Soliders are killing people in the head and ready to take their dead bodies as trophies!

The army is continously bombing in the no – fire zones and killing innocent civilians!

Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE) is using innocent civilians as human shields whenever they try to escape!

A soldier yells loudly on seeing the naked raped and murdered corpse of a innoncent civilian “She has the best body of the lot!”

These and many more scenes make up the chilling documentary aptly called “SriLanka’s Killing Fields” prepared by Channel 4 after what they call more than 2 years of painstaking research. Painstaking it surely must have been because they didn’t have any evidence to go by as the remaining international UN, Red Cross and other relief agencies were instructed to leave the area at the beginning of the army’s surge to the north to crush the rebels once and for all.

The documentary begins from one of the United Nations guys exclaiming how their building was surrounded by civilians who didn’t want them to go but see their pain and suffering. He points to a particular girl who doesn’t speak but her expressions say it all and this does touch the viewers heart wherever he / she must be.

The rest of the movie is a collection of mobile videos collected from people who were in that area. Scenes like where a mother is wailing asking god on why is her son being targeted, a family saving themselves by digging a trench or the army bombing the hospital in the no fire zone or even the thousands of people piled besides each other because of lack of space in the no – fire zone are sure to make you guts wrench with tears. Scenes where people are being shot in the head and those where bodies of raped women are being thrown like pieces of luggage into trucks make for really disturbing viewing.

But then as you would have expected, the SriLankan government has responded to this with utmost contempt –

1. They say that Vani Kumar, one of the main narrators of the events in the documentary is herself a LTTE fighter trained and currently settled in the UK and all her statements are exaggerated than what actually happened.

2. The government has said that the groups of people standing outside the UN building were sent by LTTE and were not people who were really desperate for help.

3. One of the main parts of the video which depicts soldiers killing civilians using torture, rape, sexual assaults and such methods has met with a strong response from the government. They have alleged that those projected as soldiers are LTTE fighters wearing soldier fatigues.

4. The language of communication between the soldiers is Tamil and not Sinhalese is what the government alleges.

These and many other points have been alleged by the Sri Lankan government to be the handiwork of LTTE supporters across the UK who want to generate sympathy for their cause.

So what’s the truth? Who has done this? Who is responsible for whatever happened? What exactly happened?

Many questions are left unanswered –

1. Why did the SriLankan army didn’t want any international presence in the war torn areas during the final stages of the battle?

2. Why has the SriLankan government been against an independent investigation on what exactly happened in those parts despite allegations of war crimes?

3. Why did the government decide to crush the rebels in such a ruthless manner once and for all when the dialogue process was going on with the help of India and a Tamil delegation?

4. Why were the people and LTTE leaders who surrendered mercilessly and ruthlessly killed?

There are many more unanswered questions which people demand answers too! Both sides have committed war crimes.

But does the world care? Does the UN care? What’s the International Court of Justice doing? If not for anything, just for humanity’s sake a thorough investigation needs to be done on what really happened in the Northern parts of Sri Lanka from end of 2008 to May 2009!