Anna Hazare is advocating the revolution against corruption across the country mobilizing opinion among people from all sections of the society. Everyday there are news articles and reports on TV on how one can lead the war against corruption. Suddenly corruption has become a big thing among the political circles that the politicos are running for cover wondering if this would affect their chances in the polls.

But then are only the politicians corrupt? Should Anna’s revolution only be directed at the political circles? Aren’t we corrupt when we pay bribes to get our work done? Aren’t the people who are voicing their opinion against corruption in the streets and online corrupt when they go to any length to get promotions in their workplaces? Aren’t we corrupt when we are ready to lower our ethics a bit just to get that extra bit of work done?

I can go and on asking questions of this sort. The biggest problem in our country is the fact that people don’t realise that corruption begins at their homes. If they don’t pay extra money to the traffic collector to get off, the government and other officials wouldn’t be earning any money. But then according to many of us if we are not making money and politicians are through fraudulent means, they are corrupt. Aren’t we partners in crime in helping them do such a deed and get away with it?

Sadly the problem is our hypocrisy associated with us Indians. We are always ready to point fingers at anyone else committing a mistake. But when we are in the line of fire, we devise every strategy to escape.

As they say –

When you point one finger of your hand at someone else, four fingers are pointing towards you!

Until we realise this neither Anna Hazare nor Mahatma Gandhi can help remove corruption from this world let alone this country.