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Fasting – The easiest route to becoming Internationally famous!

From Baba Ramdev to Anna Hazare to their hundreds of followers, fasting is the in – thing today. It has become some sort of fashion statement which every person worth his salt is taking to. A yoga guru extolling people to fight corruption and black money. An ex – army man and a socialist fighting for the Lokpal Bill. These are good acts for large scale improvement of public life, MIND YOU! But then this has created something of a recipe for becoming internationally famous. Whether it was intentional or unintentional is anybody’s guess.

To become famous –

1.       Make a hue and cry about a big issue and go against the government.

2.       Start an indefinite fast. Do it in the open like say Baba Ramdev at Ramlila Grounds which was specially prepared for the fast or Hazare earlier.

3.       Have a huge gathering of people which shows that the people support the fast wholeheartedly. Whether they actually care or don’t doesn’t matter at all.

4.       Make sure the media comes to know much earlier. Obviously to the public it will look as if the media is genuinely interested to improve the face of the nation and bring all the virtues of truth and honesty alive.

5.       Keep blasting the government left, right and  center and stay in the news by making such statements.

I still support what Hazare, Ramdev and others set out to do. Corruption, Black Money and such issues have really plagued our country for long and introducing the Lokpal Bill could be a very good move.

But then slowly but surely this has turned out to be a game of becoming famous as news channels don’t seem to have anything else to show. Truthfully speaking neither I am a UPA supporter nor a supporter of corruption. But the “fast unto removal of corruption” doesn’t really strike a chord with me especially after it became a kind of spectacle with Ramdev’s Ramlila Ground tryst and subsequent tear gas incident.

If you dream of becoming internationally famous right now, there’s nothing better than FASTING!



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  1. Perhaps, you have overlooked the case of Swami Nigmananda’s who died after fasting for 4 months and and that too without getting any media and political attention. He got the media attention only when he died and that too probably because Baba Ramdev and he shared the same hospital.

    • aseemrastogi2

      i dint overlook swami nigmananda…but instead chose to ignore him because he was not fighting for media blitz but really for a cause

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