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How come suddenly we can’t tolerate corruption?

Corruption as we all know has been ingrained in our Indian psyche since time immemorial. Whether its simple things like paying the auto guy an extra Rs 50 just because it’s night  or complex ones like paying capitation fees running in lacs to educate our children, corruption has always been there in some form. Obviously many people wouldn’t call this corruption and say that it’s part and parcel of everyday life in India. And it’s only the ministers who are always corrupt in some form or the other.

But then weren’t they corrupt before? Weren’t political parties minting and milking tax – payers money for their own gains? Wasn’t the money which ought to be used for development works in a state used by the politicians themselves? The truth is that all this and more has happened for years on end. And we have accepted it as something without which we cannot sustain basic living so much so that it didn’t provoke much reaction up until last year. It had come about to be regarded as a necessary evil.

But since the last year or so with the numerous scams floating around, corruption has suddenly become so much of a bad word for a lot of people. It “seems” as though India has suddenly got a renewed awakening by people like Hazare, Baba Ramdev and more. There have been demonstrations, widespread news coverage and even fasts protesting against corruption. So what’s so special about them? How did they evoke such reactions?

Hazare whose a social worker is fighting for a law / bill which will make every minister upto the PM liable to be charged for any offences. Baba Ramdev is fighting for the same cause but has mixed this with his yoga teachings and as is the wont of many others who have previously started such movements, he is interested to join politics.

But will implementing a law work? Aren’t there too many laws already in this country? Is implementing a law the easiest way to fight corruption? Who will implement the law? Isn’t implementation of laws the biggest problem that our country faces today? These and a variety of more questions are raging across the nation today.

Corruption today may not have increased that much. But with hundreds of scams floating around day in and day out along with the media’s relentless coverage has brought this problems a human face. People feel that with social media they have got the ability to express whatever they want. Whether its organizing peace marches, demonstrations and what not, people have got this sudden urge to do something to make themselves heard. And in an age when the public starts to make themselves heard, the media and the politicians can afford to stay mum only at their own peril.

But it’s not as if we will stop paying capitation fees in educational institutions or giving the auto guy an extra Rs 50. Because according to us this isn’t corruption and this is associated only with politicians.

So the question is –

“What really is corruption according to you? To what extent you can / can’t tolerate?”


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  1. Irfan Iqbal Gheta

    Aseem, a gem of a post. You have put across your observations in a straightforward manner. Deep down in heart, every Indian knows that corruption is here to stay and it can never be wished away however hard one might try. We all must salute to the likes of Anna Hazare for bringing the issue of corruption to the forefront. Now that the movement has begun, let’s see wait and watch what happens next, who wins aam aadmi or the government

    • aseemrastogi2

      the question is whether one can get rid of corruption at an individual day to day level….

  2. What is the victory for.? Is India free from corruption from Tomorrow Why all these gimicks. It is only taking advantage of the very sensitive issue coruption before innocent mass. Since almostr all are affeted by this corruption all wanted to support without knowing what will be the result and outcome. It is mere waste of time

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