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If I dont support Anna Hazare’s means of protest, am I corrupt?

Anna Hazare has brought the nation together like never before. If news reports are to go by he may have just been the 3rd entity to do so. The others being Bollywood and Cricket – our two main religions. But then Anna Hazare is different. He’s here to fight against corruption. He’s here to fight against the crimes and frauds the politicians of this government as well as those of the future governments may cause. He’s here to introduce a Jan Lokpal Bill which if made into a law could well bring the end of several distinguished and prominent politicians.

Interestingly his ways of the protest are entirely Gandhian – peaceful rallies without even the slightest of incidents of violence. On the other hand he has himself decided to go on a fast for the cause. He has been able to mobilize vast support from across the nation and maybe the world as people are sick and tired of years of corruption. Moreover UPA’s handling of the entire issue with his arrest and stuff has given people all the more reason to lose their trust in the government.

But then where is the cause in midst of all the protests? Are people more worried about Anna than the Lokpal? Are people thinking more about Anna’s health than removing corruption from the society? Does the general public realise what they are fighting for?

The point I am trying to make is that corruption and Jan Lokpal are much bigger issues than Anna Hazare. Yes we needed a leader to lead us through another revolution like Gandhiji. Yes we needed someone to mobilize opinion. But do we need daily updates on whether he left Tihar or not? Does Anna need to make statements like asking people in government offices to bunk office? Does Anna need to come to reality shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs?

The entire issue has turned from Lokpal vs corruption to Anna vs Congress. Whether its the news media or people voicing their opinion on social media and the street. Everyone is talking about the government going down. Will that help Lokpal to be implemented? Does one really think that the next government will implement the Lokpal if the present one comes crashing down? In the end its become a tamasha which the media is harping upon to increase their TRPs and monitor public opinion.

I support Anna’s cause wholeheartedly. The government doesn’t deserve to be in power. But I don’t support fasting as a means of protest as it will never work in today’s world. If he can mobilize opinion like this, I am sure he can try to fight elections. With such support he might go on to win with a big margin.

Anyhow, there are surely better ways of protesting than holding the government to ransom and finally negotiating a 3 week fast!! What was that? A negotiated fast?? :O

Will that really bring Lokpal on the table? I DOUBT!



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  1. forum

    negotiated fast 🙂 thats interesting 🙂 i too believe that his cause is correct and much needed but the method by which he is trying to achieve it is not true at all. i mean fasting and all was ok during gandhiji’s time but not now. who cares now if someone fasts. its a fast moving world and secondly people who are going on riots protesting, dont even know exactly why are they protesting, half of the people are on riots just for the fun of it. well its a sad situation really. wish the cause of irradicating corruption could have been achieved by other means

  2. Haha.. Nice post. I know exactly how you feel. I wrote a post about why Janlokpal is not the solution to corruption a while back and I called a traitor, pro-corruption and what not. 🙂

    But it is very important that people like us do put our point of you coz after all this is our nation too. 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      Seriously maan. I somehow have started to wonder that this has become what Bush once said, “Either you are with America or with the terrorists!”. I mean what is another law going to do in this nation. I really doubt we needed another law for the public.

  3. Absolutely completely agree with you man. Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption has nothing common whatsoever with his appearance on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Hell, what a stupid thing to do! But one thing is clear, he has the people’s attention. And he is the face of the fight against corruption as much as his method of war – fasting.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Haha seriously his appearance was one of the biggest shocks I got. I really wonder why it was not reported by the ever crazy media! Yeah I agree that he has the support of the people. But I really wonder if this has become a war between him and the Congress rather than Lokpal vs Corruption.

  4. Fighting elections and becoming a politician is an amusing suggestion in the context of lokpal bill which fundamentally aims to make the politicians more accountable .

  5. it is shame that we are selecting those selfish leaders, representing for the legislative and parliament. since people are on demand then why should those members have to debate on it. our country has been looting by some people and we are just watching the news and taking all the burdens. at least the anti corruption bill has come up and we all should support and take action to make it as a law and behave accordingly.

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