So Obama has proclaimed to the world that Osama has been killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan. And the news channels across the planet are following suit and racing to be the first in reporting such an important piece of news. Then there is the news of Sohaib Athar, an IT consultant who claims to have live blogged the event. Then there are claims that he has already been buried in the sea and his 2 wives and some children have been captured alive. BBC and CNN seem to have broken the barometer set by our news channels of making any news BREAKING!

But then does all this matter a great deal? Does it end terrorism on this planet? Does it mean that innocents won’t be killed just so that a few brainwashed people can satisfy their ego? Does it mean that we are safe everywhere we go? Does it mean that there cannot be another 9/11 anywhere?

The answer to the question is damn simple. Terrorism has its roots deeply ingrained in this world. Whether its India or the West, there are numerous terrorist groups which have risen and continue to rise with vigour and energy daily to attack them. Didn’t we in India know that Osama had been openly living in Pakistan? Didn’t we Indians complain to the US regarding Pakistan sheltering the 26/11 terrorists? Didn’t we Indians keep pestering the US to make Pakistan bring the criminals to book?

Sadly on the American front its all been words, words and more words. They listen to us and keep quiet only till their own means are served. Probably that’s the way life is.

Whether Osama has died or not, terror will be omnipresent all the time. In the world we live in, nobody is safe and will ever be. Today one Osama has died and am sure many more will rise. Ayman Al – Zawahri has said to be promoted as the head of Al – Qaeda and if that’s the case, with being implicated in bombings and terrorist attacks in umpteen number of locations, he is surely no saint. Instead he’s another one to be feared.

Today US is celebrating as if they have won the World Cup. Obama is very happy because he knows that this was the perfect thing he needed to get re-elected. But the question to be asked is –

“How can terror be removed from this planet? Or “Can it really be removed at all?”

What do you think?