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Food, Malls? – Wondering what made my Kuwait trip memorable? READ ON!

Sometimes its the food that makes a place memorable. Sometimes its the shopping that makes you want to come back to a place. Sometimes its the scenes and sights of a place that make you remember it time and again. While if any of these are not the true, then surely and truly its the people who make or break a place.

And same was true for my visit to Kuwait. With a total area which is about 1/20th that of Oman, Kuwait is a tiny dot on the map of the world. But with its huge oil reserves and glitzy malls, it is regarded as the 11th most richest nation on the planet. But then there is nothing more to see other than these malls and the eateries.

And here is where my brother and bhabhi (sister in law) came in. I was visiting Kuwait for the first time since my brother went on to settle there over 8 years ago. The entire program began the day after I set foot on Kuwaiti soil.

Two schedules were going on side by side. One was the usual breakfast – lunch and sleeping till late and bro coming back from office around 4pm. The second one involved him asking me to immediately get ready once he was back. He didn’t care whether he was tired. He didn’t care whether he had eaten or not. He didn’t care whether he had some important work the next day or not.

All it seemed as though he wanted to make sure that I am able to visit all the places in Kuwait in my 3 week stay. He made everything and anything as an important sightseeing destination. If it wasn’t him, he would direct bhabhi to make sure that I have visited all the places possible. Or sometime she herself would come up with ideas which he wouldn’t have even thought.

Even though sometimes I wasn’t upto it probably because I was tired to eat outside too much or sleepy, I can’t deny the fact that I loved being treated this way. I loved being treated like a king. All I did was eat all day. But I loved the care, love and affection showered on me. You expect love and care when you go home but when you get way more than you imagined, that’s when you jump with happiness.

This is a post dedicated to both of you for making this trip one of the most memorable 🙂


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  1. forum

    i can truly imagine. my eloder brother treats me the same way when i go to visit him. elder brothers and sisters are such a blessing and i as the youngest get pampered like crazy. just waiting to get pampered. 🙂

  2. Nandhini

    Ya sure..even i can imagine the elder one..all the responsibility falls on us….

    • aseemrastogi2

      i’m homoured to see your comments on my blog…. madame 😉

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