’s out throughout that year of drop… In middle the novel lacked in backdrop, as Gopal suddenly out of the blue’s become an unqualified director of a corrupted minister’s owned college.
    Love story-Trilogy had also a jittery end, but still raised goosebumps, in the way Gopal had it self realization moment, and that what he does need’s some balls…
    High..low…High.. Novel deserves a one time read

    • aseemrastogi2

      To each is his own. But I personally didn’t find too much of a high though.

  38. macwan

    gopal is great lover it is hard to find someone like him 2day who can sacrifice his love is gr* and i loved the book too

  39. Sharath

    Aseem, I think what Prasad means is that the book is very similar to Jurmana.

    • aseemrastogi2

      I think its more similar to Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi rather than Jurmana

      • Archer fan

        I think cb is just getting worse frm his first book….after reading i started on 2 states and found it to be better than this but not his best work…. i think the story being said from gopal’s point of view is what getting every one’s sympathy for him….if u read archer’s 4rt estate you will find a similar plot with similar ending….maybe if cb had tried that it would have been received better….again he says he lets the peoplr decide the heroes and villains… he end my heart did go out for both gopal and raghav….gopal for losing his love and raghav for getting such a crappy wife….aarthi just comes out as a opportunistic girl…going after raghav after he got into college….going aftr gopal after he owned a college…and again getting married to raghav after he got a job…… a sensational ending would have been raghav getting killed for his role in sending the mla to jail and gopal taking up his crusade….that wuld have made evry 1 happy and the ending would have been sensational….but for a small time indian author aiming for an indian audience u cant expect more…….

        • aseemrastogi2

          You compared CB to Jeffrey Archer?? :O And CB is a small time Indian author who does have a big audience at least in terms of selling more number of books ;).

  40. Bharti

    again a masterpiece by CB for a super duper blockbuster :).
    I totally agree wid ur reviews.

    • aseemrastogi2

      I am confused Bharti. You found it a super duper blockbuster but still agree with my review where I don’t consider it as a blockbuster :P. So what is your view finally?

      • N

        Arre Bharti wants to say that the more crappier a book is, more are the chances of the public liking it… 🙂

        If our public had not been so keen so reading crap, then CB would never has become a success HA HA HA HA HA

        I guess its the lack of exposure to good literature at a young age that makes people actually read (& identify with & like) the SH*T that CB churns out :-p

  41. The Book Reader

    I Liked the book.. I liked the way he depicted Varanasi…The way he painted the character of Gopal…A shady character to someone who becomes a hero at the end…Though its Filmy…I feel its worth reading..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Worth reading but a disappointment overall in my opinion. But then yeah CB is above hit and flop for his fans and so the book is a blockbuster as usual :).

  42. Pushkar

    Its a sadist tale.. Unlike his other books where there is triumph in the end

  43. Sangram

    Completely agree with the review and rating. Despite being an avid fan of Chetan Bhagat’s writings, this book has left me disappointed. The title of the book does not fit the story line though the tag line definitely does. CB’s ending of the novel was “filmi” ( for want of a better word). Raghav’s character was not sufficiently developed through the novel and though CB makes a late attempt at the end.
    He definitely has again created a lovable protagonist out of Gopal, despite being portrayed as a loser.
    But the book is easy and smooth to read and CB has definitely moved into the leagues of Jeffery Archer ( and maybe Eric Segal ??).
    But not giving up hopes on CB yet. Hope that he will bounce back with a good one next time and not fizzle out trying to script write for films.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Sangram, do you really think CB has moved into Jeffrey Archer’s or Eric Segal’s league?? :O I mean its an insult to them in my opinion. Rehashing Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi surely doesn’t make him better than them.

  44. sumit sharma

    i think i was expecting lot ….
    i read it just bcz it has a tag of chetan bhagat ….but n

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah but it was a sad disappointment. I can understand how you feel Sumit since many others feel the same way. 🙁

  45. R2020

    Story is not that bad and its not so great because of sad ending. Gopal should have got his love in his life, hope aarti could have tried to find out the truth and stayed back with Gopal. Raghav had many things in his life to be achived but for Gopal it was only Aarthi – reason for his existence.

    • aseemrastogi2

      I guess CB didn’t expect his readers to take the ending so seriously since its just a story. But then yeah probably he wanted to come up with a sensational ending so this one ;).

    • Pooja

      For Gopal, arthi is fine. But what should arthi deserve? Why at the first place when she likes Raghav but leaves him for Gopal and then again leaves Gopal and goes for Raghav. She is such a stupid woman. If she had ever liked Gopal then she should have used her useless brain is to what happened. Or she should have confessed to raghav and say him what all happened . She cheated Gopal, herself, raghav and even the readers. I hated arthi the most.

      • aseemrastogi2

        But I guess Pooja this is how CB sadly portrays his woman characters. 🙁

  46. Anupam Hazarika

    jst finished R2020, not a bad book…bt we expect more from a writer like Mr. Bhagat… the book is a bit lengthy even through it never bored u… but the story don’t resemble normal life as compared to previous books…. overall 3 out of 5.

    • aseemrastogi2

      I think the part about corruption, politics involved in education, people getting corrupt for the love money etc. etc. does resemble real life 🙂

      • Anupam Hazarika

        yeah dats true but the question is to what xtant u can resemble the story wid tru lyf…newys..the truth id dat….we lyk CB dats y we r blogging ryt….

        • aseemrastogi2

          Yeah obviously whether you like or hate CB you can’t ignore him. He is much like Himesh Reshammiya 😛

      • Anupam Hazarika

        super lyk

  47. chetan's fan

    hi5…the review is awesome,,,, just as i felt….. the book is good bt not chetan’ s best…..

  48. Ankit

    First of all I would like to tell new comers that this book really needs a read before just judging it on net. Though I am not CB’s fan but i really liked this book as i could associate the common youth with all the entrance xam’s scenarios and other stuffs pretty well. No where during the read i felt like my money got wasted. And the end was really awesome! I have seen that we people like happy ending and that’s why bollywood’s useless stories are still running in our industry. Here also i see some people saying end wasn’t good but then Reality is not always a happy ending! Man!! u guys are just kidding me, if i need to pick the best part from the novel it’s just its unexpected end. First time i felt like CB has thought out of the box in his story.

    I agree with Aseem on the title part though…even i was wondering why this title! But then story compensated that weak part and i hope Chetan Bhagat will come with more such different stories. I would give a 4 rating out of 5!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Maybe Ankit you haven’t seen a lot of Hindi flicks like Dhadkan, Jurmana, Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi and that’s why you find the content too believable. No doubt some things like the exam scenario preparation in Kota feels life like but other stuff like one guy going good and the other bad, the corrupt guy sacrificing his love etc. are all cliche ridden stuff.

  49. hussain

    well, do anyone found a bit new? i got bored in 70 pages only yet i completed the book which got me nothing exiting.

    • aseemrastogi2

      I am sure the number that found it exciting enough is far more and he has a blockbuster on his hands :).

  50. Sam

    I believe CB has started taking the readers for granted. This novel is nothing but a mixture of movies like Hazaron khwaishein aisi, Sivajai-the boss . What I found as more cinematic are
    1. Gopal showing himself as a casanova to sacrifice his love(come on, how many times we have not seen this in movies?)
    2. A corrupt guy realising suddenly turning remorseful .Also two friends, one becomes corrupt but rich while the other honest but poor – many Indian movies across different languages have shown that
    3. The Girl getting confused who should she be in love with
    Many of these are oft repeated things

    • aseemrastogi2

      And still despite all the above the book has been a blockbuster ;). Sad state of affairs in Indian fiction maybe.

  51. Chaitanya dhar

    Just finished d novel i m a cb fan but by being impartial d book is disappointing but it is not so bad as previous comm the problem is that we have excepted very much from cb i m a little bit dissapointed from your review this book is not so easy every small character has its own imp. Many people have not like d ending but wat wil be better than this he realises dat he is wrong. Many people has said that it should not be of buying worth than i m sorry to tell them that it should be buying and a must read for teenagers esp of my age 15. And if they have any problem then they should brought their novel in the market to criticise anything you should be at that level. But i m a little bit dissappointed by title of novel. I hope that next novel of cb wil be biggest blockbuster that should shut d mouth of these stupids. Well i like your review i will give 3.5 ratings to the novel and your rating. But i luv cb and its writing

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah Chaitanya the book is not that bad. What I meant is he needn’t have rehashed old movie scripts to write something. The title of the book promised a lot but sadly it was a disappointment and even the book was ridden by cliches. He should have tried to write something better than what he served in the end. But I for sure agree to the fact that the book is a blockbuster.

      • Chaitanya

        i m a boy of age 15 please check out my review on my blog so i can much better

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hi Chaitanya,

          I think the link you have put here isn’t working. Can you please check it?


  52. parth pandya

    its an absurd book….cheatan bhagat disappoint wid this book….no storyline….

  53. divya

    i am fed up of chetan bhagat’s writings now!! Hero is always inspired (envy) of the other character. chetan bhagat can only narrate his stories better. Highly disappointed.

  54. pradeep

    It was much expected from CB, especially after 2 states, which was fun reading. R2020 is a serious novel, still we connect so well with the characters while reading. But two things are bothering me:

    (a) I know It is a journey called life. When Gopal and Raghav were very good friends, Raghav should have thought twice before approaching Aarti, when he must have known that Gopal loves Aarti for last 5 years. If Raghav snatched Aarti from Gopal, we accepted it with, “It happens, its life”. It is said that everything is fair in love and war. So why the author has created so much feeling of guilt in Gopal’s mind when he takes back his lady luck. what the f***.
    (b) Again when Bela and Aarti are so close friends that she told her about B’day gift, how come Bela never enquired how it went? Bela must have told her that she has already told Gopal about her visit and she must have enquired further. Its really unreallistic that u become Hrishchandra overnight and commit suicide (which Gopal did as a matter of fact by sacrificing his love fro Raghav).

    It left me spell bound and regretting for Gopal, because we connect so well with the protagonist. Wish Gopal shud has got his love and becomes a good man with Aarti on his side….CB what you have done sir?? U f*****d a superb write in the end….sad

    • aseemrastogi2

      It’s a serious novel Pradeep well and good. But I don’t think anyone really expected CB to give us a rehashed Bollywood script in the form of a book. It was pretty saddening to note. As for the ending, a lot many haven’t liked it and probably CB ensured that people continue talking about it for long after the book has released.

  55. Pooja

    Hi ,
    I completely agree with the review. CB is worst in portraying girls character. Anyways heroine dont have role in Bollywood and we all know why they have heroines in Bollywood movies. The same way in CB’s book. No role to female protognist. Simply she come with blue salwaar kameez, extremely beautiful and very much confused. Makes love and goes away unheard. CB has female character in his books only to make love with male protognist . Ofcourse this sells his book. In none of his book he shows females in matured role and show them as oppurtunists.
    Shame on CB.
    If Arthi liked Gopal so much why should go for Raghav. And if she finds Gopal to be cheat with those call gals then what was she actually doing. She also was cheating on her Boy Friend who was struggling so hard to make changes.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Actually in movies there are some strong woman characters but then those are mostly relegated to being arty movies or serious cinema and not the commercial one. And again if you see there’s the birth of the action hero like Singham, Dabangg etc. and the heroines for item songs. Sad but true. And sadly CB has copied the same style in his writing :(.

    • N

      Why shame on CB ?? Shame on those who actually buy and read the shit he writes. Shame on those who have elevated him to the staus of a youth icon, those who have made the garbage he writes bestsellers.

      Remember, he is successful only bcoz people like such loserish and cheap things. The success of CB merely reaffirms the typical Indian attitude towards women – that women are just pretty sex objects with no character. And unfortunately many women seem to prove this point.

      Shame on those who have made CB a hero (Not on Cb, he is just a successful businessman who knows how to capture his target audience)

      • aseemrastogi2

        Yeah that’s what I always say that one can’t just keep faulting CB for whatever he writes. He writes just what people want and till the time people keep expecting such novels, he will keep writing them and stay the youth icon.

  56. Bhagat’s writings seem to be following a pattern. Nyc review !! I was not aware of the movie you mentioned. The book indeed seems to have borrowed a cart-load of inspiration from the movie.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah Subash, in a way its really easy to guess the pattern now. But then CB has reached a pinnacle that for him its very difficult to see anything called failure. It’s all about success in every possible way especially by the number of copies sold. 🙂

      • Exactly! He has a huge fan following and they lap up all the AIEEE and IIT stuff he writes. Plus his lust obsessed way of writing is bound to attract the youth.

  57. Rakesh

    I think .. CB writing is now influenced by the Bollywoodish script line….. Instead of giving a real story line , he is now trying to attract film makers… Hard to throw but…. CB this time u made us(ur fans) upset… 🙁 🙁

    • aseemrastogi2

      But then still his book is a bestseller and a blockbuster after all 😉 with more than 5 lac pre orders 😀

  58. N

    CB is an IIM alumnus, he knows the rules of marketing:

    “If u r catering to pigs, supply them what they desire – CRAP !!!!!”

    People like CB coz they identify wid the losers he writes about. The kind of people who lack character, individuality, guts, integrity, values, etc, etc. and blindly run after money, girls and stuff only to end up disappointed and depressed wid life.

    CB is a youth icon, learn some thing from him. Take a year off, churn out some SHIT, get Rupa to publish it, and become a millionaire 🙂 !!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      You have so rightly put it here. 🙂 Probably it is actually this easy to become a millionaire ;).

  59. Rahul Deo Singh

    A bit disappointed as I was eagerly waiting for the book for long and then I took a whole Saturday night to complete it. The ending is really not convincing. It seems more like a movie plot as it was written more for a purpose of being turned into a movie. The story for 2 friends falling for the same girl and one is making and other is focussed on revolutions, this is totally a movie material type. The Title was not completely justified. The best part of the books was the description of Varanasi and its ghat. The Kota part was also fitted well into it and is the truth to more extent.
    I agree with the review and the points that are raised to true and relevant.
    All in all a CB disappointed us after so long wait. Hopes he comes out with a really gr8 one next time.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Rather than it being turned into a movie, it was directly adapted from Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi ;). I wonder if he has actually come out with any really gr8 writings at all? 😉

  60. With no offence I think Chetan Bhagat should start trying for story-editor in a C-grade bolly movie. He’s a great person with some very high intellect but he’s such a bad writer – his plots are more simplistic than Samajwadi party’s party manifesto. His presence in the literary field is in itself a disaster with no less ravage than a Hello or a Sohail Khan starrer but I love this guy. It’s because of him I’ve developed my own personal yardstick to judge people by knowing their affinity towards his books ! I most obviously hated the ending…..CHEERS!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Sadly his intellect comes out only in the articles he writes for newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar, TOI etc or conferences like the India Today Youth Leaders one. Oh yeah a lot of people do love him for his simplicity ;). By the way do you like him or hate him? 😀

  61. Pooja

    Sad climax….. 🙁 🙁 more like a bollywood movie…

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh yeah it had to be so that people like you, me and everyone keep talking about it for days on end. 😉

  62. Neeraj Jain

    Absolute correct review..I am a big fan of CB but felt the same after reading the book what this review says.

    • aseemrastogi2

      I really wish Neeraj CB could have heard you, me and hundreds of others before churning out this crap :(.

  63. chetan jadhav

    i have been reading chetan since his first book ,may be so you are
    all were waiting his next venture after 2 states
    expectations were high but he managed to satisfy well
    you cant judge his feelings
    afterall its his story-creation

    • aseemrastogi2

      Chetan I wish it was his story creation. But sadly it isn’t and instead the story credits should go to Sudhir Mishra from whose movie “Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi” the story of Revolution 2020 has been directly lifted.

  64. annu

    i just love d chetan writing .this time i feel bad about the ending of story . whole book story resemble like a bollywood masala bt i still like it a lot

    • aseemrastogi2

      Sadly there are many others like you Annu who like this book and that’s why its succeeding.


    when aarti came upstairs and saw gopal with two pros, i myself who was going with the tide of aarti-gopal’s love making , suddenly felt from my instinct that this guy is not good and he forgot his origin and for him suddenly life was like a billion dollar baby ad when he told aarti that rich people have to do this , then i didnt like that at i think chetan is succesful in making the readers switch from gopal’s side to raghav pretty quickly .. i myself thought that for any gal if he seees a guy who had sex with her twice deeply and emotionally would go awe struck if she sees him in taht condition very usual remember VIDYA balan seeing akshay kumar in HEY BABY..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Don’t think so much Priyankush. It’s a book after all and in the end despite the grey shades of Gopal’s character, CB was more than successful in making him a hero in everyone’s eyes considering the comments I have got for this post of mine.

  66. suramya

    yea i agree wid da reviews….1 mre thing most love scene’s in da book is similar 2 those of his previous books …dat kinda make it awkward n boring

  67. Swapnil

    I regret that I am reading your review post after finishing the book… CB is so much inspired by bad Politics and Anna Hazare that he couldn’t resist himself to add such type of issue in it. Every1 expected lods from him but he literally sc*** entire story by adding a TADKA of love, sex and melodrama. I wish CB may learn from the ppls’ review and bring some new stuff apart from IITs, Engg, Love and sex in his stories.
    But I can only say one thing soon we will have new Javed-Salim duo in CB. 😉

    • aseemrastogi2

      Swapnil, I hope that he can give us better stuff than this. But then considering the number of copies sold of this book I doubt whether he will do that thinking this book has broken all records ;).

  68. Rahul

    I found that R2020 is worth reading though it somewhat failed to meet expectations specially after 2 States. I have one simple question to ask CB – Isnt it a bit too much for a 20/21 yr old guy to become a director of a college?Why should a corrupt and powerful MLA like Shukla has to support a poor boy like Gopal to run a college and share his profit where he cud hv simply snatched his land frm him by threatening or something? …

    • aseemrastogi2

      A 20/21 year old guy running a college happens in Indian movies 😉 and so he has replicated this exact story style here.

  69. I have read all the five books by CB.. and i can tell you without a shred of doubt that three of his books are similar.. two states and five point someone are different.. I could not understand the whole purpose of this book.. its like a hindi movie.. the only difference is that gopal did not die in the end giving aarti’s hand in hero’s hand… 😉 had he done that that would have made it a real hindi movie… I had long back read a book viz.. MERA BETA TERA BAAP and i find it similar.. Common Chetan you can do better….

    • aseemrastogi2

      I wish Samresh he can do better. But many are expecting him to do better since the time he published Five Point Someone 😉

  70. rahul

    after i reading this book ” i shock my head “

  71. Archer fan

    iam not comparing him at all…that would not be an insult to archer….i just said that the story has a similar plot line….. its like sayingi painted my house yesterday….iam like da vinci….

  72. kanak kalita

    call me die- hard fan of mr. Chetan’s work, if u like..but i found the story very gripping..i gv it 4 or even more. n guyz if u found it predictable it just means u r wasting too much time on bollywood stuff.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Point taken Kanak. A lot of people did like the book and kudos to him for that :).

    • Dear Kanak, I really appreciate your feelings for CB’s work.. But here we are disscussing abt a literary gaint… one thing we can alll agree upon is that CB has got a superb writing skill… Then why cant he take it to new dimensions… I hate most of the bollywood’s movie but sometimes I can not help tumbling upon some of the crap movies… Look if u search the word novel in a dictionary it is ” Of a Kind Not Seen Before” …I did not find the story gripping.. it was a simple tadka of love sex and struggle which is the perfect recipe for most of the bollywood movies made during 70s to 90s.. Now we are all CB’s fan and we waited for his book.. but what we got was not a novel…I have read a considerable no of books and I can assure you that the book does not put CB in the category of a literary gaint. We can wait longer but only for great stuff

      • aseemrastogi2

        I am not really sure that he has a superb writing skill. Instead I would say that he has a superb skill of keeping track of what his readers want and making that kind of content which will sell among his audience. I not at all think he is a literary giant because he can never be one. But yeah he will always be popular irrespective of anything because his books are read by many and they sell a lot.

        • N


          There was once a rich man in a small village who owned a pet pig. He sent away his very intelligent pig to a famous training school in the big city. There the pig learnt a lot of things, it became very worldly wise. It observed all the other animals around it, they were all living a crappy life and had a penchant for lapping up anything that resembled their own life, i.e crappy. The brilliant pig got an idea! It started manufacturing crap in many varieties and packaged them attractively to make it appealing to the other creatures. The other animals gratefully accepted the shit- they even paid for it!! They realized that they were not the only ones who had a crappy life, even the clever pig who had gone to a famous school had a life full of shit. They were happy, each of the animals identified with the PIG. The pig was over joyed!! It started churning out crap in even more quantities and varieties even as the other animals elevated it to the status of a hero. The pig grew rich, and richer, and richer… It smiled smugly. The main purpose of going to the famous school in the big city had been achieved.
          -The End-

          * Inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm 🙂

          • aseemrastogi2

            Hahaha that was a lovely analogy. Perfectly captured CB’s life :).

      • Archer fan

        Literary giant !!! Seriously !!! Mate..start reading some books by wallace,grisham.and the likes ….you will see what a well researched literary work looks like….cb is more like a yellow paper type….ok to read at start…gets boring with each book…..Mr.Rastogi…wat u thought abt the ending that I blogged before…..

        • aseemrastogi2

          Completely agree with you Raghunath, CB cannot be even compared to Archer at any level at all :).

  73. Jay

    Quite agree with the review…

    Well..I read all books by CB and personally I feel that – with his every new book, expections from him are increasing on & on..probably because of his initial work (FPS) or may be because he is becoming more & more famous now..but unfortunately content is not matching the pace…and gap is getting wider..

    • aseemrastogi2

      In my opinion FPS was actually nothing great as a novel in terms of script or content. It worked because probably the he had the first mover advantage in making something of that sort and today everyone’s doing the same and flopping left, right and center. He is more famous because of his speeches and the number of copies sold not his content as you also say. But then people are waiting for his books eagerly now more than ever and with 5 lac pre – orders Revolution 2020 was a hit even before it released.

  74. tgcprasad


    I haven’t read 2020 yet. Probably soon.

    I am the author of the book titled, ‘Along the Way’ (published by Rupa). Could you please read the book and kindly let us know your review? I would de delighted. Thanks in advance.

    TGC Prasad

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi TGC Prasad,

      Nice to know that you are an author. Would it be possible for you to send me the book?


  75. arjun

    very good fiction with practical base……..

  76. I got the book out of mere curiosity of how the next CB would be like. Thoroughly disappointed. Even Three Mistakes was not this bad. Especially after Two States being filled with super cynicism, Revolution 2020 is bland, boring, overtly melodramatic. And just such a waste of time. No humour at all. At least nothing worth remembering. I hope the next one will be worth the wait.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Simantini, you have aptly described how most of the people feel after reading such a big disappointment :).

  77. vijay

    is ulloo ke patthe chetan bhagat ko padhne wale keval India mein hee ho sakte hain, jis chirkut ko theek se hindi bhi nahin aati wo angrezi mein likhta hai, chutiya saala.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Vijay I understand your sentiments. But I think you can say the same thing without using abusive language, can’t you?

  78. I finished the book today .I didnt quite like aarthi at all. If she had to breakup with her boy friend, why did she want Gopal to tell Raghav about the same. She was the one who felt lonely in the relationship when her bF was very busy, and then she asks Gopal to tell Raghav the break up.

  79. Trushit

    Not a good book at all

  80. Praful

    I am very fond of reading and have read a lot of novels.
    But i am not that great a critic to comment about editing and stuff. I only know 1 thing that since yesterday when i completed the book, the book is still in my mind. In the back of the mind i am judging Gopal and Raghav that who was better. That line “Everyone has to sacrifice his bit’ has struck into my mind. The author has very nicely given the story a perfect ending. We are human beings, we always want happy endings, so even the story is good we are not able to digest because of sad ending. This sad ending keeps the characters into our mind. When Gopal asked CB “i am not a nice guy ??” and he couldn’t reply then. But later on he calls him especially to tell him what he felt about Gopal. It was so thoughtful.
    I didn’t feel any imperfection in editing coz i didn’t get bored even for a second.
    I realized that with age there were changes in the 3 characters as well and the changes were well shown in the book. How Aarti was during childhood. How she never cared of Gopal’s feelings and later on how she got more sensitive towards him. No other book of CB than this had sad ending except 3 mistakes which was a different ending altogether.
    I was not carrying the burden of the emotions when i completed 3 mistakes. But this time am only thinking of this book Revolution 2020 even when i am at office.
    This book tells how just 1 incident can change every bit of you which could not be taught to you in entire life.
    One meeting with Raghav and that Keshav changed Gopal. He understood what he is capable of and what others are capable of.
    He realized what position he has to take and what should be left for others.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Nice to know Praful that you are pretty happy with the book. The story is contemporary and interesting no doubt but sadly its such a poor copy of Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi that I was left wondering what was CB expecting after writing this. Raghav’s characterization leaves a lot to be desired while Aarthi seems like a Hindi film heroine just to bring in some glamour that’s it. And above all though I expected so much out of the title but there was nothing much at all except a few references to a movement against corruption.

  81. praful

    Ofcourse i can make out your disappointment with the title. But saying that Aarti was only adding glamour is not right. Her role is not important, but her presence as a character whom Gopal loved madly was important. The basic plot is inspired from hazaron khwaishen aisi but this story has been dealt very differently. The Author has tried to keep it simple and light but somewhere in the mind has left us thinking who was right. From start to end, Gopal had loved Aarti, couldn’t do anything if Aarti was not there at his side. But still understood what was right for the country and people of this country. He did not leave her coz she loved someone else, he knew that she loved him more and it took her sometime to realize, but because Raghav who can bring revolution will get weak if he gets to know Aarti is with Gopal and also after becomin an MLA Raghav can use the power to bring Revolution. Hazaaron Khwaishen is very different towards the end and also dealt differently. CB has given a much thoughtful end to the story that keeps it alive in our mind.
    One i saw an interview of Aamir Khan after Ghajini, he was asked why the girl and boy could not even meet before d girl died in fromt of the HERO. He said this will keep the story always in the mind of the people thinking the boy and girl couln’t meet.

    • Archer fan

      The problem with the story is it fails both as a romance and a revolutionist story…If cb had dealt with any one and completed it would have been satisfying….again by giving aamir’s quote u confirm the point that…cb wanted a sensational ending…an ending that will always be remembered for an end of a romance and not for start of a revelution…like the title says…i Think that is the most disappointing of them all .

      • praful

        It will be remembered for the sacrifice of love. It will be remembered coz it leaves you to a practical end based on which you have to solve your internal questions but will always be unsure.. Who was better as a person, Gopal/Raghav?? Who was better for Aarti.. Gopal/Raghav?? Who was an actual Revolutionist… who fought in the front or the one who sat behind and sacrificed his love and power for other to make a change since he knew he has got into an Atmosphere(MLA calls him son) where if he gets into power then it will not be effectively used.
        And thought that he would bring revolution by providing a better Education environment to students. . Who is an actual Revolutionist??

        • Archer fan

          Exactly the point I am trying to make…. A book on revolution should not raise questions as Who was better for Aarti.. Gopal/Raghav?? and as to being a revolutionist…I think both characters were half baked and not completely done…Raghav comes of as an idealist and impractical…and gopal comes of as a loser by his own definition….i thought the nerve to sacrifice his love was great..then it also raises questions such as…why not clean up the country himself…if he is changed that is possible..the only reason for the sacrifice was to shock the readers(not that it was much of a shock)..the ending comes of as too sensational and too movieish….both of them dont come of as a revolutionist….the book does not show a revolution…only a promise of one…If u read the response around the web…people moan abt the fact that aarthi and gopal got separated and not abt the marriage and the revolution..proof that it will always be remembered for the ending and not the issue that it was supposed to deal with…….

          • aseemrastogi2

            As you rightly pointed out Raghunath, people expected the book to portray something more (Revolution) than a normal love story but in the end it turned out to be just that – a love story at heart. And in the end that is what you take home. The revolution seems lost in translation.

        • aseemrastogi2

          I admire your style of thinking Praful. If you have thought all this and more, I am sure even CB would be proud to hear that since that was what he would have set out to achieve – admiration among his fans and followers.

      • aseemrastogi2

        Completely agree with you on that.

      • praful

        Guys i have agreed with you over the title.
        Now keep aside the title, assume there ha been no title given to the book. You have to decide the title.
        Try to think of the book now. Most of the people criticizing this book on this wall have one common reason, Gopal did not get the girl.
        People are not able to digest the sacrifice done by him. People think practically it is not possible.
        But Dear Friends, people we know around are just a small sample of the population, out there is a big world where people do anything for each other.
        @Aseem…Thanks yaar..
        But you know last night i saw Hazaron Khwaishen just to refresh my memory as i has seen it long time back.
        Dont Kill me guys, but actually i felt the Revolution 2020 is much better.
        The book has only taken the Base from it that there were 3 friends with different dreams.
        However CB has made it different, touched all parts. Showed how life is there at Kota. How students feel the pressure and finally loose it all.
        Also about love, corruption.passion.
        We cannot do everyting, there are somethings that can be better done by others. Well thought by Gopal, he gave place to Raghav to become an MLA and clean te city and himself decided to Contribute towards the society by making a better Education system. Yes the revolution thing was not there, but maybe that was not the purpose. The story was totally intact, there was no confusion in author’s mind as to what he wanted to show.
        It showed very nicely, how and what we think isn’t actually the same in real life.
        Hazaaron Khwaishen was lack of emotions.
        Plus the story is not explained nicely. I know the movie has been critically acclaimed but it was just ok to watch infact was a lil boring.
        Just if we dont get bothered by the title, the Novel by CB is perfect.

        Hey lets discuss, what according to you would be a better name.

        • Archer fan

          Praful….u may be surprised to know that I dont know hindi and I have not watched the film mentioned so many times…..given that I’ll tell u why I thought the story failed….As I explained before the characters are equally incompetent and we don’t really think,one character was good enough to be sorry for…u can read my earlier post for my views on this….i thought the plot was taken from archer’s 4rt estate..As for being practical,I think u will agree with me most of our day to day readers dont want practical endings as they enjoy them in their day to day life…they want a happy ending so that they can go home feeling good…Then again i cannot understand the practicality of this ending given that if u take out the revolution off the title, what we have is a typical bollywood story,with a “kal ho na ho” ending…Again I cannot see a person giving up his passion in a split second decision for what he thought to be a rival all life long for his affections…

          • aseemrastogi2

            The Kal Ho Na Ho part was spot on. And particularly one can’t take it when a person who isn’t even spoken about much in the story (character underdeveloped) gets the girl finally just because the guy thinks he isn’t good enough.

          • Archer fan

            Exactly the point i am making…Even in kal ho na ho…you cant help but like saif because u can see that he is truly a worthy guy…here raghav just seems to be going on and on abt revolution and his journal…may be cb wanted people to feel gopal as a hero and raghav as a sidekick…or he felt that giving more importance to raghav will diminish the importance of gopal’s sacrifice….but if it is all sacrifice…wat exactly did raghav sacrifice…a degree that he did not even want….a girl that he eventually gets…a carreer that ultimately paved way for his candidacy for MLA post… the end , your heart is set on the wrong character and his failure rather than raghav and his revolution…also just a thought….if the college is started by corrupt money…wont it be prudent for raghav to shut it down after he becomes MLA….it was started by shukla and it was dubious the way he got his approvals….just a thought

          • aseemrastogi2

            Well made point Raghunath.

        • aseemrastogi2

          The problem Praful I felt in R2020 was the fact that CB had his heart in the right place. He probably wanted to talk more about corruption, politics and a lot of other things. But somewhere things seem a bit half baked especially parts like the Revolution against corruption by Raghav or Raghav’s character which in my opinion is pretty underdeveloped. And then all of a sudden she goes to him. I mean I don’t have a problem with Aarti going to Raghav but after making the readers feel for Gopal, it seemed pretty weird. Or probably he just wanted a different ending, I will never know.

      • praful

        Hey Archer fan and Aseem!!

        Now please try to see like me. When i was reading the book, i could relate to Gopal. No Laughs okay…
        At some points i was Raghav but most of the time i was Gopal. And he was the Narrator too..
        Now even though i was Gopal, i could feel negativity in his character. He was bribing plus he was jealous of Raghav since he was better in studies and also got the girl he loved his entire life. And that too Raghav was Gopal’s frnd. He was frnds with Aarti coz of Gopal.
        But one thing i liked about him was he never gave up for Aarti, even though he saw her kissing Raghav from the car he could not leave her and always tried to pursue her.
        But in his own narration, he frankly told that Raghav was a better man as he thought more about the country and about the people. Whereas Gopal was only brbing and enjoyin the money Shukla ji earned at the cost of Safety of people who were affected by the unhygenic water blockage in Ganga.

        She accidently kissed him or maybe in the emotions and when he realizd she didn’t mind kissing so he evn booked a room in the same hotel nd created consequences so that it happens more. So what i felt was, either Aarti was coming bak to him coz Raghav doesn’t have time or Gopal has a lot of money.or both.
        So i was feeling wrong about Girl and thought Gopal is bad as he is using the girl who is part of someone else’s life. Even though the character Raghav was underdeveloped, i never felt he should have been developed. Coz Gopal had told enough abt him to make a good image of him and also Aarti also always used to talk about Raghav.
        Even Gopal as me was feelin bad, evn though he was rich nd with the girl bak, he still felt that he is not better than Raghav as he has done so much for people.
        So givin bak the girl and also sacrificing the MLA position he made himself above nybody and a Real Hero of the novel which later on CB told him on phone too.
        And that was better than nythin. U hav evrythin bt dont hav d mental peace then u cannot last long…Atleast he had d peace tat wat he did was right.
        If he had got d girl then he would hav lost in my eyes, lost in many people’s eyes
        and there would b sympathy for Raghav an underdeveloped character….
        “Sometimes you win by loosing”

        This is the best story with the most appropriate ending i believe…
        Archer Fan, no need to watch Hazaron Khwaishen, its very diffrnt frm that…..The only similarity was the hero’s love fr d girl….

        • Archer fan

          I think you mis-understood my point… was not abt the ending at all….it was abt the whole book that i am talking abt….everyone will identify with gopal as the story is told from his pov…that is a normal thing…but when u introduce 2 protagonists in a is only good writing to include both pov…so that we can identify with both of them and decide for ourselves who we want to emulate….if you take the film yuva..if you had only ab’s pov…you will feel that he is right..but by including devgans pov…we can identify with both of them….some may like ajay and some ab…in the end its the viewers chioce….but by giving only gopal’s pov…cb has essentially taken away our choice and has made gopal the hero of the story….in the end only a deep thinker of the story will ponder abt your points….your average indian reading forum views it as a failed romance….if the intention of the story was to fight corruption and stimulate the youth..then i beleive it has failed….if it is a bid for a bollywood script …it has failed there as well…if it was a bid to sell more books and make more money….it has passed with flying colours…..may be a bit cynical…but it is my disappointment talking rather than hatred of cb…..

          • aseemrastogi2

            Without a point of view of multiple people, the audience / readers can never form a unique point of view. If there is only person involved, then as well you accept whatever he / she says with closed eyes.

        • aseemrastogi2

          Praful the question here comes to that one simple point – What did CB expect the book to be remembered as. Did he expect it to be remembered as a love story or as a fight against corruption / bad politics etc.?

      • praful

        Thats what the whole point is….
        Its Gopal’s story only… Raghav is part of it because he was his frnd nd his love’s boyfrnd….
        Similarly it is not the story of Aarti…
        Since Gopal is narrating so it is his story. If CB had portrayed that he met all the 3 and decided to write a story over their life then would have been a difficult story..Obviously, Gopal telling a story, how can he write about incidents of Raghav’s life. Raghav and Aarti were only present when Gopal was in the scene. Did u find ny 1 scene only between Aarti and Raghav.
        That is the sensibility of storyteller, he had limitations….
        The story was to be told with only’s one point of view and that point of view should not be biased.
        And i also felt it was not biased. Infact he always showed others better than him.
        Till the end after doing so many things also, Gopal was not sure if he was nice. He had become the Hero for the reader but he felt good when CB told him.

        • Archer fan

          Ahh…but if the story is told from gopal’s pov it becomes biased as it is the life as he has seen it… is cb’s method of telling a story..even in 3 mistakes..the hero was not such a likeable character….as for gopal seeing others better than him…he was a self describes loser with zero self esteem…obviously he is going to see others better than him…again u missed my point….if the point of this book was to inspire youth india…it has failed….because the idea of a sacrifice to our country is still too remote….your average india is does not think that deep abt the book…..the ending just added an emotional twist that takes it away from his reasons and focuses on the sacrifice alone……

      • praful

        Hey Aseem,
        It is his style. He tells stories from one character’s end. Be it 5 point someone, 2 states or revolution 2020. In 1 night@call centre it was GOD who was narrating the story so every1’s point of view was shown assumin that the God knows evrything…
        Suppose in the prologue if he had mentioned that he met Gopal, Aarti and Raghav and then after listenin to all of them he is writing a story then it would have been completely diffrnt.
        And i think had he done that, the story would be ruined.
        It was Gopal’s stroy so there was more of love nd corruption, if he had writtn it frm Raghav’s side thn it would be surely based on Revolution, coz Gopal doesn’t knowwat all things Raghav is explorin.
        Accordin to book nd acc. to me, Raghav is an intentionally underdevelopd character or else it had created chaos in d story……
        Yuva is diffrnt, coz there is nobody narratin d story, its jus a movie from 3 sides.

        • aseemrastogi2

          Yeah telling stories from one character’s end isn’t a problem. But then one would like to see the other characters to be developed like all the three in FPS or both the girl and guy in 2 states etc. Anyways but personally speaking the book hasn’t had that much of an effect on me so its ok whatever he has written I am fine with it but I just expected thinks to be much better.

      • Archer fan

        Okay… is a question praful…in 3 mistakes…why do you think ish got angry with govind…after he took the phone call from his sister…..

      • praful

        coz he was datin his friend’s sister….

    • N

      I guess a better title would have been….

      Revulsion 2020
      Repulsion 2020
      Hazaron Khwahishen aisi (part II)

  82. Finished the long awaited book by CB……..but didn’t felt too well in the last …..not that it its not good but why i felt that there should more for Gopal……a credit ….a good life ahead….or at least a new found love…if not he could be called the actual Revolutionist (who gave it all…to bring peace to his soul,and the society a chance) ……from my point of view he should be the one who can be called the best person amongst all……somehow this LOSER is the actual WINNER…..for me ..comparing the book with its predecessors by CB… could had a better ending …..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Guess either the author tried to give all of us a sensational ending as has been hugely discussed here or probably he was just trying to show us that everything in life doesn’t have a happy ending. Though yeah it did seam Bollywoodish kinds.

      • Archer fan

        Another reader who felt that the ending was bad …. again the issue of the book has shifted from revolution because of the his life becoming stalemate because of it…. again if i wanted crappy endings i would review real life…why go read a book and get depressed when real life is not much better…cb books usually leave a good taste for an average joe as it reiterates that even losers can have happy endings…(5.someone,3 mistakes)….but this book just left most people depressed…

  83. SK

    It is good only..nice time pass..yes when we can accept masala movies y not this book?? i think Aseem you dont like CB..i can sense that from ur comments… and guys please dont show off as if we are from london US and talk so much about foriegn authors… in India we have average english..he is the best Indian author..we Indians will be indians forever we will be proud to talk bad about our self..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Krupa,

      Yes we do accept masala movies. Even I see a lot of Bolly masala flicks and have loved many of them. As for Chetan his novels have sold lacs and lacs of copies since the time of Five Point Someone. But that doesn’t mean he is a great writer or someone who has amazing literary skills. He knows the pulse of a majority of the Indian audience and gives them what they want. He has brought many Indians back to the habit of reading no doubt. But then his stories are Bollywoodish, simple, cliche and his language is something like everyday you and me use. So obviously people read his novels like breezy reads and fast page turners which tomorrow may or may not be converted into Bollywood flicks. But then I would disagree with you if you call him the greatest Indian author because I think there are many others who are much better than him though they may not be read by many people. Number of copies sold cannot be the sole criterion for deciding whose the best author.

      As for me not liking him or we Indians talking about ourselves, I just would like to say that in my case I prefer to call a spade just that – a spade. I personally wasn’t happy with the book means that I wasn’t happy. If one comes to think of it, at least like many others I don’t end up character assassinating him or calling him a piece of shit and stuff. The fact that I expected more from the book does mean that I feel he could write better.


  84. Siddhant Shekhar

    Though the story was predictable but what made me love the book was the evolution of the characters… It was awesome the way Gopal’s style of speaking and thinking changes with the change in story…. Bhagat joins the league of experienced writers with this book by letting his characters lead his pen rather than the other way around…

    • aseemrastogi2

      I wish you were right Siddhant. But sadly Raghav’s character seems pretty poorly developed much like a side kick and the fact that he finally gets the girl makes it even weird. Aarti on the other hand seems more for glamour than anything else. 🙁

  85. SK

    yeah Aseem!! u got it right ..u need to know the pulse of the indian audience and present accordingly..what else u want???Ofcourse this might not be his best..but 2 states is “the best” i must say ..many would agree with me i know and i am not sure about u 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      2 states is his best I agree. But you say 2 states is the best Indian novel? C’mon Krupa I dont agree with you on that for sure.

  86. Archer fan

    I don’t know why people think it is showing off if we talk abt foreign authors….can anyone name an Indian author before 5.someone came out…..I grew up reading those books in India as there were the only books available or known to me….so I am if cb’s book doesn’t match upto my expectations… rastogi said,we r disappointed that after the author’s first book his standards seem to be decreasing and not vice-verse…. I don’t know why u want to bring the entire country down by saying India has average english for the sake of this average book….If he wants to write sleazy bollywood stuff…that’s fine..just dont sugarcoat it by saying revolution and corruption and all the other stuff…..”we Indians will be indians forever we will be proud to talk bad about our self..”…Really…where is this india bashing coming from…the book has really generated negative reviews for its quality…..not just here….nobody is bashing the author…I thought the whole point of blogging was to express our opinion…..

    • aseemrastogi2

      That’s the main point. If people can’t take criticism of someone’s work in the right spirit, then I personally feel there’s no need to write anything at all. Why would someone bring Indian bashing and raising level of foreign authors and things like that into this discussion amazes me.

  87. Please explain the ending of Revolution 2020.. Why does he call girls at his home on his birthday? He loved Aarti but then why did he do this to her? What was the reason behind calling call girls at his home? Did he think aarti deserved better and she should be with raghav? Please explain!! I am really confused at this part of this story!

    • Archer fan

      Well…..he loved her but felt that Raghav was the better man for her and the country….whoever becomes the husband had the chance of competing in the next election for MLA post….he felt that Raghav would make a better MLA than him….so he chooses the cheesiest way possible and ends his relationship with her once and for all….though kudos to people who could tell me y he chose that method…..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Manya, probably he realised in the end that what he was doing was wrong. He feels that he is a corrupt and wrong man and when Aarti comes to know of this, she wouldn’t like him. So rather than letting her know all this, he made sure that she thought that he was an unfaithful person itself. Bollywoodish ain’t it?

      • praful

        Assem… he didnt had that fear..
        By this justification you r makin his sacrifice a waste..
        He woke up in the night when he saw Keshav in his dreams.
        He learned from sources and Aarti too that whoever marries Aarti will get a chance to contest for MLA elections.
        And he thought that Raghav would be the best for that although he knew that no one can love Aarti more than himself.
        He always knew that he was the right person fo Aarti but not for the country. So he sacrificed his love for the country.;

        Archer fan…
        He chose this method because he wanted Aarti to hate him then only she can marry someone else and can then only throw him out of her mind.
        If he had told Aarti that he cannot marry her or he doesn’t love her or anything, he knew that she would never believ that shit.

        Aseem… Whatever review you had given for the book were absolutely justified only tll i read your above comment.
        Now i feel you hav not got the stroy right.
        No offence buddy…………..

        • Archer fan

          @Praful…Sorry if i come off as arrongant…but I knew that …I wanted to know if others got it….I have been reading many blogs and many people ask this question….
          Again…the scene is bollywoodish…given I have seen the same scene played out…in many many films…….
          to your answer…why does he get angry….we cannot help who we fall in love with….and he did trust his friend very much…..doesnt it make him look bad…if he trusts his friend so much…but does not accept his love????

        • Archer fan

          @praful..By choosing this method…he did make it cliched….if they has talked and ended the book with a sacrifice by both gopal and aarthi for the sake of the nation….i feel it would have been more mature and would have given the line”every one must do their bit” a whole new meaning….anyway …can anyone please clarify…if he can sacrifice his love for the sake of the country….why not marry her..contest the elections…and try to make the country a better place…it was just mentioned that aarthi’s husband had a chance of contesting elections…not specifically gopal….and please dont say it was because of raghav sting operation….in our support and reputation precedes…logic…not making a pun…just a fact

          • aseemrastogi2

            That’s what Raghunath, I guess here comes a matter of personal opinion on whether he sacrificed his love for his country or because he thought that he was doing the wrong thing.

        • Archer fan

          @praful..By choosing this method…he did make it cliched….if they has talked and ended the book with a sacrifice by both gopal and aarthi for the sake of the nation….i feel it would have been more mature and would have given the line”every one must do their bit” a whole new meaning….anyway …can anyone please clarify…if he can sacrifice his love for the sake of the country….why not marry her..contest the elections…and try to make the country a better place…it was just mentioned that aarthi’s husband had a chance of contesting elections…not specifically raghav….and please dont say it was because of raghav sting operation….in our support and reputation precedes…logic…not making a pun…just a fact

          • praful

            See Archer fan,
            Your and my understandin of d book r diffrnt.
            Seeing the situatn, even is Gopal becomes d MLA nd tries to giv corruption a kick, it wouldn’t b possible.
            Coz he was himself drownd into corruption, so evn if he will try to remove corruption, peopl wil try to bring him down by provin tat he made his college by all corrupt means….
            Raghav would hav been d first person tried to bring him down, not coz he had taken Aarti, but because Raghav knew Gopal had used all corrupt means and his college was made of MLA Shukla’s money.
            Then he had to resign from his post.
            So why not giv it(MLA pos.) to person who is clean nd worthy. M nt sayin Gopal was nt worthy, m just sayin in past he had done things which would always become a barrier if he wantd to remov corruption.
            As soon as he had become MLA, Shukla would hav askd him to clear Shukla’s case.
            And many others whom Gopal had usd would hav askd fr political favours nd denying them he would hav become their enemy.
            And Raghav and other true reporters were already conspirin to bring him down and nw it would be his own colleagues in d party coz he was tryin to kick out corruption.
            Boss Power is a much bigger thing for many, evn above Love.
            And Gopal sacrificed both just coz he could nt bear pain of kids lik Keshav….
            Think buddy…….
            The title was not good i agree… But some things in the novel just cant b changed….

          • Archer fan

            Ok…even though I dont agree with your points abt every other person asking for favour and reporters bringing him down…I concede this point ’cause I thought it was one of the points I myself had doubts abt,but if every public servent accused of corruption has to come down…there will be no one to sit in the parliment….but that is not the issue…..As for the college closing down…this was one of shuklas cleanest project remember….He said it so himself…so corruption allegations cannot be proven at all….As to your point abt shukla asking to bail him out…what is stopping gopal frm denying it…
            As to my other queries….???abt 3 mistakes

        • aseemrastogi2

          See Praful probably its a matter of personal opinion on how a reader analyses a particular situation. I thought of his sacrifice in that way. And anyways even if he did sacrifice his love because he realised that he was not the right guy for her, I don’t think it would be a waste. It would still be a good thing since he realized that what he is doing is wrong.

      • praful

        every other person in parliament doesn’t come down, coz they start wid corruption nd continue to b incorruption..
        One person if tries to become Revolutionary then he is tried to brought down.
        Take d case of Anna Hazare or Kiran Bedi or Kejriwal, even though i feel they r genuine people still the Ruling party is tryin all measures to get hold of them. These are peopl who hav done gr8 work in d past. Responsible for bringin RTI and one is known as d mst influencial nd clean IPS officer.
        Still ruling party is tryin to ruin their image coz they know that once it is provd that they themselves r corrupt so no one would trust them nd support them.
        And our Mr. Gopal is totally corrupt, it will nt tak opposition or media ny time to bring him down if he decides to bring Revolution. Coz bringin Revolution doesn;t just mean makin life better.. It also means bringin corrupt peopl in front nd punish them fr their wrong doings nd in our system since evryone is corrupt so bringin a Revolution that too by already a corrupt person is nt possible…
        He didn’t run away, he decided to bring a change in d education system which is already dealin with high corruption…….. nd since he has been the failure of indian education system, no one bettr than him can do d job..

        3 Mistakes…
        There is a thing calld human nature evrythin fails in frnt of it. So evn he was his best frnd, acceptin his affair with his sister is very difficult.. Nt at all easy fr most of the peopl…. We in our group, treat each other;s family as our family…. Friends sister as my sister….. The reaction may nt b perfect, coz i knw love defeats al rules…… bt it was practical…. you cant say he was wrong coz he did nt accept his sister’s love…………………….bt evryone is possesive fr there near ones…..

        Nd i tried findin the 4th estate by Jeff Archer…couldnt find……

        • Archer fan

          again a ruined image does not mean immediate asking if the post…shukla was already accused in another scam but failed to resign cause of no evidence….If u take a current issue…CM of TN Miss.J.jayalalitha is still accused in assets case and was accused in TANSI case last time she won the election ….So,image does not matter so much to our people as legacy….But we will agree to disagree regarding this because I think we r getting off our book and we each have our own views…

          i’ll tell u why I thought Ish was angry at Govind…..As I said before Ish trusted Goving implicitly…and govind falling in love with his sister while could have been avoided,did not as i said…we cannot help who we love…but more than that…he abused that trust by doing in appropriate things and that is the reason for his anger….If he had gone o him as soon as he had feelings or stopped seeing her if he knew of the danger…it would have been avoidable….

          The reason I brought this up is once again about a story told from a certain pov…without the conflicting feelings of Ish brought out in the book…people immediately start seeing him as a bad character(not a villain)….

          If this book was written frm raghav’s pov and in the end raghav got the gal …do think response would have been positive…and u can buy the book from flipkart….please dont read it in ebooks….

      • praful

        First of all m tired of callin Archer Fan…. Name can be bettr…

        Secondly…. I felt bad when Govind got into an affair wid his frnd;s sis evn though it was from his point of view…..
        Coz there is a trust factor…. tat doesnt matter who is tellin d story……
        Wrong is wrong….. bt wahi hai ki pyar k aage sab majboor hain…

        Raghav’s side is diff. He has seen a diff. world…. I believe a totally diff. book can b writtn over it….
        When i was readin d novel, in d first scene, when all 3 of them wer sittin at German Bakery aftr coachin, i felt that Raghav was flirtin wid Aarti nd is intrstd in her, evn though he knew she is Gopal’s best pal. I m nt sure if Raghav knew or didnt, that Gopal likd her or nt. But sinc i hav practically seen things in life, so i feel it is very obvious that wen a guy is so close to a girl nd takes her fr boatin nd does all things for her, then he likes her nd loves her, atleast frnds get to know this..
        And in only 1 case u dont know this is when u dont want to know nd genuinly tryin to ignore d case.
        So as soon as Gopal left d city, he started meetin her whereas they nevr met alone before nd alwaz met coz of Gopal……
        But when hearin Raghav’s story, it would be diffrnt acc. to me…
        So in this case, all point of views cretes all together more confusion for d reader.
        What if Raghav in his story says, that he so much loved Aarti that she was d only reason he joind BHU so tat he could b in d same city…..
        And also tells that he later on got to know that she had startd datin Gopal…

        this would hav created a much chaos………
        But i think we should suggst CB to write a diff. book based on Raghav’s view….:)
        Wat do u say…
        Hey Aseem wats ur tak on it….Shall we ask CB to write a sequel of it with Raghav as d main charactr…….. so there will b more of Revolution also…..
        All of us will b happy……

        • Raghunath

          Another book……from raghav’s pov….not viable as we already know the story and it will be a bust for the publishers also……That is why I said a diff pov will be useful…if u look from raghav’s and gopal’s pov…we can get both a good romance and a good revelutuin because…i feel that the main reason people consider this as a romantic fic is the ending…if gopal’s love and also his ideals are brought into the fic…it will also make for a happy ending…like a better man won scenario….

          look…the bottom line is even though the book tried for a different ending…..people want a happy ending in the end…I have already mentioned this point… making gopal as an underdog in almost 75% of the story and making it frm his pov…the audience want him to win…rocky,the pursuit of happyness(sorry…I dont know hindi and dont watch hindi movies….I can name several south indian movies to reiterate my point)Titanic all succeeded because it had the classic underdog of the society going against the wrld and winning……

          By giving raghav’s pov….he could have given that happy ending….after reading the book I was very depressed.and still am actually……i imagined myself in gopal’s place and it was a difficult feeling….(one of the drawbacks of taking a book too seriously)..and the book being in first person..made ot more difficult…
          “What if Raghav in his story says, that he so much loved Aarti that she was d only reason he joind BHU so tat he could b in d same city…..”…that makes him human…no less noble…..
          “And also tells that he later on got to know that she had startd datin Gopa”….this is hypothetical…but still i dont think past relationships should interfere with a marraige..if that was the case no marraige will last days let alone years….

          abt 3 mistakes…Iam not saying govid was right to do it…all iam saying is that more than his relatinship with his sister….ish was devestated by the breach of trust…if you look at it frm that pov…we can say that he had every right to reject govind’s money…trust once lost will be difficult to earn back…..but this pov is not given in the book…all we r left with is ish finding out abt the love and getting angry…so a different pov makes a great deal of difference to the story…

          just a thought…..titanic was also a romantic movie with the ship as the backdrop….it also had a failed love…but why did it succeed????? 🙂

          • aseemrastogi2

            Titanic succeeded, I think because it was able to make that particular connect with the audience which probably even Revolution 2020 has been able to and that’s why we are discussing about it so much. Interestingly I feel that probably many people may have been depressed with the sad ending of Titanic and that’s why James Cameron is releasing a 3D version in 2012 with a happy ending. But whatever it was even the sad ending made it a classic something in the leagues of Romeo Juliet, Heer Ranjha etc.

          • Raghunath

            Though love was a factor…titanic main attraction was the slum boy,rich girl love that is usual in almost all love stories…and titanic did not have a sad ending…if u see there is a closure for every character(rose got married..had a great life..which I felt was what grated me and most of the audience in this book)…and as you said…..tragic tales often end up reaching more than happy endings…only if the end is emotionally appealing to the audience….No…only raghavs pov will not work…as it will definitely end up as a copy of bollywood movie…but giving both the views will give it a great perspective of things on life…..

            Dont have a particular genre…I read all kinds of books…..dont care abt the authors also…..

          • aseemrastogi2

            Yeah giving both points of view was important. But then if you see probably CB wanted you to think from Gopal’s pov and finally feel for him when he didn’t get the girl. And probably the fact that people did feel served his purpose :).

        • aseemrastogi2

          I am personally not sure if a book on Raghav’s point of view may work with the audience.

  88. Archer fan

    hi rastogi…
    Have u read the book bt TGC prasad..”Along the way”..I want to buy the book as ot has got good reveiws….depressing books always leave me depressed for weeks and I would like to read a good book to get back my spirits….so if u anyone one can recommend good books….much appreciated…..

    • aseemrastogi2

      I personally haven’t read Along the way. But yeah there are quite a few decent books around. What kind of genre do you read? Indian or foreign authors?

    • N

      If u want good books, stay away from CB Ha ha ha ha 🙂

      BTW I Have heard that Steve Jobs biography is good…
      Hope u would have read To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, That was the best book I have read so far.. humorous and heart touching…

      • aseemrastogi2

        CB books are entertaining breezy books and that’s why people read them. As far as good is concerned it is a pretty relative term ;). To Kill A Mocking Bird is really good according to what I have heard.

  89. Gautam

    i couldn’t get ur rajneeti/guru point …. could u plz emphasize on which parts were u referring to

  90. Raghunath

    @N—–I watched the movie a while back…and it was good….and cb’s books are not necessarily bad books are they.??..I admit this book was a dissapointment for many…I thought it was mainly due to the hype around the books….i mean 5 lac pre-order is a lot for an indian author…but if this is ur first cb book …it would have done reasonably well….

    • N

      @ Raghunath,
      I meant no offence 🙂

      Its just that I don’t like CB, and have read NONE of his books. I know I don’t like his writing coz I hav read his articles in HT, and also the blurbs of his books. He is just another of those average Indian male chauvinists with zero respect 4 women, and his attitude is pretty disgusting… I personally don’t like him, thats all… No offence to CB fans !!

      • Raghunath

        None taken….I am not a big fan cb….and I was pretty offended by his book 2 states as a tam-Bram and although not a complete feminist…I don’t like the way he portrays women in his books…especially this book…..he may say that it is fiction and just a book…but not all people read it as such….I sincerely hope he tones it down….and commenting on the author by just reading the blurbs….well hope that works out for you 🙂

      • aseemrastogi2

        As for his women characters, I completely agree with you ‘N’. Pretty poor characterisation for them in all his books till date.

    • aseemrastogi2

      The hype is the creation of the fact that he knows the pulse of the readers and that’s why he gives what the readers want. Though this may be crap for many others, thousands still love him. But yeah with 5 lac pre – orders he was already laughing all the way to the bank even before the release of the book ;).

  91. Maisoon

    Hi Aseem
    You said it right, Revolution 2020 was fully predictable except the last few pages. Its not a deep story, I havent found any of his stories deep.In spite of this, he is popular,perhaps that’s the difference he makes.But he does appeal to the average Indian reader who digests melodrama and masala well and thats it. By the way I wonder why all his heroines have the same character and behaviour- poor communication skills, sending confusing signals always! Its time he portrayed women differently 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Probably Maisoon he portrays his women like a typical Indian male thinks of them. Women have pretty poor characters in all his books.

      • Raghunath

        @rastogi – i wouldn’t say a typical indian male….but a typical teenager maybe….I would hope many would grow out and start respecting and understanding
        (hopefully,at least partially) women……. :)…by the way…did u see that though gopal understood aarthi so well….he could not get her the first time and got her on a rebound…some thing to think abt…

        • aseemrastogi2

          Not only teenagers, I can think of many typical Indian adults that way. At 24, being an adult myself, I have come across a wide spectrum of people who don’t respect and understand women. Ok and I didn’t get about the point you mentioned on Gopal getting Aarthi on the rebound?

          • Raghunath

            @rastogi2 – just that he just seduced her when she was not completely in love with him and not over raghav either….
            @beeingthesingh – If u r waiting 4 cb’s permission for the book….it will be a difficult one to get….so I suggest completing the book and uploading the book in some newbie authors site with a disclaimer.See the responce and start working on your own base for another book…

  92. Beingthesingh

    Its 1 month & 8 days late though since this whole thread of chetan bhagat ‘s new book R2020 review began,but after myself having read the book a week back (in 4 hrs flat), i couldn’t resist myself sharing my views for the book. they are as under:-

    1. First of all, accept the fact is chetan Bhagat is not a author who writes novel, rather he is a script writer for me , & in R2020 he wrote a 296 page script probably for any new bollywood flick.(As i write this, confirmed news are their that Mr.Scriptwriter aka author has sold rights of R2020 to UTV movies for new movie). So , my first view is very much justified.

    2. I feel Title “R2020” was deliberately kept , so as to develop a intriguing feeling among readers , so as to what there it can be in new CB book, as a prudent writer CB deserves a right to name the book in such a manner We should be content with the fact the title had atleast some reference, things would have been worse had the title been kept something else like May be “The epitome of a Goodness” .So Title Part is Ok for me, we need to grow up as readers, can’t everytime settle for a very suggestive title.

    3.Now , the main part i.e Story, See Chetan Bhagat falls in the league of extra-ordinary men who made the youth of India switch from I-pods to reading Books, that all happened because of his own way of story telling, the youth of the country (Most of it.) wants to read a humorous, tangy & connecting sort of stuff , which So far CB has been successful. He can’t afford to part ways with his writing way. So accept or not, this way of CB’s writing is here to stay, many call as melodramatic-bollywood style. Though there are certain things which could have been avoided in this book to reduce the melodramatic content. Predictability in way of his story telling was always there, its not new to me, well reading 2 states 2 years back made me call that time also. But then you don’t read romantic books to get thrill or you ??
    His way of contemporary writing i.e including chats, text messages, even an invitation card content all these elements help him connect to the modern youth & use of F-words just add fuel to fire. So though highly criticized by noted authors, he is a hit among the young lads.
    The Good things about book is well ofcourse the free flowing sarcasm, wittiness, humour & digs taken. (Education fair -fight b/w two brothers was one of wonderfully written portions.) They way he covered Varanasi, depicted Coaching centers & Plight of an IIT aspiring son’s father were all high points. Low points include, poor coverage of third character Raghav, lack of intensity & depth while covering corruption & low devotion to Gopal change in mindset.(should have written atleast 3 pages depicting how gopal got a turnaround.) Just simple one dream & cry in rain,ok he turned. No more events should have been used, such a money minded person can’t easily turn with one event.

    4. Ending/Climax : Lot has been said about it already, but i have my own point to make. The ending was a brilliant piece & a daring step ahead, no writer would have afforded in last 27 pages to turn the story. Ok it ofcourse gives colour to a melo-dramatic typical bollywood finish with protagnist taking the rewards for sacrificing the girl, but at the same time, then things would have been too simple & could have given an entirely wrong message to the society i.e : Study & good measures are too small in front of money & corruption. So in a way the ending was good, there could have been no better way to part ways with aarti totally, because in past (in book) even once gopal abused aarti,(over chat ,-BJ & all) the latter still thronged back to gopal, so nothing less than C-Girls could have satisfied the quest of aarti to completely part with Mr.Kota Factory. So Gopal had to sacrifice for betterment of society. Ok for me.

    5. Now a future Prospect : We can have a sequel for R2020- namely “Revolution takes Place”

    Backdrop : Raghav is now a big MLA/politician (honest, sincere & a hit among people) ,oppn. to the Raghav’s Party is petrified from Raghav’s popularity. Aarti is continuing well as PRO in ramada hotel. Gopal as director of Ganga tech is also doing well. Now in sequel , following events can be incoporated:

    1. shukla out of bail.
    2. Planning of Raghav’s Murder by oppn.
    3. Before Raghav’s Death, he comes in contact with shukla, they settle their scores, shukla discusses with raghav about his last meet with Gopal (regarding arranging C-Girls for some persons)
    4. . Before Raghav’s Death- Raghav tells aarti about meeting with Gopal & Shukla’s update for Gopal.- Aarti realises goodness of Gopal.
    5. Raghav’s Killed- news all over the place.
    6. Gopal -Aarti meet on Raghav’s Death
    7. Gopal-Aaarti Patch up
    8. Gopal vows to revenge death of Raghav with Aarti (Revolution)
    9. Aarti joining Politics (Revolution)
    10. Gopal Aarti have success-they remarries.
    11. Finally we have G&A.

    Hope the Last point (regarding sequel to R2020 with G&A) brings smile to all those disappointed readers ! 🙂

    OVerall Ratin : 3/5

    • N


      Heyy I guess u wud prove to be a much better writer than CB 🙂 !!
      Y don’t u write the sequel insted of waiting 4 that CB to do it ???

      • Raghunath

        1) cb’s books turned directly into movies dont work…taking the base from the book and turning it into a movie works very well(3 idiots)….and if you take take the base of this book…abt 90% of all bollywood movies are similar.
        2)So. you are saying a writer has the right to name his book anything…and we have to “grow up” to read the book past the title….ROTFLOL….well I thought the whole point of the title was to captivate the reader as well as give an idea as to what we read….and cb is not a debut writer to use such stupid tactics to stir up our excitement…If i read a title “love story of neha and krish”..i expect such a story and not a book abt kargil war….
        3) People treat cb like a messiah frm heaven…I got comments like “literary giant”,”steve jobs of writing” and now”extra ordinary man”….I agree that he started something when he wrote FPS and made people read…but his next books left much to be desired and R2020 while a good book from a newbie…is far from good from a man like cb…
        4)given that the book was only abt 300 pages…your suggestions for sequel could have been done in this book….(read earlier post)….it would have given the title a meaning and would have made a decent movie too….and it just takes courage to start something and not continue to what others are doing…given that the climx has been done lots of times…. 🙂

        • beingthesingh

          @Raghunath, First of all thanks for giving few good minutes to my review & making valuable observations.

          Regarding your first observation saying that taking a base from this book to make a movie would be repititve in a sense that 90% of bollywood movies have same plot, Let me present my version, see the ideal form of film-making lies under this fact only ,that using a common sort of stuff to make a unique product, I accept the Triangular love story Bollywood gimmicks makes it settle among other many bollywood flicks, but then we just have to hope that UTV motion who have purchased the rights to make a movie ,come up with something new & fresh.

          I will still maintain, R2020 resembles lot to me as a some bollywood script & contain the prospective dialogues in it, obviuosly the other content written describing the visible elements won’t form part of the movie script, only the catchy lines, dialogues would be chosen.
          [like in 3 idiots, i remember one exact line lifted from book, it was this : “When we asked more time from examiner to finish our exams, the formed looked at us ,as if we aksed for his both kidneys”]

          Regarding your comment for my review for title, i would like to further clarify that, as a readers we should not be expecting always to have a very suggestive title , like if you have read ” MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI” , there is only one reference in 11 chapters of the book, where we come to know about the sale of the ferrari, now if you were to judge the book , you would simply throw it away citing the deviation aspect from title. Common, you don’t expect the writer to details the fact about agent who arranged the sale of car , it has to be something different & just a passing reference ! In same way Mr CB chose R2020, that was a passing reference , thankfully an amaeteur reader can still connect the book with the title. So I said we need to grow up & settle for some matured titles. Please.

          Yes , i am quite affirmative to your view that R2020 is not the best from CB, my best happens to be 3 mistakes of my reply (as the same was inspired from his life, that a total fiction). But still CB has brought a sort of revelation among youth of India , see 10 years back you would see very less college goers or office people discussing about books, only a certain class of society could be seen indulging in books, thats why i reffered to him as extraordinary , from that perspective. He bought the “REVOLUTION” among the readers & made them go for reading., you don’t see a book from Khushwant singh or arundhati roy or vikram seth to do it, Mr. CB’s writing had something for sure.!!
          Btw “Literary giant” or “stevjobs of writing” are just too naive view,s Chetan Bhagat has a zero literary bent in writing, he just have a tanginess in it thats it. he is an easy going writer, he stands no where in front of likes of salman rushdie & Khushwant singh (Both my fav.) !!

          Chetan Bhagat is known for his short stories, so couldn’t have afford to include the further part of sequel as suggested , it would have increased the lenght akwardly. Better a continuation comes of the book , that would be ideal.

          If the climax of book has enough potent to make the readers keep thinking about it even after 6 weeks of the release & further to it discuss on social platform like anything, i guess the writer won the battle & had its point. Ending the book on a happy end with G&A would have clearly given a wrong message to society, so though apparently sad & bad ending, their lies enough goodness beneath it & there’s no harm accepting it. It was something not expected & but okay even thought it was very filmy. !:P

          • Raghunath

            @beingthesingh – rearding 3 idiots….i felt that 3 idiots was regarded with a mature outlook that lacked in FPS.tht is wat made 3 idiots a huge hit in all segments while FPS was a hit among teens(honestly that was where it was aimed)…..
            “MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI” – the title intrigues in a fashion that why does a monk have a ferrari…and wy did he sell it….the story is abt a person who was sucessful in business and later attains in spiritual life….it is a same as saying “story of xxx”…nothing misleading abt the title at all…if u r looking for a story of a monk with a ferrari…then u need to read kids stories :)…
            Revolution2020 fills ur mind with story of corruption,and a clean india and many more dreams…wat u get is a love story with a brief mention of revolutuion… i dont know how they compare…
            again I thought the point abt making youth of india read…i believe that this may be a bit of an exaggeration, may be with the explosion of facebook and blogs..we can see who is reading what…but my opinion is the reading population has not increased that much since Mr.Bhagats advent…it is just that the reading populace is just more vocal and visible nowadays…..
            Again…a complete story with a 200 page addtion to the book would have been more satisfying than a half baked effort….if is goal was to sell many books and make profit…then..he has definitrly done that…..but if his goal was to start something new as his title suggested…then he has failed in that aspect…
            I have seen many negative reviews for the book..but if u r cb…any attention to his book is better than no attention…..

      • beingthesingh

        Well Thanks “N” for extoling & lookin up to me as a potential candidate to write a sequel. (I presume you weren’t sarcastic in saying the comment.)

        Let me Share, I asked Mr.Bhagat (on twitter) to consider my plot for sequel & asked a simple review, but to my surprise seven days since, I am yet to get back a reply. I officially asked him to allow me send e-mail the draft synopsis & prologue i have written, but then he still didn’t answer.

        My CID brain is suspsecting fishy,i believe the writer Mr.CB has taken a impress from plot & is not sure whether to pulblicly reply to it,if he publicly asnwer to it, that would mean he went through the tweet & in future he won’t be able to use the plot (if he desires) without giving me credit & acknowledgment. I have decided i would write a strong letter asking to throw light over the matter & remove the lurch ,& would officially ask for the rights to have me write a sequel to R2020. Once i manages it, i would extend my writing the sequel from prologue to chapters.(Though i have my rough draft for chapters also ready.) Let us see for how long my car remains on the Road !

        I can bet one thing , If today I start making announcement that sequel to R2020 is to be out, it will surely receive huge appraisal.I am pretty sure, people want to see the sequel with Gopal & aarti together. Many Got shattered in the end on their separation. Nothing but a sequel (Continuation of story) ending up in their patchup would end the quest of many shocked Indian Amateur readers.

        By the way, I won’t Mind if Mr.Chetan Bhagat considers this & he opts for writing the sequel,provided he gives me Enough credit for suggesting the plot.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh maan you can rival CB in writing a book. I am sure it could turn out to be a blockbuster. That’s one hell of an idea :).

      • beingthesingh

        Thank you Mr.Rastogi. Just Hope Chetan Bhagat gives me the much needed rights to make me proceed further. I have a wonderful prologue already ready, Would love to share , just some final editing & finishing up. Anyways a short teaser to Prologue :

        Prologue ===”Revolution Takes Place”

        One of the popular news channel was running a show with name ” Tale of a Old City” with this week focus on Varanasi, as the local MLA Raghav Kashyap appeared as a part of interview agreement, my wife anusha excitedly shouted, “Hey isn’t the same Raghav you spoke about three months back ? ”
        I was in dining area with paper stuff, noticing the strange element in her shout, my concentration drifted to the TV & as while i nodded in positive, thronged myself next to her on offwhite sofa with green coloured leaves straight in front of my recently purchased LCD TV.

        As Raghav the popular MLA continued to speak about the upliftment of nation”s oldest city, my first clear view of raghav brought all the memoirs of talk with Gopal, the director of Ganga Tech who also happened to be his best friend upon a time.

        Rgahav could vents his thought only for 5 minutes, as news channel had a contract with Binani Cement to promote their Product after 10 minues in a run of 30 minutes show. Anusha Left finishing, “Hmm, you were right, the guy looks impressive to me.” I then thought about Aarti to whom he was also impressive.

        Afternoon Passed to make me little free while my twins were off for their evening play. Morning’s 5 minute display of raghav kashyap revived my enthralling experience with Gopal ,in those three hours at hospital. It provoked me enough to pick my cell & call the Director of Ganga Tech.

        “Hi ,Chetanji is it you ?” Said the exciting voice of Gopal.

        “Yes,its me, Gopal wassup”

        “ChetanJi, Its all good, Your speech worked wonders for us, we enrolled nearly 200 students after it”

        “Really” I said , showing my false interest in number of students now gangatech had.

        “Yes, Soon we will double our turnover, & more to it we are bringing four more courses to make it perhaps the best college in North India” clearly it had a presence of proud & boast.

        I hadn’t called Gopal to learn his Projected financials , swiftly changing the topic I Said, “Good, I saw Raghav Kashyap today”

        Gopal turned silent for some 5 seconds, then replied, “Yes , he s a big person now”
        I thought , how men are best when it comes to practice jealousy & bad in hiding. I retorted , “Why so, has he joined Ganga Tech as a visiting lecturer”?

        Gopal countered , “Well Gang a Tech has other purposeful things to do, then to employ local MLAs as their faculties”

        Sensing annoyance, I confided, “Yes I saw him in all White dress on Television as MLA”
        Gopal stayed mum.I had to carry the conversation further. I applied anusha’s line “Hmm you were right, he looks impressive to me” Sometimes its correct to accept wives are your better-halves.

        Gopal now calmer, “Yes Chetan ji, He has grown to become a popular MLA here”

        Hearing the discordant sounds of my sons entering the house, I preffered finishing the call,

        “Can we meet in some time” ?
        “ChetanJi, Ganga Tech owes to you for 200 students”
        “I laughed off, Ok Gopal see you soon”

        Notes to prologue, to continue the story, i have to be in shoes of CB, so prologue is written with me as CB.

        Its just a teaser of prologue itself. !! Hope you all Got teased of “Revolution Takes Place”. Reviews are welcomed.

        Thanks once again.

        • aseemrastogi2

          Ok now did you actually purposely try to follow CB’s style or was it something you wanted to right on your own? Neverthless interesting stuff. Could make for a captivating read.

          • beingthesingh

            Thanks , yaar if my writing resembles CB’s style, but to be honest this was my own.
            My views were orignal. Plus you read the content of what was spoken by chetan bhagt itself, so had to follow his style. I am not purposely following his style whatsoever.

  93. N

    @ Raghunath,

    Arre U r ur parents’ child and they had the full right to call u “Raghunath”

    This book is Mr.Genius CB’s baby, he has full right to call it Revolution 2020…

    If people don’t like the name, that it THEIR problem ….


    • Raghunath

      @N – Please try to comment on the book and not get personal…
      Nobody is calling his right to name his book…just discussing the logic behind naming the book….
      and for a person who doesn’t read the “crap” cb writes…u comment a lot…

      • N

        @ Raghunath,
        Come on, don’t get senti over a stupid out-of-place comment that some1 who does not even read CB posted here !

        Nothing personal, m sorry, it was just a time pass comment 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey N, I guess that was a bit rude from your side. I am sure you don’t like CB and his books but please dont get personal here. 🙂

  94. Raghunath

    Your teaser definitely teased my curiosity……I sense u trying to follow cb’s style of narration….if u can follw his style and twist it just a bit so that it will be ur own style…it will be unique and successful…..all the best… 🙂

    • beingthesingh

      Thanks for wishing & appreciating the teaser.
      See, To an extent i have to adopt his style(after all i am a writing a sequel of his book), but don’t worry i have my own may of writing. If given a chance, you will read it sure, & will found shades of my writing which would be clearly different of it. I am more an aggressive writer & will bring pace & andraline to the writing. Let us see.

      • N

        @ beingthesingh,

        U have got a good imagination, u r creative and u love writing…

        Now y take write a sequel to something some1 else has written? I m sure u can come up with better ideas and concepts…

        I guess u r young and innocent to believe that CB will contact u to give rights or whatever. He won’t. Trust me (I m much older than u, and have seen more of life)

        From ur prologue I can see that u have tried to write like CB. But y follow him? I believe if u write like”yourself”, it would be more natural. U have got passion for writing and creativity, don’t depend on some1 else to give u a chance. Write ur own book, not a sequel to something some1 else wrote. Look around urself, observe the world, and interpret things in ur own way. Write blogs, short stories, etc. to develop ur skills. Do not follow in the footsteps of others, carve a path 4 urself! U have the passion, u have the talent…

        K…K… I knw this is a place to discuss CB’s books (& the only reason m here is to bash CB 😉 ), but still seeing ur passion for writing, i just cud nt help commenting!! Best of luck, beingthesingh, just be urself and write ur own novel, people will like it, m sure 🙂

        • beingthesingh

          Thanks for Writing those nice words & extending your advices regarding the matter.
          I want to be in writing in full time, but then have other preoccupations to take care off, so just how can’t devote much time to it, though i keep myself busy in writing dairy stuff.
          & I have written many short stories & developed many possible film scripts. But never got enough courage to share with world. Something , made me share this prologue anyhow.

          I would happily agree to you for not going for sequel to CB’s book, but then I see the same as my launch pad, readers would go itching to read my debut ,if that happens to be a sequel to CB’s book. Then I can approach publishers also, it is a safe content for them to publish afterall.

          One more thing, I would definetly have my own way of writing, you are getting resemblance just coz, there is CB everywhere, so any content with sarcasm & Ofcourse chetan himself in the scene & his same characters makes it look i am following his style. Never mind, wait for chapters to come.

          Thanks Again. By the way my prologue is full ready. Would share soon. Healthy & suggestive reviews will be appreciated. 🙂

          • Raghunath

            @beingthesingh – My earlier post had almost the same plot u suggested…..will i get my share if u go ahead with the book 🙂 …just kidding… I agree with u on ur launchpad….I suggested online forums for I have seen forums where newbie writers post their stories,get reviews as to how to improve their writing….that being the case posting the sequel and honing ur writing skill is not a bad idea…..I am curious though…how do u plan to write the scenes b/w raghav and shukla if the story is frm gopal or cb pov…
            @ N – would like to know the name…and this is a blog and freedom of speech is a good one to have…may be aseem decided that u need to have ur views known to all….would not be a point if the owner decides to delete a comment he does not like…..he should stop blogging all together…..
            @rastogi – Again with the typical “Indian” comment…..i view it as a world wide phenomenon….the grass may look greener on the other side..but it is still the same old grass…… I think by the time we reach or middle 20s we mature and find many of cb material offensive…..Even I thought FPS was hilarious and liked it very much…but to read the story now does not create the same feelings for me……

          • aseemrastogi2

            Oh yeah point taken about the fact that its a worldwide phenomenon and also how we mature and see his writing as offensive in the middle 20s. But in a way, I would say that he has also matured from writing college stories to more topical issues. But the underlying style is the same. Probably we have matured more than him ;).

          • aseemrastogi2

            Nice to know Shravan that you have written short stories and film scripts. What kind of stories do you generally write? I am sure once you start sharing with the world, you will be better off since you can improve as more and more people see your stuff. And the best way for that would be to start a blog :).

            As far as safe content to approach publishers is concerned, I think the question you got to ask yourself is “Whether you want to sell as many copies as possible?” or “Whether you want to be remembered as a very good author?” There’s nothing like safe content. It’s just that today a lot many publishers have become printers rather than publishers. Lot of crap being churned out in the name of writing.

            But obviously that doesn’t mean that you can’t follow CB or am discouraging you. But I personally think you should start a blog and see how it goes on from there. 🙂 To give you an example I was working on a novel and reached around halfway. But wasn’t happy with the content somewhere down the line. So have decided to delay it for quite a while and instead concentrate on short stories and also wrote an article for a book released this year “Down the Road”.

        • aseemrastogi2

          Excellent advice ‘N’. Writing short stories, blogs, articles etc. are the best option for a person whose starting out to improve his writing. Only after quite a long while comes a novel. 🙂 Before that even a novella can also come.

  95. N

    @ Raghunath & aseem,

    M sorry, that definitely was rude of me. I thought Aseem would delete my comments ha ha ha But he did nt…. thanks 🙂 !!!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      I didn’t delete because I thought that you would apologize and thankfully you did :).

  96. N

    @ Aseem,
    “It’s just that today a lot many publishers have become printers rather than publishers. Lot of crap being churned out in the name of writing.”

    Excellent point. Even I had been a wannabe author in my younger days, I thought i could do anything to get a book published. Even got to the point of clinching a deal with a publisher to write a cookbook… But certain ethical issues were involved and I decided not 2 compromise.. anyway no regrets..I guess, if m meant to write a book, it will happen in its own time..

    Anyway, its feels good to see the passion u guys have for writing, hope u never lose the spark !!

    @raghunath, my name is Natesha. I m sorry, I was bit angry with my boss that day, and thats y i commented widout thinking…

    • Raghunath

      @Natesha – It’s alright….I once saw a movie which described anger as a virus that spreads from person to person faster than a real virus…..abt beingthesingh’s twitter to cb….most people dont even see their twitter acc.dont know abt cb….they just use an assistant of automatic responses to reply to fan mail…..
      @beingthesingh…hey dude…wat happened to prologue…not fair to stop with a teaser 🙂

      • beingthesingh

        Ok Guys, this is the full Prollogue. Hope you like it. Any suggestions to improve it. Pl.involve. thanks.

        Prologue ===”Revolution Takes Place”

        One of the popular news channel was running a show with name ” Tale of a Old City” with this week focus on Varanasi, as the local MLA Raghav Kashyap appeared as a part of interview agreement, my wife anusha excitedly shouted, “Hey isn’t the same Raghav you spoke about three months back ? ”
        I was in dining area with my paper stuff, noticing the strange element in her shout, my concentration drifted to the TV & as while i nodded in positive, thronged myself next to her on offwhite sofa with green coloured leaves straight in front of my recently purchased LCD TV.

        As Raghav the popular MLA continued to speak about the upliftment of nation”s oldest city, my first clear view of raghav brought all the memoirs of talk with Gopal, the director of Ganga Tech who also happened to be his best friend upon a time.

        Rgahav could vent his thoughts only for 5 minutes, as news channel had a contract with Binani Cement to promote their Product after 10 minutes in a run of 30 minutes show. Anusha Left finishing, “Hmm, you were right, the guy looks impressive to me.” I then thought about Aarti to whom he was also impressive.
        Afternoon Passed to make me little free while my twins were off for their evening play. Morning’s 5 minute display of raghav kashyap revived my enthralling experience with Gopal ,in those three hours at hospital. It provoked me enough to pick my cell & call the Director of Ganga Tech.

        “Hi ,Chetanji is it you ?” Said the exciting voice of Gopal.

        “Yes,its me, Gopal wassup”

        “ChetanJi, Its all good, Your speech worked wonders for us, we enrolled nearly 200 students after it”

        “Really” I said , showing my false interest in number of students now gangatech had.

        “Yes, Soon we will double our turnover, & more to it we are bringing four more courses to make it perhaps the best college in North India” clearly it had a presence of proud & boast.

        I hadn’t called Gopal to learn his Projected financials , swiftly changing the topic I Said, “Good, I saw Raghav Kashyap today”

        Gopal turned silent for some 5 seconds, then replied, “Yes , he s a big person now”
        I thought , how men are best when it comes to practice jealousy & bad in hiding. I retorted , “Why so, has he joined Ganga Tech as a visiting lecturer”?

        Gopal countered , “Well Gang a Tech has other purposeful things to do, then to employ local MLAs as their faculties”

        Sensing annoyance, I confided, “Yes I saw him in all White dress on Television as MLA”
        Gopal stayed mum.I had to carry the conversation further. I applied anusha’s line “Hmm you were right, he looks impressive to me” Sometimes its correct to accept wives are your better-halves.

        Gopal now calmer, “Yes Chetan ji, He has grown to become a popular MLA here”

        Hearing the discordant sounds of my sons entering the house, I preffered finishing the call,

        “Can we meet in some time” ?
        “ChetanJi, Ganga Tech owes to you for 200 students”
        “I laughed off, Ok Gopal see you soon”

        “Ok, I will reach by tomorrow at 10”
        “ The Cab would be right there sir”
        “Oh yes, thank you very much” I said to Mr.Awasthi ,Stress management officer ,Infosys Kolkata.
        I was to leave for the place to grace the occasion of 10th anniversary of Infosys’ Kolkata Branch.

        Though I had this “see you soon” ending credits to talk with Gopal, professionally I kept busy & couldn’t seek time before 6 months.

        “Hello, May I Speak to Mr.Gopal Mishra Please?” I talked curtly to possibly her secretary
        “Sir is busy in some meeting with Foreign faculties, any message which I can convey?” said the polite formal lady.
        “hmm , just ask him what about Boat ride at Ghats”
        Clearly astonished , “Sorry”
        “ yeah, nothing, Just Convey this, Thanks” I Ceased the call.

        “Hi Chetanji, Long time” as excited as always Gopal Said on return call.
        “Yes”, I said meekly.
        “Sorry couldn’t take your call last time, was busy with faculties from Uk” Said the ever self admiring Mr.Gopal.
        “Hmm,Director of GangaTech has to be a busy person” I said being little scornful
        “Chetan ji!!” replied Gopal, balancing the talks.
        I Thought before the talks get to numbers & courses again, I Pushed my content, “So when can we meet , I am at allahabad university for couple of days, can come to Varanasi.”
        “Any Specific Purpose Sir”, replied for the first time in a serious tone
        “Not Really Just thought to check on Mr.rising Director” responded being sycophant.
        “ Anytime Sir, Friday would be perfect for me, we have kept the campus closed on that day, so will be able to entertain you well” Gopal said mockingly.

        For one moment, the word entertain took me off a bit, reminding of about my last entertainment stint with him, I obviously did not want that thing to repeat & witness hospital. “Okay Done.” I replied.

        It was a Nine months time, since my last visit to the city of temples & Rituals. Still the same, simple yet touching & magnetic, as I crossed one of the river ghat.

        Gopal had fixed his campus as our place of meeting along with a chauffeur driven car.I reached his place at about 7 in pm.

        The attendant took me to second floor , Gopal’s new ritzy rest room cum office with clearly visible latest furniture installed & recently painted walls with awkward smell.

        10 minutes later I was served with heartious snacks with most elegant crockery used. 20 minutes further to my snack serve, entered Gopal with a frivolous smile ,

        “ So Finally we are meeting, ! Ganga Tech managed to bring the Country’s best writer again in 3 quarters ” Said Mr.GangaTech die hard fan. Probably reading projected financials & results again & again had Made Mr.Gangatech talk more in Qtrs & half-yearly.

        I shook hands with him while standing up & Gopal comforted himself into his sofa cover laced brown colored huge chair & put his mobile, car keys & a small diary over the glass top of the table.

        “So Writer sahib” started gopal as if I was on kofee with gopal show.

        “Yeah, Its nice a feeling to be in Varanasi again, there’s definitely something about this place” I replied

        Before I could proceed further ,” Yes ofcourse, afterall it happens to be the place where Ganga tech is situated” Gopal intervened with yet another gangatech promotion line.

        As I nodded ,gopal’s phone rang up,

        “Hi Darling, Yes I am at campus only with Mr.Bhagat” said Gopal with shying smile.
        “well Can’t confirm for today, tomorrow we will hit Taj for sure”
        “hmm. Ok Take Care & Love ya ” signed off Gopal

        As I witnessed Gopal passing Love to someone on phone, few things mind boggled ; Can Mr.GangaTech be so over ambitious,that he can go to the extent of calling Deans &Faculties Darling & Signing of with Love ? or Is Mr.Gangatech doing all this to strike some deal with vendor ? or Mr.Ganga Tech finally found Mrs.Gangatech ? But then 9 months back , he was all Down Mr.Gangatech narrating his strange lovestory & concluding not to settle beyond aarti. But then, he is a money man now, money makes the person undergo radical changes. Or Mr.Gangatech Did something again to Get back Mrs.Ramada.

        While all this was going on my curious mind, Gopal said in awkard loud voice, “Hello Chetan Ji”
        “Yeah”, I clawed back myself to face Gopal propitious smile.

        I couldn’t resist myself & shooted , “So, Finally Mr.Gangatech found Mrs.Gangatech?”
        I expected some dry reply, but to my surprise, Gopal more loud from last time , “YESSS, Chetan ji, I Got my aarti back.”

        “wow” , shockingly though, I said to ecstatic gopal
        “Chetanji, It is a long story.” Gopal told in little depressing manner.

        Yes ,ofcourse such turnarounds don’t take place in matter of few minutes or hours. I thought.
        “Did I ask you by the way to narrate me?” Sounding sarcastic I replied.

        “Even Last time also you weren’t, but still I sensed it ?” Said the audacious Gopal almost making me realize , that afterall he was an IIT student who sat in two attempts, & had coachings at Kota for a year & was good enough to understand the hidden facts.

        “Oh Wow, that’s why you run a college I Guess”
        “May be you are right” said the pacified Gopal

        “So, when you have sensed it, You shouldn’t be wasting much time then” I said sounding that I meant business.

        “Okay, but I should arrange some drinks, don’t worry, this time I would be fine” Replied Gopal in little hurry & turned left towards intercom.

        15 minutes later , after rounds of washroom & drinks preparation ,Gopal relaxing in his chair with drink in hand ,started,

        “hmm Chetan ji, I think I should start at where I Left”
        “Yes, otherwise it won’t make sense to begin two events later” I shot back to his apparently naïve start.
        Appearing little short on memory where he left, I helped him, “You finished at their marriage”

        “Yeah, yeah & Raghav was on brink to be MLA & Aarti was doing fine at Ramada, Ok” said Gopal after hurriedly stopping me & started with a itching on back.

        • Raghunath

          Some points came to me as soon as read ur prologue…..
          1)A disclaimer would go a long way….just for safety purpose:)
          2)Try not to focus on facts such as TV,table and try to focus on people…I have read many stories where people start describing armani boots and levis jeans and get off the story…
          3)words like wassap and see ya can be avoided…but i guess if u go for a novel in a casual language they become in evitable…..
          4)I think you included the words darling and love to emphasise gopal’s happiness and the fact that he is in a relationship..I personally dont know of people who speak like that…on the other hand I have seen those phrases in novels….
          5)I felt the timeline was too short for a change..but i will wait till the story progresses for the verdict..
          6)Could not understand the mocking gopal….sardonical cb and the like….explanation would be nice 🙂
          Very good start for the story….content not greater than the teaser…but then again …it was a teaser to the prologue and not the story…..
          I would like you to continue the story to not only see your style but also to read the story progress..

          Sorry for the long post…if you feel like I am nitpicking the story…just say so….
          Also….hope you r not going to post the whole story in this blog…..a seperate blog with the link to us would be much appreciated

          • aseemrastogi2

            Hi Raghunath,

            Didn’t understand the disclaimer part you wrote about. As far as the fact of using words like wassap and see ya goes, I think they should be avoided. The problem is because with these words, the author isn’t regarded as serious enough but rather someone whose writing isn’t really serious enough.

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hi Shravan,

          I think its a really nice attempt at writing. Good ideation and understanding of the story. I personally think there’s no problem in describing about Armani boots or Levis jeans or even the colour of CB’s hair or Gopal’s belly because you need to capture the attention of the reader. The reader should feel that he’s into the story and sitting next to Gopal and CB and seeing what they are discussing. This is the best way to ensure that happens.

          As for the fact that on where you could improve, I think you need to improve your hold over things like these –

          “I was in dining area with my paper stuff, noticing the strange element in her shout, my concentration drifted to the TV & as while i nodded in positive, thronged myself next to her on offwhite sofa with green coloured leaves straight in front of my recently purchased LCD TV.”

          First of all the sentence here is too big. And then you can’t really say something like strange element in her shout or thronged myself next to her on the offwhite sofa with green coloured leaves. I guess its wrong usage / context of English here. You should desist from making sentences too long as well as the fact that avoid describing everything in one sentence.

          Not trying to make you down here. Giving an honest feedback. I hope you don’t feel bad or angry for it. I personally think for writing, ideation is very important to write something good. And you have got it bang on target. You just need to improve certain aspects and you can go do well. 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Natesha,

      Nice to know the name finally behind the “N” ;). On another note yeah I started blogging about 2.5 years back and have been on and off writing for professional blogs and small time stuff here and there. Always wanted to write something big. But then there’s always the question whether one wants creative satisfaction or sell maximum books. 🙂

      By the way if you blog, would like to check out what you write :).


  97. PREE

    d book was good but it felt like many of those common lov stories united with corruption nd set n indian background…
    but d chocoate cake stealin was too cute….

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hi Priyam,

      Yeah that’s the case with most of CB’s books. But nice to see a different comment here. Probably in the more than 300 odd comments you are the first one to talk about the cake stealing scene. Yeah it was cute for sure 🙂 Reminds you of your school days.

  98. I think the book is nice with a touch of Indaness which is always there in his book.The story is little predictable yet curiosity is always there.Tod download this novel pdf follow this link,,55.3 MB,,Nov 7, 2011,

    to download his two states then follow this link,Chetan_Bhagat_-_2_States_The_Story_of_My_Marriage.pdf,838.6 KB,,Nov 12, 2011,

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks for the links Anil. Yeah his books have to have the touch of Indianness because he knows that Indianness coupled with the predictability and cliched driven stuff works with his audience :).

      • Raghunath

        Really really hope u delete the links and advice people to stop posting links for e-books……please realize however disappointing the book turned out to be,please read it by purchasing the book and if dont want to read it,then don’t read it at all……

        I thought the dialogue abt gopal wanting to make money and it making sense to aarti was done nicely…the whole exchange would have brought smiles to all faces…..I believe the scenes of small kids interacting always brings a sense of longing and happiness….after all we all want to stay as kids away from the pressure and wanting to see the worls as black and white….. 🙂

        • aseemrastogi2

          But then Raghunath, a lot of people use e-book readers today, don’t they? I mean and a lot of books they read in ebook readers are free so do you think deleting them is necessary? Though I personally wouldn’t want my book to be read on an e-book for free. 🙂

          Being small kids away from all the tensions in the world is seriously the best thing I would always want. In that age, everyone wishes that they never become old at all. 🙂

          • Raghunath

            @rastogi – free ebooks are not a problem……e books published by publications are not supposed to be repicated in digital media without permission….in other words..illegal…just wanted people to read more books by legal means..that’s all

            As 4 my points abt boots and tv…I am a member of a site “”….newbie writers write their stories for feedback to improve their writing…May be I have read too many stories….but a common mistake many make is start describing every aspect of the clothing and books and all kinds of things for pages on that make it tiring and make people lose interest….The lines “newly purchased LCD TV” seems a little superfluous in the context of the story…it distracts the reader from the main the person in the television….If you r going for a description of a person…the brands and accessories will be useful…else they become words added to the book without meaning…..

            One of the criticism cb faced was his language in his books….there was a comment saying it was not up to international standard…. i think his reply was that he was writing for the Indian audience
            …I don’t exactly have a problem with using hybrid words…but I feel them jarring when I read a book and almost all new authors are doing it now…..

            it is really a irony that when we are kids we want to grow up soon…but now we want to become a kid again…..being a grown up sucks i guess…… 🙂

   offence to beingthesingh…..I really think he has a good start ….and hope you dont take offense for expressing my views…..

          • beingthesingh

            First of all let me extend my warm thanks to both Mr.Aseem & Mr.Rastogi for going through the prologue and making valuable additions to it spread over 2-3 comments, really appreciate it.
            Plus calling my work good at times. I have following things to say in connection to it :

            i) I completely agree with Mr.Rastogi, that as a writer while narrating it is very essential to jot down the minute details of things around us, it is a story written not a piece of article, so as we focus on only people & content, story has to be narrated in a manner to make the reader indulged in the proceedings. Thanks for advice, i will keep in mind while writing further so as to not drift away too much, but then thats the beauty of writing that how you manage to include both the stuff & continue with it, i ensure i will do enough justice to it. I will not divert from my this of writing to start with describing the things & places around us, as a reader & writer, i have experienced much that narrating in such manner makes the whole content go very live & involving.

            ii) Disclaimer is also ready by me, i will use it in appropriate time, that is the time in future i get the opportunity to have my debut printed. I knew , its of very much importance.

            iii) Now coming to usage of words “Wassup”, “Love Ya”, you would find tough to digest, but when I used them , i knew it would draw some flaks for sure, but then the use was intentional (in case of wassup), Like , i could have used ” Hi Gopal, How are you?” , & would have cleared with least detterance, then thought, i am narrating in first person , & to bring naturality, i should use a word that is more often used, & no doubt to it, wassup happens to be more used than “How are you” ?
            so, there was a writer’s specific stunt to bring in little naturality in talks, n make it look real. But considering the fact , it is not good , i will look to consider removing it. Regarding “Love Ya”, actually, its a reply to the person on other side, who possibly said, I Iove You, & then Gopal Replied, take care & Love Ya. (like Take care & Love you,) , common i am writing a book with urban characters, so made an attempt to ,yes, make it look natural. But looks the attempt is futile, so should consider now to revise it. (The PDF of prologue is under study my few frds, let me get their reviews too, i would inform my final take on it.)

            iv) Darling & Love are very much used in our daily lives too, so theres no big deal if I used them in some portion of the book.

            v) Mr.Rastogi, special thanks for such specific suggestion & involvement, but let me present my take on it, that long sentence was deliberately written. I used to present the whole thing i.e (CB moving from dining area to tv area along with answering to anusha’s question) happened in matter of few seconds, i thought if i would say in one go, the reader would get the feel that all such event was a quick one & anusha’s way of asking up had enough excitement & loud. Thats why i used word “strange element”. I have personally experienced these type of moments at my house, when here n there, my mom would shout in a most weird way almost making run to the tv area, but here i had to be sophisticated afterall anusha is an IIM Grad, so i prefered using strange word instead of weird or shout. I used enough commas though to make it feel, that all these are seperate events happening at one stroke in matter of a fraction. Then, My describing of sofa n location of LCD, see i had to fit in these lines, my using fresh lines or next lines would have looked unnecessary so while being less emphatical, i tried to fit all . i.e description of sofa n lcd, positive answer of CB, his shift to tv area, & yes his sitting positon being next to her wife itself, making the couple being thronged on the sofa. I Hope i could present my case well.

            vi) Regarding the timeline, see this even troubled me, that how much time would be enough to make it all happen, i initially thought of six months only, then extended to 9 months, i thought that would be more than enough for CB to have interest in Gopal ‘s tale, a year later, why would he remain so involved ,that was a reason also, i put two intervals, i.e one after 3 months , a little call to Gopal & Raghav’s brief interview so as to maintain the interest,t hen finally 6 months a full chat over it. I felt a year’s time would have been too much, so shortened it to (3+6 months=9 months.) I am hopeful i would develop the story in these 9 months very well, my story won’t extend over a long period of time,but would be roam in short period & have a deeper coverage to events taking place.

            vii) Regarding explanations to words “Mocking” & “sardonical CB”. First of all I never used the word sardonical, it was scornful, i used scornful to imply the sarcasm & ridicule , because a event earlier Mr.CB could not talk to ever busy Mr.Gangatech, so it was like to send grey signals of the fact ok , so you kept Celebirity writer wait over a call n made his call answer by a secretary.The word seems perfect to me anyhow. Mocking was used actually to emphasise on “Entertain you well”, its like we say in hindi” aap aajaiye hum aapki achi khaatirdari karenge”, i feel i should have written , mocking the last three words, n then clarity would have prevailed.

            I am now very much proceeding the book, soon i will be ready with chapter -1 “Shukla’s Honest Bail” ,i am waiting for more views from my circle. Ok i will put it on a some blog next time. and Guys thanks a lot for your support ,time n views. Pl.continue, i ensure you all a perfect credit in acknowledgment i will write. I Don’t feel any offence or being lowered down. Thanks again.

            Chapter-1 to be out soon.= Shukla’s Honest Bail.

          • aseemrastogi2

            No problem in using words like ‘Wassup’ and ‘Love Ya’. But its just that you are not considered that serious and a bit of run-of-the-mill like everyone else around if you use such stuff. I understand your case on making that sentence particularly long but I still feel you can say those things better in 1 or 2 more sentences.

            Just a small advice – Don’t hurry with your book. Write slowly. It may take weeks, months, years. Remember even movies take years to be made. But your end product should be the best that people love it for years. That should be your goal and you should work towards that. 🙂 By the way I can give you details of some publishers in case you looking for sometime later.

          • aseemrastogi2

            Oh yeah that way probably e-books are not supposed to be reciprocated I agree. But then if you consider in a similar fashion downloading movies via torrents is also wrong, isn’t it? Though obviously I can’t say that if everyone commits that wrong its a right thing to do ;).

  99. beingthesingh

    One more thing, since on this blog i could not put underlines ,so there may be the feeling that the whole text is in continuation, though there are several stops in between, so please be little careful while reading & look to grasp the possible stoppages. Though i am breifing up here :

    First stop is after ” I laughed off , Ok Gopal see you soon”
    Second stop is after ” Professsionally Chetan Kept busy & couldn’t meet before 6 months”
    Third Stop is after “I ceased the call with secretary”
    Fourth stop is after “Okay Done ,I replied to gopal to meet on friday”

  100. Raghunath

    @rastogi – just a disclaimer saying that …he is nt making profit and acknowledging the characters as cb’s…..may seem a bit ridiculous..but he is writing a story based on another persons book..and after asking permission and not getting…meh…whatever….just to be on the safe side and it is not going to harm anyone….
    what did u think abt the timeline???9 months too early..may be push it back some years??just want an opinion…..

  101. beingthesingh

    Little correction in first line i wanted to say, warm thanks to Mr.aseem & Mr.Raghunath.

  102. Hi, If you read the review and wanna download a copy of the book for reading before purchase, you can refer here. Its always better to have a soft copy of your fav novel.

    • aseemrastogi2

      I think old fashioned people like me and many others here still love the smell of a new book with crispy pages. 🙂

  103. viresh

    nothing is new out come from revolution 2020…….very comman folw of story writing in all chetas book…..very filmy ending…..

    • aseemrastogi2

      ‘Filmy ending’ and ‘common story’ has been discussed in this comment section left, right and center for the past 1 month ;).

  104. Bharathi_tamilnadu

    The basic things discussed are not that deals with LOVE,CORRUPTION,AMBITION….Read an article of Chetan a week back in,”The Hindu” where he said that Generation Y likes to read only love stories and hence I never wanted to deviate that story line…Beg your pardon Mr.Chetan,It’s not that Indian youth loves to read only romantic stories.It’s the hidden truth that CB doesn’t know anything more than love and romance..Don’t estimate Indian youths to be love addicts..We are more of potential people who can do lot more than going behind a girl’s back!!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh you can’t fault him for saying that. He has such a huge audience base for what he writes. Whatever people read, he would produce that, isn’t it? In a way he has evolved as a write from FPS to Revolution 2020. But then the basic theme of the book which is a love story remains the same so you really can’t say much. Interestingly there’s one more thing to it. If you see his female characters, they are so cliched in every book :). Sad but true.

  105. Raghunath

    I doubt he meant that……he did not say gen y likes only love stories….come on guys….his books may be mediocre…but when it comes to articles, interviews and speeches he is politically correct and good a lot of times…..Ultimately he is a businessman and he has to write what he feels will sell…..not that it is a bad think…..If he starts writing books that r revolutionary and no one reads them,..he will suffer financially…..I think there have been enough discussions abt him for us to conclude that….

    • N

      Ya, he is “politically correct” and that is NOT a good thing !! It simply means he is trying to be a crowd pleaser, that he writes only what he knows will be acceptable to the society/politicians, etc… Well then ya, he is a business man and he ought to be politically correct !!
      Come on!!

      • N

        And his articles about women/ related issues r disgusting… If this is how an IIT & IIM graduate feels about women, then I guess education does little to enlighten men…

        • aseemrastogi2

          Oh yeah his views on women are pretty crappy for sure just like his women characters 🙁

      • aseemrastogi2

        Yeah Natesha, but its a very tricky thing whether to decide to be a businessman or a writer. I mean see initially he had a banking job. But now he’s a full time writer so probably he has to keep his house running as well :). But yeah in that scenario, he may churn out something which many may not like that so be it. It’s interesting situation.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Some of his articles are good while others aren’t that great. As for his books, the question there is the same what I put to Natesha. Whether he wants to be a good businessman or a good writer? Right now I would say that he is an amazing businessman with good PR and marketing skills and pretty mediocre writing abilities whose loved because he gives people what they want which may not necessarily be great literary stuff. So its a tricky situation to tread on.

      • Raghunath

        @Rastogi – Agree with you that he is a good businessman who give people what they want…that is what he said in his interview too…acc to bharathi anyway….As I said earlier nobody claims he is a great literay giant…..and it is a very tricky situation for any author….
        @Bharathi – have not read many of his interviews….then again the way he portrays women is not necessarily the way he thinks…he is trying to see how a teenage mind works and adapt acc…..again his books target the teens and not adults as such…so what you will find funny in college may not be neccesarily funny after u mature a little bit….This is frm personal experience….I thought his 3 mistakes was the best work….revolution 2020…well this whole comment section is full of views and the FPS that I read in college an now are very different….what I found funny…realistic and great in college,I find now offensive,too romantic and a bore to read…

  106. Bharathi_tamilnadu

    Agree with you N!

  107. Nivedita singh

    Superb stry. I just wanna ask one thng nd dat is- is it a true stry? nd if yes i seriously want to meet gopal mishra,i want to see dat hw a man can be so gr8.ok i understand dat he felt dat he was a corroupt man bt den dis cant be a reason 2 sacrifice ur love whom u have loved frm ur childhood days.Nyways jus wanna say dat Gopal u r a gr8 man wid huge heart cz everybody cant do it.

    • aseemrastogi2

      True story? Now that’s an interesting question Nivedita. I don’t think anyone has thought till now that its a true story. But as what it looks like, every book of CB seems to have some sense of reality attached from somewhere probably his personal experiences or those what he sees around. Though I am really not sure. As far as sacrificing his love is concerned, I doubt anyone would do that in reality. Or shall I say I doubt anyone would have the guts to do that in reality.

    • N

      No fiction is free of fact… & no non-fiction is free of certain fictional elements… Fiction is based on the writer’s imagination and thought processes which itself is shaped by real-life experiences around him, so it is but obvious that even pure fictions have traces of real life people/incidents… So even though a particular character may not have been modelled upon a real-life person, he would still have characteristics of the people the author would have known in real life… And this applies to not just CB, but every author. I guess many of u guys also write as a hobby, so its something we all would have experienced while writing…

      • aseemrastogi2

        Very rightly said Natesa. Every creative person whether its writer, director, artist etc. is always influenced by the world around him. The way people act, the behaviour, the different situations he may find himself all influence his thinking and his work.

  108. vanshika

    i liked the book and its nt that bad…..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hahah! That was a short and sweet comment compared to many big ones around here :). But yeah I can understand Vanshika. Many people have liked the book :).

  109. Raghunath

    I think the fact that cb starts his book with the dialogue with the characters have confused many people….Real people r not….if he gets his point is more than enough…..
    @beingthesingh – dude…update 🙂
    @rastogi – when I wanted a sequel,I thought of suggesting a book with a detailed sketch of our electoral process…I have read books abt both us and uk system….I recently read a book “Chanakya’s chant” which was both an entertaining and informative book….thoughts on the book??

    • aseemrastogi2

      Personally I have heard a lot of praise about Chanakya Chant and its author Ashwin Sanghi but haven’t read it yet. What’s it about? Sequel to R2020 you mean??

      • Raghunath

        @Rastogi – well it is the methods and tactics chanakya used to make maurya king as to how it applies to the world today….really gave a detailed plot abt the polical process in india….kind of how i expected cb to go abt his revolution….I have started to read the book(prada)….what was brilliant was the arrogant and condescending tone that she voiced her opinions…I think finding an indian actor equal to that is difficult(no offense to Indian actors…but true).

        • aseemrastogi2

          Oh I was a bit sceptical about it because history doesn’t seem my cup of tea. You would still recommend it? But then with CB it was I guess more about the love story part of it in R2020 and less of revolution. Oh haven’t read the book – Devil Wears Prada but saw the movie and found it awesome :).

  110. beingthesingh

    @raghunath : Book in process. Rough Sketch ready & end & twist all set.
    Very Soon, Chapter 1 to be out. Thanks for keeping the interest.

    • Raghunath

      @beingthesingh – mean to say u finished the book??? :O…That’s brilliant…..As for the interest…I love reading all kind of books and even if I dont have the interest and the talent to write a book..I like to encourage them….
      I was disappointed that no one recommended any books till now….BTW…has anyone seen “The Devil wears Prada” film….Brilliant acting by Meryl Streep… is a chick flick…but the acting by all the actors and the film in general just makes u enjoy it…
      @Rastogi – Abt the piracy of books…..Just because everyone does it doesn’t make it right…..and books dont cost that much….there is a reason I did not mention movies cause I dont watch all the movies in theatres..but I buy al the books that I want to read….I dont think spending a 400 for a good book is that much for a person who can dl it from a site…..

      • aseemrastogi2

        Oh no no. I personally am also pretty old fashioned in the sense that I feel that there is nothing like the smell and crispiness of the pages of a new book. But then what am trying to say is that with so many free e-books roaming around online, this generation of writers will need to ensure different means of success for themselves. Because say for eg: Today you have 35k free e-books available on Amazon which can be downloaded and read on its Kindle. If one can download and read so much for free, he / she wouldn’t take the risk of paying more unless he / she is a voracious reader like me or you. Pretty sad but true. Not that its a right thing to do but just a sad reality.

        As for Devil Wears Prada, it was a lovely movie. And Meryl Streep is brilliant as always :). For books I am not into literature or autobiographies too much. And not that much into foreign authors either. Thrillers are what I love to read the most. But obviously romcoms, college stuff etc. rule the roost as well. The Mukul Deva series on military terrorism is mind boggling – Lashkar, Salim Must Die, Tanzeem and Blowback (Reviewed two of them on my blog). I just finished a book called “The Patriot” on maritime terrorism whose review I would put up tomorrow and its excellent. Then some decent ones include Another Chance and Love, Life and all that Jazz by Ahmed Faiyaz, Of Dreams by Aditi Talwar, If God was a Banker (Good) and Devil in Pinstripes (Okayish) by Ravi Subramanian to name a few.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Would you be putting up that chapter somewhere or we can have a sneak peak only after the book gets published? Would love to read it 🙂

      • beinghthesingh

        @Rastogi :Will release the chapter-1 once it gets over, on a blog for reviews.

        @Raghunath: Full Book not ready, only a Draft with characters & possible content is done. Plus I have a climax also done with a complete shocker.

        Also,I have developed a new character in the sequel , who plays an integral role in the story.

        Chapter-1 “Shukla’s Honest Bail “deals with How Shukla comes out of jail & various scenes covering his talks with Gopal regarding business & politics etc .
        The Chapter will end with Shukla out on bail & is his meeting with raghav is now most likely to happen & the same will be written in chapter-2- “Raghav -Shukla Meet”

        Meanwhile, the prologue was finalised with few minor changes after i got few more reviews. Will also share the same with chapter-1.


  111. shan


    • Raghunath

      Interdting blog….You know I just realized…I think this is exactly how fanfiction for many books started…..though others had more material to work with…..But this may very well be chetan’s best and worst books…..worst because the response is not as good as expected….best because any response is a good response fr a book and with the start of user fanfictions….his status haas been elevated or may be equalled to int.authors in reputation…. 🙂

      @Rastogi – It is a bit of history…not sure if it is true or not…I myself dont read history that much unless it is mixed with fiction…but this story is more of a story than dry history…..I will definitely recommend it…though after reading it I did lose a little bit of faith in democracy

  112. shan

    Hi guys, I have been going through your review for the last two to three days. Came to know that you people are greatly talented and im the odd one here; just a ordinary reader.
    The main reason which made me write here is that; about one week before one of my friend gave me this book Revolution 2020 to read. I have never known much about CB. Now I think accepting the book from my friend was the biggest mistake in my life. Its been five days I have finished reading this book and ever since I finished the book I have gone to a mental depression. I feel depressed all the time as this idiotic book is still in my head or mostly the ending of the book. I know it sounds stupid and I have even tried to console myself by saying that “ for gods sake ….its only a fictional novel !!!!!!! “ but no use..
    I explained this to one of my friend who is a talented writer. He told me that the main reason is that while reading this book if you are able to relate yourself with the character Gopal, you will also feel like him in the end. ie you will be GOPAL…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This was what CB was trying to do with this book…he is a sadist.

    I know you all will find me stupid and funny. But this is my condition.
    I want to know one thing from “ beingsingh” (don’t know his real name) that what made him to write a sequel for this novel.
    Do you people feel the same as I feel or do I have a problem ???
    Please reply……I believe good writers are also good psychologists…

    • N

      Hey Shan, its ok !!
      If u do somethng wid full involvement, then u r likely to get involved & identify urself with the characters. Its perfectly normal. Yes there r other people also who felt bad after reading it.. thats y der is so much discussion here!!

      Its ok to feel bad, but not to be *depressed* !!
      Y don’t u read a funny book or watch a comedy movie to liven up ur spirits?
      as it is der r enuff problems in real life to make one sad, please don’t let a stupid fiction upset u !! Come on cheer up, and avoid CB in future 🙂

      • Raghunath

        @Shan – Why do you think I asked for recommendations to read any book…Felt the same way as you 4 many days…and I’ll tell you time heals the depression and i did try other books and they did not help that much….I think an idle mind is the problem….any way I agree that getting involved in the story is the main reason…but i dont think it is possible to totally isolate yourself frm any book unless you read a fantasy or a mythology….Again the main reason there are alternate endings and sequels is that i people dont like the ending or dont agree with the author…(HHr shippers in HPFF)…..and thinking abt it all the time…well work cures all depression and if u still feel depressed..get a gf 😉

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey shan,

      You don’t have a problem at all. It’s just that guess there were many like you who got too involved with the characters in the novel and would have started to feel the same. But I am sure you can divert your mind by doing your daily activities, reading new books, listening to music, watching movies etc. At the end of the day its just a book :).

      • KG

        I totally agree with Aseem.

      • shan

        @aseemrastogi2 & @N Thanks for youyr relaxing comments. that was kind and feels better now than before
        @raghunath i actually loved your advise of getting a GF, It is the best Stress management techgnique 🙂
        but if the girl turns out be one like Aarthi ; then probably my mere depression will turn out into a mental trauma and i may get ended up in ” Mental Hospital ” 🙂

      • Raghunath

        Well….that is a pessimistic view of life 🙁 . All u can do is hope 4 the best. I have no idea as to how to reply to that Aarthi comment withou offending anyone..other than this…
        @beingthesingh – have not read ur blog yet….will reply after reading….
        @rastogi – This seems to be your most successful blog(I think)…can we take that as a success of the book…critical not commercial…

        • aseemrastogi2

          Yeah Raghunath this blog post is by far the most successful for me in the 2.5 years since I started blogging all because of you guys :). The book is a commercial success for sure. By critical do you mean so much analysis all of us are doing about whether we need to have a sequel or whose point of view should have been there and stuff like that? Then yeah maybe would say critical success as well 🙂 because as we saw a guy came up with an alternate ending also. Must be many people who must have thought stuff like that :).

          • Raghunath

            @rastogi – No..I meant critical success as in review from book critic such as you and many others who reviews books and movies…..Again the analysis of the ending and the pov is the result of people(and I include myself) not satisfied with the book or the content….and I think this is the first time expressing your views in the net has become a viable and popular option…..

          • N

            CRITICAL REVIEW :-O ???????????


            HA HA HA HA HA HA

          • aseemrastogi2

            Actually Natesa it maybe crap but the masses love it and that includes people like you and me as well. Probably we read to know what crap he has written. Some read to criticise him. There are others who read because they adore him. While there are others who read his books and get inspired to write something more :). So in the end you can like him or hate him but can’t ignore him. It’s as simple as that :). And that’s why the reviews for his books have increased exponentially over the years.

          • aseemrastogi2

            Raghunath, I think reviews by different people for CB’s books have increased exponentially with every book of his. Whether its his popularity with the masses or the style or whatever, people are addicted to read his books. But with this book coming around 2 years after his previous one, the hopes and expectations were even higher. And that’s why you saw 5 lac pre – orders which is actually phenomenal. I didn’t get what you mean by expressing one’s views on the net being a viable option??

  113. Cool boy

    I think that the book was great!!! U just always think gopal and aarti were made for each other !!! That chemistry was awesome , but u tend to hate the end!!!! Gopal deserved better!! Like, in harry potter harry deserved HERMOINE !!!!!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh yeah their chemistry was definitely good and you do feel for Gopal in the end. But Harry deserving Hermoine??? From where did that come :P? I thought anyways Harry always liked someone else. Wrong comparison I think.

      • Raghunath

        Well…They deserve each other in the sense that they r both losers :)…and many people thought that hhr was the way to go…why???the same reason as before….2 characters…mf..both leading the book…you dont xpect on character to be paired to a unknown 3rd character….and lets face it…no one like ron and emma(hermione in film) is hot 😉 …
        @Rastogi – I saw ur blog on the tragedy in kolkota…Do u think the blog could have come up as quick 3 yrs ago…that is wat i mean by a viable option…today net is far spread and a media equal to tv and better than a paper or radio

        • aseemrastogi2

          Yeah if I were to think of it in that way probably people would have expected things to happen that way. But as you yourself said since love didn’t form a very important part of HP series, people didn’t pay that much attention. As for my blog coming up 3 years ago, actually I myself started writing 2.5 years back. But yeah 3 years back Twitter was at its entry level in India. Though blogging has been there in some form or the other from 2004 in India I think.

      • Cool boy

        But tell me honetly didnt you want harry to be married to hermoine???? I am saying in that sense !!! What we all wanted to happen didnt happpen!!!!!

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hmmm yeah probably if you think since Harry is the main male lead and Hermoine the main female lead, one would surely expect them to be together in the end rather than with Ron who was never the main character. But then yeah I personally never thought of this thing before you said. Wonder now how would the different books be if that would have happened :). Food for thought for JK Rowling maybe.

          • Raghunath

            @Rastogi – Well…given that hp books were never abt romance and the main characters were hp and lv…it was aimed at child audience and the romance was just a pickle to satisfy the teenagers reading 6 and 7 books….If you want to know how it turned out (HHr) read the thousands of stories(some of them very well written)….in the web….

          • aseemrastogi2

            Yeah you mean fan fiction right? Never tried reading any of that. Though yeah have heard that its been really active over and across the HP series.

          • Raghunath

            @Coolboy – Gopal was a good person…really??!!…neither of them were completely good or white(as no real human is)…..
            @Rastogi – I think basing your book on a existing world makes for easier writing than creating your own world and having readers connect to them again….for new writers anyway…I have been recommended to read many stories ..the authors of which have gone on to publish their own books…So I guess it is not hp..but the new authors like beingthesingh who keep it going…
            Blogging may have been there,but wat abt its reach…. and connectivity….I feel that in 2004 web was a luxury rather than a necessity like now….Only well recognized colleges and organizations had it…That is y I think that this book became such a hit..

          • aseemrastogi2

            Oh yes basing stories on something one has seen or experienced is obviously much easier. But then for any writer its all about moving out of the comfort zone. It depends whether a writer wants to give himself / herself the necessary push to come out of it or not. Because one’s diversity is tapped and understood only if one does that. And interestingly if you see how many of the young Indian writers move from simple topics like college life, sex, friendship etc. etc. How many write thrillers? How many write about crime? How many write about history mixed with fiction like Chanakya Chant? The number is very very few sadly.

            Oh yeah blogging, social media etc. has expanded its reach exponentially over the years for sure. But I don’t think you can put the success of the book to that. As far as CB is concerned, he has made a name for himself since the days of FPS. It’s just that his books are more and more keenly awaited today. And yeah social media does play a role in marketing, promoting or also degrading his book, but then its just one of the reasons for the success or failure whatever you call it since many have lambasted the book as well.

            With CB as I said, you can’t ignore him at all :).

          • Raghunath

            I agree that using an existing theme won’t bring new ideas…But the idea of using a existing theme is to iron out your language and writing style.I have seen great ideas and themes that could have been made into good books ruined because of the author not able to convey his ideas…
            All I am saying is that you cannot measure the critical success of the book by the amount of activity on the web these days….I have been using blog not only for this book..but also to get across some of my views…
            @Beingthesingh – is the whole chapter published???will read it and tell my opinion…

          • aseemrastogi2

            Oh obviously you can’t solely judge the popularity of the book by the activity on the web. But I think nowadays social media, blogging, reviews etc. have become a very integral part of any writers journey. He needs to ensure that he gets good reviews. Unless he gets good reviews say on Flipkart or blogs or some other place, people may not read his work. These reviews written by you and me are important criteria for people to buy books. Obviously everyone may not be like that. Like some one who loves Chetan Bhagat wouldn’t care a damn even if I say Revolution 2020 is horrible. But the net does play a very integral role these days for sure.

            I personally don’t think using an existing theme can always be used to iron out flaws. I mean there are numerous college guy meets girl and sex kinda stories around and sadly most of them are generating crap. Yes they work hard to make books. I mean obviously I know it takes guts to even write something and its not everyone’s cup of tea. But generating crappy stuff won’t do a world of good. That’s why I always believe to become a good writer probably one has to start writing a lot of short stories. In my opinion that improves writing a lot :). And probably graduate to novels at a later point in time.

      • Cool boy

        We all have different opinions , but gopal was a very good person, didn’t deserve this kind of treatment by AARTI

        • aseemrastogi2

          I am sure he didn’t deserve it. Lets see how the UTV movie turns out to be. Whether its gonna be a sad ending or a happy one. Would be interesting to watch out.

  114. beingthesingh

    Any Review Guys for the 4 pages of chapter-1 published on blog by me. Feedback helps me to work better over weekend. Though I am continuing to write further,but still steady n continous feedback would help me to proceed in right direction.

    • shan

      well i dont know how to give an intellectual feedback on it but as an ordinary readers point of view , it was a good start…the writing style was good but…….again i felt like there was a very little happenings and a lot of description….
      @ aseemrastogi2 come on man… give him a good feedback….!!!!

  115. beingthesingh

    @shan : Thanks for the review words. Well those were just the first 4 pages of the book. It requires me to describe the new characters in first portion of the book itself. It would be like half baked stuff if u don’t know how arjun looks & or the peon. (both these characters will be onvolved in later parts of story) I am trying to make the readers involve themselves with whatever is happening there n wants to visualise well. See the first 4-5 pages of any book goes like it, in description. Now the description part is almost over, the event would start begin to happen. It wasn’t the case nothing happend in those 4 pages, there was that advocate call, gopal-arjun conversation & now when i will upload dew next pages, u will come across many more new events n surely will make the story move ahead.

  116. hey aseem ,

    i was thinking to leave a comment here after reading this gr8 review, but m amazed to see the loads of comments here… ppl r going mad @ ur blog… nice going bro ~!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Nice to see you hear Siddhant :). Hahaha yeh sab CB ka kamaal hai 🙂 By the way lets catch up sometime this weekend if you free. Send me across your number on FB message or something. Would be great.

  117. vikas kumar

    The most horrible noble ever I read.The ending was so impractical. Couldn’t digest.Total filmy. Sometime I felt I am reading a movie script. The story really remained the same Bollywood movie ,the only change was he connected it with the IIT, kota and youth… Disappointed

    • aseemrastogi2

      I can understand your plight Vikas. And that’s why a lot of people including me were surprised that its being made into a movie 😉

  118. well its preety cool to say that chetan bhagat totally rocks ………..
    n i jus lop his books

    • aseemrastogi2

      Why do you think its pretty cool to say that CB rocks? If you like him, you just like him not because its pretty cool is it?

    • Raghunath

      Well I could not understand whether you like him for his book or for his personality….and seriously!! “Dumbo priya” …. sorry…just dont know why someone would name themselves dumb..even if it is just a profile name…

      • aseemrastogi2

        LOL seriously Raghunath. Was seriously wondering who will name his / her profile “Dumbo Priya” 😛

  119. anuradha mohapatra

    awesome story

    • aseemrastogi2

      There was a lot of room to make it even more awesome Anuradha but sadly CB settled for mediocrity :(.

  120. Aseem,

    So you also felt the resemblance with Hazaar khwaishein aisi. I also was able to see the traces of ‘Kabhi haan, Kabhi naa’

    Do read my take on his book at


    • aseemrastogi2

      Oh I can’t remember the story of Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa so well but yeah it did really resemble Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi for sure..

  121. mudit

    was it based on a true story ????

    • aseemrastogi2

      Now that’s a question for which all of us can speculate but only few will have answers too :).

  122. sidicy..

    I agree with your reviews.CB has never been an literary writer. I dont read his books because they are great pieces of work. i read them because he can connect to the audience that is reading his books… how many times it must hv happened that you read some incident in one of his books and think… Damn that has happened with me… when you are reading his books you are not trying to keep up with the thoughts or visions of some great thinker… Its like you are listning to a story ur college room mate is telling you… this style of writing along with the dark yet funny mind thoughts is what made CB irresistible for many of his fans..[myself included]. Revolution 2020 lacks everything that i like about him. Lack of an original story, no funny quotient, underdeveloped characters… throw in a depressing and gloomy first half of the book, and you hv a less than mediocre book that fails on so many levels… the book has its strengths… no arguments there… but its just not enough to get the book to the level that we expect from him… but that does not mean that i wont be standing in front of the bookstore in my pyjamas early in the morning on the day of the release of his next novel… coz lets face it.. that’s who we indians are… overtly optimistic…

    • aseemrastogi2

      Your brought a very nice point which am sure most of the people here would agree. Today CB has reached such a position in this country that you can hate or love him but can’t ignore him :). But then the fact that he writes easy to understand stuff like your college guy is speaking has made him an idol among the masses which sadly I believe shouldn’t be the case but anyways that’s a discussion for another day.

  123. Rohit Sehgal

    When i was reading this book, i liked it till the lsat 20 pages, but the sudden changes in the thoughts of Gopal (That he does not worth Aarti), was not digestible at all. The end of this book was like any 80’s movie, which i had not expected from chetan bhagat. I want to ask one thing to him, if the Gopal would not have been sacrificed Aarti, than he would not be a Good guy?

    • aseemrastogi2

      Tell me Rohit. Everyone around here is as depressed and distressed about the ending as you. Whatever it is, he has managed to inspire thousands of people to begin writing fan fiction :).

      • Raghunath

        Thousands….I just read 1(where is chapter 2 beingthesingh)….and that’s it…..and Life wisdom…what is that…you can succeed in life if you be a crook….
        Sorry…..just the fact people are making cb a legend makes me angry……and think Jeevan is talking abt some other book….hopefully…

        • aseemrastogi2

          Hahaha I agree thousands was too much of an exaggeration. 😛 Yeah wonder where @beingthesingh is these days?? Yeah I was wondering what was the wisdom and life’s success Jeevan was actually talking about here? Because to me it seems out of topic.

  124. jeevan.rama

    One Book for Life Success offers so much of wisdom – just awesome

  125. Light breezy readable…More like a Hindi movie script…

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah it was pretty light and breezy. Interestingly it seems to have borrowed from earlier Hindi scripts and is again coming up as a movie. Wonder what change would be there.

  126. gopal

    radiii buk mat hi pado re bakwas kuch samaj mai hi ni aaya

  127. Prateek

    Book is too good and there’s nothing bad about this book…….
    Chetan bhagat always rocks!!!!!!!!!!

    • aseemrastogi2

      There are a lot of things which I would say are pretty poor about this book. Some think that CB rocks while others think he doesn’t. Would leave my readers to form their own opinions on that :).

  128. may be his nxt book will be continuation to this(im saying this by thinking at end)

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hahaha seeing the number of comments he’s got by people who dislike the ending, he may really end up making another part to the book you never know ;).

  129. Shilpak

    I liked the book… All the characters seems has real life.. thought i didn’t like the ending. This book kept me reading till the end with intrest.. Lot more could be added.. but still it was a good tour.. Thanks Chetan.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah and see the movie Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi. All the characters and the story would resemble that as well ;).

  130. aravind syam

    whatever ur review the description of the Aarthi touched my heart……

    • aseemrastogi2

      Sadly Aravind, most of CB’s women characters are portrayed pretty dumb and stupid. And Aarti’s was a similar case. I really wonder why does he do that though.

  131. sIVA

    I hate the ending a lot, I didn’t expect this from CB, I love all his books and the way he expresses things, I love this book too but the last 30 pages irritated me, I hated to the core, My mind was disturbed. Gopal could help Raghav by helping him to come up in life by some other way not by giving up Aarthi. A man who sacrifies his Love cannot be a hero, he is a cheat, that too he slept with her. I also don’t like the Aarthi character. Aarthi is selfish, She goes to whoever cares her. Aarthi left Gopal because gopal had relation with other girls (She thinks like that know) but how dare she cheat Raghav and sleep with Gopi and again married Raghav, Whats the difference between the call girls and Aarthi? Though its a story, I imagined the things so that I can’t digest. I’M ANGRY WITH CHETAN BHAGAT FOR THIS.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Siva, don’t take things to heart particularly when its just a story. Moreover all Chetan Bhagat’s stories are filled with poor characterization of women. As far as the ending is concerned, a number of people have voiced their disagreement. Maybe you never know he may really come up with something else to satisfy his reading audience. Until then don’t worry so much :).

    • Raghunath

      Wow….Just Wow….I can feel the frustration…and lets just say time heals all..
      On a brilliant note..Archer’s sequel to “Only time will tell” just got out..
      It’s brilliant(as always)…Cant wait for the next installment…anyone read it….


    the book depicts corruption in several levels.incidentally AnnaHazare’s movement against corruption coincided with the time of publication of the book.people should not connect the two events

    • aseemrastogi2

      Finally a different comment on Revolution 2020 than the usual bad ending and poor women characters etc etc. Yeah it talks about corruption at many levels. And in that aspect it does work. But again sadly that’s all reduced to the background obviously because it’s more of a love story at heart.

  133. Madhu

    First of all congrats to you.. The blog post is a super hit and shows on the top search if one searches for the review on R2020.. I recently read the book and couldnt get over it even after I week.. I was curious to find out how people felt and what are their views.. Will you believe if i said i spent 4 hours reading every single comment in your blog 🙂

    I also happened to read the blog with an alternate ending.. I had been trying to fit the happy-ending climax to the story but it doesnt fit at all.. So a sequel with happy ending will not be a good solution.. Few things could have definetely made the read better..

    – More details on the transformation of Gopal(i know ppl have discussed this).. More incidents maybe
    – Realisation by Gopal that Aarthi never loved him truly and it was because she was not getting enough care and attention(single word opportunist), she was drew towards him.. Otherwise just by seeing a sight and no further conversation one cannot break up with a person she truly loves.. This would have given the readers a better feeling though they did not join..
    – An epilogue of what good things Gopal does through his college to the education sector though he is corrupt..How he really did bring a revolution in education sector(maybe offering free coaching and seats – just an example)..
    – How Gopal feels happy that Raghav is doing well after becoming an MLA and feels good that he has done his part for that..

    These are just my thoughts..

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks so much Madhu. Your praise means a lot. 🙂 The fact that you spent time to read each and every comment on my blog just goes to show the popularity Chetan Bhagat enjoys among the masses. Though I would like to believe that you liked my post as well ;).

      But on a serious note, the points you have mentioned which could have made R2020 better are surely true. If one thinks of it now, people were disappointed quite a bit because everything happened so abruptly. Maybe if all this was there, no one would have had any reason for disappointment.

      But then if one sees from Chetan Bhagat’s angle, maybe he wanted to leave things as it is so as to make people think, ask questions, feel disappointed. This way there maybe a larger audience who would have read it. Not that he requires publicity. But on a different note, people may not have voiced their discontent and so the book may have become a bit old in everyone’s memory. But today due to the comments in the blogosphere, blog posts, some alternate fiction written around, the book is still so fresh. Maybe much more fresh than other works of his remained at the same time.

      But all said and done with our comments and counter comments, CB has managed to hit the jackpot with this one :).

  134. omi

    Read it last night. Really man its a pathetic piece of work from someone who wrote something like ”2 states” just two years ago. Points that I disliked are- 1) No connection of the content with the title ”R2020” 2) The story is quite predictable, and goes on and on without any twist and turn. 3)None of the moments in the story cause an Adrenaline Rush or goosebumps
    The only likable thing is the moral conflict shown in Gopal, when he meets Keshav. THATS IT. Nice Review BTW.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Actually even ‘2 states’ wasn’t really a great piece of writing. Just that it was entertaining enough for the masses. None of CB’s stories really cause an adrenaline rush or goosebumps as such. It’s just that they are for the masses and everyone loves them and so it works. Nice to know you liked my review :).

  135. Well first of all nice Review…
    I’m not a big fan of CB but some how like his books apart from One Night. As far as the story is concerned Simple Bollywood Story line, predictable in the beginning when he says Aarti was the name, you know what happens in the end. One thing I like about CB is his characters are the boys next door. True indian families portrayed, like this one every other indian parents wants their child to an Engineer and pass from a certified Govt College.
    For the readers if this is the first time you are reading CB then you might enjoy but rest who have read his other books totally heartbreaking.
    The only part I liked is the ending, I know being an Indian and attached to the Bollywood its difficult for us to digest a sad ending.
    Well lets wait for his next one.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Thanks Deep :). His male characters are too cliche. I mean its all become so predictable. The only saving grace was the fact that he tried a bit of different story this time with the education system and stuff. But that also sadly is inspired from different sources like the movie Hazaron Khawishein Aisi among others. The worst part about his books are the women characters who seem so weak and don’t seem to have a mind of their own. I mean why are girls shown as so dumb.

      The ending has been the most debated part about R2020 I assume. A lot many didn’t like it because it was a depressing one. But I guess he did his best to ensure that his book stays in the audience minds long after they have read it. And this was possible only with this kind of ending.

  136. Souvik Ganguly

    This would be the first and last Chetan Bhagat book I read.
    I read very selectively and this came recommended. The story is medicore and has almost nothing special about it. The ending is pathetic. Perhaps the author had to meet a deadline?
    Rating 2/5

    • aseemrastogi2

      Souvik, actually not a single CB book had come in quite a while. So maybe I think he wanted something out soon. But I am not sure he was really in a hurry. Because if you see he ensures his entire marketing and PR machinery is working in an amazingly oiled manner. There is nothing which is out of place. But yeah the book was really mediocre.

  137. I absolutely am loving this website. absolutely going to need to remember to put this on the list.

  138. Ketan Dangar

    dont agree. Not at all. Its d best novel i have ever read with fantastic social message.

    • aseemrastogi2

      A lot of people have loved the book. I surely have nothing against them at all :). My basic problem with the book was the originality, the poor characterisation of the second lead, the predictable woman character and finally nothing much on the social message when the book actually is named after that.

  139. Fastidious replies in return of this issue with firm
    arguments and telling all concerning that.

  140. cj vadiraj

    Average novel with a ending that makes you feel horrible! I missed the witty tone!:( too dark novel. had hoped a better ending!-a cheerful one!

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah the novel has its ups and downs. Some people liked the ending while many others hated it. All in all, the sad ending became a huge talking point about this one for the good or the bad as one may want to look at it :).

  141. gaurav singh

    bad book review

  142. Sujay

    I had just completed reading Revolution 2020 book. I had expected a lot from that book considering the plot that suggests that there are two guys one who uses his intelligence to make money and other to start revolution. I was expecting that something interesting would happen at the end and a revolution will start. But the story ends abruptly breaking the trust that the girl had on Gopal and also leaving the readers disappointed. There was lot of expectation from Chethan Bhagat after his previous book 2 states was really good book. I do agree with many readers here that ending should have been happy ending. Why does Chethan Bhagat have to have his characters indulging in sex in every book of his. ?Also I felt there are some areas in this book that is similar to Three Idiots.
    If you compare this novel with that film, in this book Gopal’s father s sick and keep coughing. Even in three idiots film, sharman joshi’s father will be sick. And also in this novel Raghav will be interested in journalism but his parents will force him to take up engineering. Even in the film madhavan will be interested in wildlife photography but his parents will force him to join engineering.
    Excuse me for the long message but I just wanted to share my disappointment after reading this book.
    I hope his next book will be better

    • aseemrastogi2

      I can surely understand your disappointment Sujay. If not for the sad ending, maybe people wouldn’t have spoken about the book that much ;). As far as sex is concerned, these days every Indian writer is introducing that angle to any story. But the problem is that most use it as a flimsy way to get more readers than portray the feelings of the two people concerned.

      By the way interesting points about it being slightly similar to the movie. I actually didn’t think of it :). Hopefully CB comes up with something better next time.

  143. Saanchi Jaiswal

    Just finished off with the book….first & foremost I want to thank Chetan Bhagat (CB, as denoted lovingly here), I almost lost my interest in reading books coz of a few wavering authors, I at least liked reading this piece.

    But I had to for I cannot skip it at all when I am putting in my thoughts on the book “Revolution 2020”, I had expected much more than what I got in those 296 pages.

    It started off well, and the story was building up as well, but suddenly Raghav sidelined totally, missed any romantic scene between Raghav & Aarti (a probable reason might be coz the story told was from Gopal’s point of view, I believe it to be so).

    Aarti, when found herself drawing towards Gopal & drifting away from Raghav, seemed more because of the comfort her Gopi could provide her and not merely for the lack of the quality time. She came up as a selfish girl wanting love but only along with the glorified luxuries which Gopal was laying down at her feet.

    Now coming to the main character, Gopal, he though seemed as a poor and hopeless looser at the start, began to take things in his stride, but when it came to showing off or hurting anyone, he was unable to do that on anyone’s face. Another thing which got onto me, he was shown to be too honest to Aarti and even Raghav.

    Well, I am not very much decisive on what was missing, but something certainly was.

    Anyways CB, waiting for a newer and a more gripping story to gorge upon.

    And last but not the least, I just love reading your work. Keep it on.


    • aseemrastogi2

      Nice to see you liked the book Saanchi :). I think the ending of the book was what divided hundreds of people as they didn’t really expect a tragic ending. But nonetheless, I feel CB has improved a lot with his writing over the years and this book also shows that.

      By the way, I recently heard CB’s next book is coming in October.

  144. generally i am quite fond of the books that chetan sir writes but after reading this book i can now say that i am now truly a fan. the character description is great as always and the story is as captivating as ever. loved reading it.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Hey Neha,

      Have you just read Revolution 2020 only now? Maybe, you should read his Half Girlfriend as well if you are a fan :).

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