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Best Friends to Office Colleagues – Quite an arduous journey!

As someone has rightly said the world is not filled with black or white people. Instead everyone has some grey shades to his / her personality. But in my life interestingly till a couple of years back I had mostly met people who must be 70-80% white or probably I presumed so to say. But over the last few years things seem to have changed.

Taking one for granted, use and throw friendships, being friends for getting some work done, having excuses just to not meet – all this and more are becoming pretty common in today’s world. But then people would say that this existed all the time. There are all kinds of people on this planet some good some not so good and some horribly bad. You can’t make everyone really good, can you?

The fact of the point is that when one is young (normally in school), he / she thinks the entire world is nice. As they say “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”, children think that every person can be a friend. And a definition of a friend that time would mean someone who you can have a fun with, someone who you can share your secrets with and someone who you would expect to help you when you are in desperate need. Everyone seems completely white to you.

But when you come to college, you realize that people have different faces to them. What looks may not actually be the case. A girl may say “I love you” and finally end up taking you to a Levis Store and make you pay the bill. A guy may ask a girl straight for dinner without even knowing her properly. Friends may use each other to get their foot forward in life. And when they are successful they would forget them. During this period you realise that people have grey shades to their characters. This is the time when different words like acquaintances, hi – bye friends, chaddi baddi friends, good friends, best friends etc. enters ones dictionary. It is the time you realize that best friends are few and far in between and the ones you have, you should cherish them forever and ever.

When you enter corporate life, you think you would make good friends and all. Everything is hunky dory before you realise that someone is using you for his / her own gains. And you end up finding more office “colleagues” than friends.

You have lived a life where you thought you had made hundreds of friends. But in the end what stays with you are few good friends who changed your life and that’s how it always is!

So treasure the friends you have. Who knows what could happen after sometime?


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  1. 🙂 Can’t agree more!

    As they say, Har ek friend zaroori hota hai!

  2. Mini

    I agree with you . I have retained very few good frnds in my life and i treasure them. As u said no one is a frnd at office or work place. People just use u at work place.

  3. shweta

    So real,we rarely have the same frds for life long, bt however,Its upon us to choose do v need a 100 frds and none standing for a single turbulent moment or a single true friend,who will stand wid you for a 101 turbulent times 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah obviously its upon us whether to have 100 or 10 friends. But then when you get to know the real nature of a person after quite a while when you have assumed him / her to be a good friend, then it hurts. And that time it does badly. And that’s why its upon us to decide between have chuddy – buddy friends or life long buddies.

  4. anita

    par har ek friend zaroori hota hai!

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