As our lovely home minister, P.Chidambaram was busy boasting about how Mumbai has not been attacked by terrorists in the last 31 months since the 26/11 incident, terrorists were laughing at his statement. They must be discussing among themselves on how lucky they are that such politicians are ruling the roost in this country. They must be wondering at the idiocy of such horrible claims when all citizens themselves agree that terror attacks are prevented not because of good intelligence but terrorists themselves not planning any such acts.

They have been more than 1000 deaths in the last 17-18 years in bomb blasts in the financial capital of this country. Everyone knows who is involved be it the underworld, Indian Mujahideen or some other group supported by Pakistan. Mumbai keeps getting attacked with such impunity. Hundreds of lives have been lost. Hundreds have lost a son, a daughter, a father, a mother, a relative.

But how do we react? We have peace talks with the neighbouring nation. We have confidence building measures in the name of cricket diplomacy and what not. We condemn the attacks as if that’s enough to bring justice to the families. We blame each other (Read politicians) for the entire government, police machinery and systematic failure. We say that Hemant Karkare and the other police officers who laid their lives during 26/11 knew something was about to happen and make it sound like a conspiracy.

We are a nation where Mulayam Singh Yadav who openly supports the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) which is the front of Indian Mujahideen but no one cares. We are a nation where Narendra Modi despite ordering the riots of 2002 in Gujarat has been ruling year after year term after term only his development agenda. We are a country where the ones who felled the Babri Masjid more than 18 years ago are still chilling out sitting in the opposition.

We are a country where the PM does nothing but voice his sadness at such terror strikes. We are a country where the External Affairs Minister voices his strong problems with the neighbouring country.

If all this is not enough, Rahul Gandhi and Chidambaram made the statements for which no living Indian would forgive them ever: –

Rahul – “We have avoided 99% of the terrorist attacks”

Chidambaram – “We can’t guarantee safety to all the cities of this country since all cities are vulnerable”

I really don’t care a damn whether Chidambaram or Manmohan Singh or any god damn politician is a good man. My blood boils at such horrible incompetent and conniving politicians ruling my country and destroying it bit by bit.

Thanks to all you POLITICIANS for slowly moving us to becoming the terror democracy of the world!!!